Emperor of Steel

Chapter 381 - The Attack 2

Tat! Tat!

Hundreds of warriors wearing black uniforms and masks were running towards the Zegal Clan.

At the forefront of the stride were knights wearing the armors of the Rhodesia continent and the wizards with a dark robe.

They were the Black Knights sent by Hwang Bo-kwang to defeat Jo Won-rak, the 3rd crown prince, precisely they were the Death Knights and Lich’s given by Arsene.


The Death Knight and Lich, who made weird, eerie, and incomprehensible noise which no one would believe as the sounds coming from the human’s mouth.

When they appeared, a giant blue dragon and white tiger appeared in front.



When the blue dragon and the white tiger screamed, ferocious torrents and hot flames suddenly struck the black-masked men and Undead.

“Huaah! H, Hot!”

“Ahhh! Save the people!”

The Undead didn’t feel any pain, so they just stood still, but the masked men were different.

They screamed at the hot flames which were going to melt off their body and hurriedly tried to escape.

The one who was in the lead was behind Gwan-chang, the young man turned to the back.


Just four years ago, the young literate who was known as Earner declared that he would give 100,000 gold crowns of the Royal Song family.

He seemed to be a man in his 20s, but his actual age was 60.

“Understood, I get it. Tch, Tch, how many times should I…”

He wasn’t sure how many times he had been in the same situation.

With a pathetic expression, the man pulled out a crumpled paper from his sleeve and threw it towards the blue dragon and white tiger.


The piece of paper which flew away with a force of wings shredded itself in the air and turned into a white blizzard.

The blizzard which set off with flames began to freeze rapidly. The blue dragon and white tiger got themselves buried in the snow.

“Get back, stupid men!”

At the words of the Earner, the black-masked crew who were down on the ground got up.

Death Knight and Lich, who were in the dark, moved forward.

“Tch Tch, are these first-class men? I knew that the Kang Ho men had fallen low.”


The black-masked men glared at Earner for his words, but they followed the Undead without saying anything.

Their opponent was a man who had established a name for himself because of his notoriousness and craziness.

If they did anything offensive towards such a man, they could be walking down to their death.

“Can the ones here too be turned into the ones who are walking in the front? Then, I think that it is easy for your leader to make a huge deal.”

At the words of Earner, the one next to him, Gwan-chang shook his head.

“There are somethings only a living person can do. Please feel free to help them out. Didn’t you come out here to have a fair share of enjoyment too?”

“Uhm, I did. I came all the way here to enjoy.”

The man Earner wasn’t hired by Hwang Bo-kwang.

He had come there because he wanted to get some fun by breaking down Zegal Clan, who was rumored to be the best Zen Master of Kang Ho, he wanted to burn the shrine of Zegal, who was known to be an inventor and strongest literate in history.

It was a kind of competition.

“That is okay, was it known to be a Daecheon Soul Circle? This is more frustrating than I thought. It isn’t being shredded, and the restoration is happening.”

The Zen circle was like a magic circle, delicate yet complex.

For that reason, even if the weakness was found and destroyed, the base layer of the system shouldn’t have to work properly.

However, the Daecheon soul circle was different.

Even if a few of the forms were shredded, the circle was operating and quickly being restored too.

For that reason, the black-masked forces weren’t able to get into the Zegal clan right away and were fooled by the soul circle several times.

“But it has a limit to holding up. How long can it stay up?”

Earner knew.

That the power of the Soul Circle was getting weaker by moment.

Every time he crushed on the force, Zegal’s men were coming up and began to reinforce, but complete recovery wasn’t possible.

“Seeing that, we might be able to empty the spot of Zegal Moon.”

“It is a good thing for us!”

“Kukk! Well right, Kay then. Let’s turn the shrine into ashes before Zegal Moon comes back.”

As the masked men approached the borders, the guards of the Zegal clan were moving, preparing for countermeasures.

“The men are breaking through the 3rd gate, and approaching the 2nd gate.”

“Border guards, we can’t stand like this!”

The woman, who seemed to be in charge and was getting the reports from the general and the soldiers bit her lips.

‘This is all happening when he is away, how can such things happen!?’

Her name was Zegal Soha.

She was the sister of Zegal Moon.

She was in charge of the Border Guards, and the clan’s information office. She was in Nanjing to collect information and return back to her home after getting a call from Zegal Moon.

Nevertheless, after hearing the story about Jo Won-rak’s attempted assassination, she expected it to be a fire engulfing their clan.

Even if they were persistent enemy, they would surely try to kill Jo Won-rak before he returns back to the Royal Palace.

However, the enemies seemed to attack too boldly and confidently.

They were attacking the prestigious clan of the Kang Ho Moorim clan in daylight!

What was more surprising was the fact that the person who was about to break down the Soul circle was a notorious man.

‘I knew that his skills were great, but didn’t know it was till this level.’

In the current situation, holding for an hour would be trouble itself.

She couldn’t hold them back until Zegal Moon returned.

“Soha, it is meaningless to act like that.”

“I know. Let’s throw them out before they get close to the home!”

It was Zegal Do and Zegal Shin who were the cousins of Zegal Moon who insisted on fighting.

Each of them had their own nicknames, Wind Moon Sword Master and Salt King, the experts of Zegal clan.

“Although the state of us isn’t so great, with the skills of us three we will be able to defeat them.”

“Even if we remove the injured, we still have Hwang Bo-sung, who is known to be the next Moorim king. The puppet is…”

When the two men were talking, Zegal Soha shook her head.

“I am sorry, but it is a little dangerous than what we think.”

She was trying to understand the power of the enemies while blocking them up.

If they get tired, they can be taken down.

The masked men weren’t going to be much trouble for her or her men.

However, the one, Earner who was destroying the Soul Circle seemed to be a dangerous person.

Also, the ones who were in the front, the unknown men seemed to be very difficult to handle.

“There are various traps and circles in the 2nd and 1st gate. Once they exhaust the power of it as much as possible…”

It was when she was saying it. A messenger screamed while getting towards them.

“Lady of Border Guards, the main gate has been broken!”


They were all shocked at what the messenger had told them.

It wasn’t that long since it was said that the gates were being targeted, but to be broken down already?

‘It makes no sense! How can they break through the 1st and 3rd gate?’

“We have no other options!”

There was no time to even hesitate after getting the news.

If they looked closely, the clan could get trampled, and the 3rd crown prince could get killed because of their delayed actions.

“Understood. Let’s go there and fight immediately.”

Two puppets were picked up by the cousins and led their men to fight the invaders.

Although she didn’t say anything out loud, she was hoping that Zegal Moon would come back early by one hour at least.