Emperor of Steel

Chapter 380 - The Attack 1

The work in the plateau was done, however, Luke and Zegal Moon couldn’t just head back to Angyong.

They said that they couldn’t just send back the men like that, and offered a tribute after a small celebration.

“Cheers to the Blue-eyed master!”

“Cheers to the Master! Cheers to Grace!”

Luke was made seated at the top, and at the side was Zegal Moon, with people coming in and offering food and alcohol in incomprehensible words.

“What are they saying?”

“It looks like the people were surprised with the miracle the grace of a god has done. They are calling you a Blue-eyed master, and are asking for your blessings on them.”


Luke thought of it to be outrageous.

No matter how many people he had helped in the dire circumstance, to call a dark magic wielder as a God was a bit too weird.

“I can’t bear to get called as a God, nor am I great enough to be referred like that. There is someone else who needs to be treated like God.”

It was all thanks to Reina, who possessed the power of the Ancient Aether and Erwin, a genius who made the Green Crystal.

Without them, Luke would have been unable to achieve anything.

“You don’t need to feel too burdened. You may regard the God as someone absolute in the North, but not in here.”

“I too heard about that. The religion where humans can become as Gods after achieving enlightenment?” Asked Luke.

“You must be talking about Arahan? In the Southern part, it is referred to as Sejong denomination, and it is very popular. And those who believe in it, rather than wishing for enlightenment, wish to save the world by gaining the blessing of the God.” Said Zegal Moon.

‘Huh, humans live the same way irrespective of the place.’

Luke had no intention of speaking ill about the men who wanted to be favored by God.

It was because he had found God a long time back.

Luke had prayed to be made one with Katarina, his beloved lover, and prayed to not send her away, the only light in his gloomy life.

However, his faith was unfulfilled.

Because she had killed herself after being ravaged by the Baroque.

Luke, turned his back on the indifferent God and touched the power of darkness, seeking revenge.

‘But the God of Destiny didn’t allow me to take my revenge.’

At first, he seemed to be going well, but then fell at the hands of Rakan, who turned out to be the key enemy, and he couldn’t fulfill what he wanted.

But it didn’t end there.

Oddly enough, his soul got reincarnated into the body of Rakan’s descendant.

Of course, the reincarnation wasn’t that bad.

He got the chance to do things again, he met Reina, Katarina’s reincarnation.

Luke’s thoughts which were filled with old thoughts came back to reality.

“In fact, I am not much different. Even though I am a man of hope, I was stupid enough to pray to the famous temples after the Iron Core got taken down.”

“I was afraid that the God’s power wasn’t strong enough. Until I came here, I thought that the forest couldn’t be saved.” Said Luke.

“I too thought so at first, but… Looking back at it now, that doesn’t seem like the case. Because I received a prophecy.”

“A prophecy?”

Luke felt his curiosity at the word and asked immediately.

“Yes, it wasn’t like a direct prophecy from the God, but I heard it from a high priest who had just returned back from the North. ‘You will be blessed if you give help to the unwelcomed guest’.”

“Isn’t it common for those who say to have received the prophecy to talk so vaguely or act virtuously?”

In fact, there were several denominations in the Rhodesia continent which promoted themselves by saying that they received the prophecy from the God.

“Even then, Saint Nanda cannot be ignored. He had realized the physical pain which can be called as the God’s power.”

“Saint Nanda…”

What kind of a man was he to realize the God’s Power?

Seeing that Zegal Moon admired the man, Luke could assume him to be a nice person.

“He is currently staying at the temple. Please go and meet him. The enlightenment is nice and you will never regret meeting him.”

Luke was interested in Saint Nanda, but he didn’t intend to meet him right away. Because, the problem with the Iron Core was solved, and it was needed for him to get back to his estate as soon as possible.

Moreover, he had no idea what the situation in the Baroque Civil war was.

Right when Luke decided to head back.

Tring! Tring! Tring!

The bronze bell which was beside Zegal Moon rang by itself.

“Looks like a telegram came in.”

“A zen telegram?” Asked Luke.

“This is similar to the magic communication of the north. But unlike the magic, it uses the zen and sends texts rather than images or voices.”

Explaining, Zegal Moon opened the fan in his hand.

The white fan which had nothing on it began to show up with ink.

“It was sent for the head of the clan. And the content…”

Zegal Moon who was reading the texts went stiff.

His eyes had seriousness which never showed before.

Luke realizing something was wrong, asked for the reason.

“What is it?”

“It is said that some suspicious group of men are attacking the main streets. It was said that the outskirts and the circle around the clan are being destroyed rapidly, and they don’t seem to be ordinary people.”

The Zegal Clan’s soul circle could only be solved by the clan’s blood.

In particular, the soul circle on the main street was the strongest line of defense built by Zegal Moon.

But such a circle had been crushed!

‘Obviously they are aiming for the 3rd crown prince. But are there anyone who can destroy that?’

From what Zegal Moon knew, there can be only one person who was talented enough.

And even if not for him, people could have put effort to bring down Jo Won-rak, but it seemed like the clan’s power wouldn’t be enough.

“Prepare the flying car! We need to hurry back home!”

“Yes, chief!”

“Hold on! There is another way for us to reach there quickly.”

When the men were running, Luke stopped them.

Zegal Moon asked with a flush on his face.

“Are you talking about teleport magic?”

“Exactly. With the clan’s coordination, we won’t have difficulty in moving right away.”

However, the teleport magic had to be used repeatedly for farther distance.

It would consume higher magic but was still faster than moving without a vehicle.

“Then, go ahead, grace.”

“Don’t fall away from me!”

When the party was ready, Luke immediately cast teleport magic.

As the main group disappeared with a light, the ones left behind were amazed.

“Ch, chief is gone!”

“The chief is gone too! Did he take them?!”

“He must be a man of the heaven. He should be called as the Jade Emperor.”

The mountain men who were shocked calmed down.

“Will they come again?”

“Even if they don’t come back, we should never forget about the grace.”

“Then, let’s build the shrine. The biggest and the most beautiful shrine in this area and support the clan.”

Thanks to the innocent people, Rune Knight Luke from the Rhodesia continent became a Heavenly being and the guardian spirit of the village.