Chapter 38: Getting Attacked 3

“That was really cool, young Lord.”

“That is true. That was really assertive.”

Rogers and Luke were admiring the preparedness of Luke.

The other wizards were like that too, but they had never thought that Luke would be using magic.

They knew that he wasn’t a wizard, and as Luke suddenly used magic, they got caught up in a shock.

“The trick that you just used was a magic spell, right?”

“General, I assure you that our young Lord will definitely be a Rune knight…”

“If you have the energy to talk like that, then run faster!”

Luke and his party ran down the mountain.

Perhaps there would be better places to hide than in the plain lands, and their opponents, who were chasing after them, would encounter some trouble.

However, there was a problem they hadn’t thought of.

It was easy to hide from the enemy, but it was going to consume a lot of stamina.

Philip and Rogers were expert knights, and they trained to have extraordinary stamina, and Luke had just strengthened his body with the Magi crystals.

But it wasn’t easy to get rid of those who were chasing after them that were riding horses.

Knights were very good at tracking and searching and so were the dirty assassins.

“There it is!”

“Dammit, these guys are very persistent!”

As the Shadow Knights continued to chase after them, Philip trembled.

Rogers pushed forward with a firm look.

“We’ll buy you some time. Young Lord should avoid them first.”


“Please do not worry. We aren’t so weak to be deceived by such dirty men.”

Luke knew that too.

If Luke was there, the two of them might be forced to fight and protect Luke at the same time, which would not allow them to fight properly.

‘Surely if I use the golems or dark magic, then things would be easier…’

There were many things which had to be done in the future, but would it be wise to reveal them already? And if even one of the retainers raised suspicion on Luke, things would turn annoying quickly.

Luke decided that he should flee first.

“Both of you, don’t die on me.”

“Sure, don’t worry about us and go!”

After sending away Luke, Philip and Rogers pulled out their swords.

At the same time, both of them manifested their aura’s and ran toward the assassins.


“You dare to go against the family of Rakan? You’ll be finished because of your arrogance!”

Running toward the assassins, the two of them fought with their swords without rest.

The shadow knights were bleeding to death because of their strikes.



“Dammit, don’t go in alone! Go in groups!”

The courageousness and the fierce force of the two were like two lions going against a huge herd of wild dogs.

The assassins were beginning to get restless and tried to work together with their colleagues, but it only resulted in dozens more dying and getting injured.

Inevitably, they all had to devote themselves to trying to take them down without being able to chase after Luke.

After an hour of running.

Luke, who was quite far already, entered a path that led up to a cliff.

“If we stay here, then everything is going to be alright.”

Luke glanced back at the place and mumbled to himself.

However, he suddenly heard a burst of mocking laughter.

“Kkk, isn’t it too early to be feeling relieved?”

Tigel and the other shadow knights began to appear one after the other.

While the other colleagues were chasing after Luke, the other part of the group was waiting for their target, so they could ambush them.

In fact, it was like a small rabbit hole.

Luke licked his lips after seeing the dozens of assassins and the five Gigants.

“Are you really trying to catch me? Don’t you think that this is a bit too much?”

“Huhuhu, even an Kobold does its best when trying to catch a Ogre.”

“That is true. Whatever you’re trying to do, you have to do your best.”

As Luke nodded his head and agreed, Tigel frowned.

Wasn’t the target supposed to be flustered, angry or nervous upon seeing them? Why was their target so calm?

“You haven’t gone mad, right?”

“Not at all, and the reason is…”

Luke, who stopped what he was saying midway, hand-painted a seal in the air.

Shortly afterward, a summon spell began to get triggered.

And finally, giants appeared and lined up on both of Luke’s sides.

They were just golems of 5 meters.

“Since my retainers can’t see me anymore, I can now use my powers.”

“That… that…!”

The shadow knights were shocked.

They knew that their target could use magic, but they didn’t imagine that he could create golems, not just 1 but 10 of them.

“Huh, those are just stupid dolls! We have Gigants which had better timing and reactions!”

Tigel yelled, trying to calm down his flustered men.

And his words weren’t lies or wrong either.

The Gigants were strong war weapons, and the golems were just the relics of the old days. They were sometimes seen on constructions occasionally.

If the monsters were dumb ones, even then, the golems couldn’t be used as assassins.

And as their captain had said, they had Gigants with them.

With Gigants, any stone or wooden dolls could be crushed.

“Throw them away! The one who picks up the stupid kid will be given a separate reward this time!”


Tigel’s words motivated the shadow knights. They all rushed forward toward Luke. The Gigants too began to move.

Although the shadow knights were running toward him, Luke smiled.

“Huh, you stupid people!”


The moment Luke gave orders with his marionette magic, the fists of the golems hit the ground.


Tigel made fun of Luke’s Golems for not attacking them or defending from them but doing something else instead.

His ridicule soon turned into distress.


A huge roar and cracking sound reverberated all over the place. Then the ground suddenly started to crack and fall.