Emperor of Steel

Chapter 377 - Iron Core 2

The next morning.

Luke succeeded in completing the Antenna.

Since he was dealing with the Iron Core for the first time, he had to work on the carving of the magic circles and stabilizing the magic.

Nevertheless, because of his awareness of magic which he had accumulated in the past life, he was able to make the final product without too many trials and errors.

‘Ho Ho Ho. Should I try to use it now?’

After looking at the Antenna, Luke’s expression was filled with curiosity, and the magic began to flow to the Antenna and connected to the Ergen cable.

When the fly magic was applied, the Antenna floated out of the window and was pushed above to the high sky.

“This height would be enough.”

Looking at the Antenna which was floating in the sky, Luke placed the coordinates of Erwin’s telecommunication sphere into the communication formula and revealed magic.

Beep Beep Beep.

Several signals went out, but there was no connection.

After that, Luke decided to raise the Antenna a little higher and sent magic communication again.

Nevertheless, the other side didn’t receive it.

The appearance of Luke’s face went darker.

‘Was she caught by Nanas? Or, did she die…’

He had broken the barrier with all his might, but did Gregory’s party failed to escape?

Or did they abandon Erwin and help themselves out?

‘Answer it, please answer it!’

Luke was screaming to himself, a plea to his heart that lifted his heart.


When Luke cheered, a cool beautiful voice came from the other side.

-Who is the one making a magical communication to me?

Perhaps because of the distance between the two, the image on the crystal was too blurred.

However, Luke knew who the one on the other side was.

“Huh. I am glad to hear your voice so vividly.”

-Y, You…!

Only then did Erwin recognize Luke and asked questions in a storm.

-What happened? Why did you suddenly disappear like that?! And if you were alive, why didn’t you contact me? Do you have any idea how much you made everyone worry? Tell me where you are right away!

Luke was rather flustered with her passionate questioning.

The usual blunt and cold Erwin was nowhere to be heard.

“Well, things happened.”

-Well, were you hurt anywhere…

“My body is fine. However, we fell into the subspace and came out, and we found ourselves lying on the continent across the sea.”

-What did you say? So, you are on the Southern Continent?

“Yes, it is a place called the Song Empire’s Angyong. A prestigious family is taking care of us. The magic communication barely got connected with the use of artifacts.”

Erwin had been wounded and fainted when she tried to save Luke.

She later received treatment from Bratt and Ariete, and her body recovered, but later she learned from Arch Duke Gregory that Luke had gone missing and went looking for him.

In the meantime, magic communication had gone through from a strange coordinates.

Erwin thought that it was a joke from someone.

However, there were very few people who knew about her communication coordinates.

And Luke was one of them.

She was hoping for it t be Luke, and it really turned out to be Luke!

-What happened on that day?

At her question, Luke briefly told her the entire story about the formation of Subspace till reaching the Southern continent, and how he intertwined with the 3rd crown prince of the Song Empire.

Also, the situation with the Zegal clan and the Iron Core.

“… which was why I remembered that in the Zenith village, you made a green jewel with the energy from the Earth’s Tears. I thought that it would be a great help.”

-So, you are asking me to teach you how to make a Green Crystal?

“Yeah, I’d like for you to tell me.”

At the end of Luke’s words, Erwin thought for a moment and nodded.

Even if Luke knew it, there was no way that teaching him would harm the fairies in anyway.

Moreover, to use it to revive the precious trees which were in danger of extinction?

So, Erwin gave out the details for the process and the materials needed for the Green Crystal.

“Right. That was how it was done!”

Luke expressed that he understood what Erwin told him.

-By the way, when are you coming back?

After she had gotten injured trying to save Luke, she realized that her feelings for Luke were much deeper than plain ‘like’.

She wasn’t sure if it was the so-called ‘Love’, but she knew that they weren’t just plain words.

She wanted to see the man right away and wanted to see that he was safe and unharmed with her own eyes.

“I will come back as soon as the problem with the Iron Core gets solved. In the state of civil war, the manor shouldn’t be left alone for long.”

-Then, I will head to the lordship. See you there later.

“Understood. But how did you persuade the heads of the fairy clans? I am curious about the fairy representatives.”

Luke had gotten sucked into the subspace and had no idea what happened later.

Erwin replied with reassurance.

-You don’t have to worry about it anymore. All the other radicals, including Elder Nanas, got taken away. We also agreed to reorganize the fairy representative delegation.

“That so? Then I am glad.”

Luke had a hard time after falling into the trap of Nanas, but the outcome of the situation was good.

It wasn’t because he was afraid of the fairies, but because he was able to get away from unnecessarily spilling of blood on his hands.

“Then I will see you in the lordship later.”

-Yes, take care. Keep in mind that there are many people who rely and look forward to seeing you.

At the end of Erwin’s request, Luke cut off the magical communication.

“Oh my, a woman as cold as the ice rink is worried about someone else.”

It was shocking, but he didn’t feel much worse.

Luke just thought that the relationship was turning much more reliable.

“Anyway, should I connect to the Rakan manor this time with the magical communication? Since it will be in a mess by now.”