Emperor of Steel

Chapter 376 - Iron Core 1

It had been a week since Luke had gone to the Zegal clan.

He had originally intended to return back to his lordship immediately after obtaining the Iron Core.

However, he came to know about how the Iron Core trees got devastated by droughts and pests, and things got tangled up.

He did think about giving up and heading back, but he decided to look for a solution since there was a very rare chance for Luke to get back to the continent.

‘Well, is there any way to increase the Iron Core production again? If there is any possible method, I might be able to get a steady supply in the future.’

A memory suddenly passed Luke’s brain while he thinking.

When he had met Erwin for the first time, he remembered what she had done in the fairy village called Zenith.

At that time, Erwin made use of Reina’s hair and a few other materials to create a green jewel of earthly energy.

The jewel revived the farmland of the village where every form of life had been exhausted and revived the withered crops.

As a result, the fairies in Zenith village were able to continue their daily life without moving away from the village.

‘Yeah, that might make it…!’

Luke held onto Reina’s locket.

The problem was that he wasn’t sure how to make that green jewel.

And it could be possible if he could ask Erwin.

‘And the other problem is she might be alive or dead.’

Just before escaping from the barrier, Erwin was injured and was in a state of dying.

Immediately after breaking the barrier, Luke got dragged into the subspace with Hwang Bo-sung, so he didn’t know if she was alive or dead.

If she was dead, he had to give up making the green jewel.

‘Let’s just try once.’

Luke decided to go to Zegal Moon right away and make a puppet and ask for the leftover Iron Core.

“Where do you want to use them?”

“There is one way to revive the Iron Core.”

Hearing Luke’s words, Zegal Moon immediately responded to his request.

In the first place he just wanted to cooperate with Luke’s thoughts, so he wasn’t feeling so sorry to use the Iron Core.

Luke, who had been handed the Iron Core, returned to the room and took out some materials and other stuff from his subspace bracelet.

And then began to make something huge.

“Master, what is that?”

Hwang Bo-sung, who had come back from the training at the Zegal clan’s field, was puzzled by Luke’s gathered lattice-shaped artifact.

“This is called ‘Antenna’.”


“Yeah, it is an artifact that sends a signal or receives waves from the magical communication stations which are ten or even a hundred times away.”

The magic communication stations can deliver videos or voices to a greater distance than the magic teleport, but the distance was limited.

Because of that, communication was impossible between two continents at once.

Which was why merchants used trade lines or tamed sea birds like the Albatross to cross the ocean even if it was time consuming.

However, Luke had something to ask Erwin and began to use the ancient magic of the Mado times.

The artifacts which the ancient elves named as Antenna was acquired in Saymon’s days and were a relay artifact that allowed long-range magical communications.

The principle of the artifact was surprisingly simple.

Just as one could shoot a bow from a high place to make the arrow fly longer, it was a method of sending magical waves for communication through the air using the Antena and sending it to the ground.

There was a reason why Luke hadn’t used the artifact till then.

At his first time of discovery, he had no use for such long-distance magical communications, and there were needs for material like radium, which allowed excellent mana conductivity.

The radium alloy was so rare that Luke decided to put the artifact aside and then use the other artifacts.

“The Iron Core had properties that were similar to radium alloy. So, I can process it with the Antenna.”

At the words of Luke, Hwang Bo-sung nodded and asked.

“To make communication with Lordship?”

Luke never told his retainers that he was heading over to the Melvin Valley.

However, because of the traps with the fairies, they suddenly disappeared and they had a chance to turn frantic.

“Yeah, they might be in a mess right now. I need to contact with the lordship, but there is someone who needs to be contacted first.” Said Luke.

“Someone to contact first?”

Hwang Bo-sung, who thought, smiled and then bumped his fist.

“I know. The pope. Isn’t it? I heard it from Sir Philip. That both of you are in a getting-married state.”

“Well, it is true that I should contact Reina, but not her.”

At the response to Luke, Hwang Bo-sung seemed confused.

“Master, are you cheating on the lady?”


“There were always words about Hero’s prurience, but that is a big deal. If Arch Duke Gregory or Viscount Belik know about this, they’ll come with a sword right away.”

Luke, who knew that Hwang Bo-sung had misunderstood him, just sighed after a long time.

“It isn’t like that. You’ll see the reason.”

“That so? Anyway, you will be made to pay if you leave her. Remember, Master.”

Hwang Bo-sung, who gave his own advice, went to the washroom saying he had to wash his body.

Luke, shook his head at the absurd words of Hwang Bo-sung and continued to get back to work.