Emperor of Steel

Chapter 372 - The Fall of Western Army 1

Kwang! Pung!


Two steel Gigants running on a steep mountain were constantly exchanging blows.

The rain had ceased to fall, and the canyon shook as if mighty thunders were roaring around because of the clash with hyper aura.

Nobody was willing to get themselves involved in the fight between Rudolf and Butler.

After seeing a few Gigants which were around burst, no one dared to enter their battle.

“Who will be the one to win?”

“Of course, it will be the Emperor. His skills exceed the skills of the legendary hero Rakan!”

The guards who were loyal to Rudolf believed in his victory without a doubt.

“The problem is… Butler’s men?”

“Right. Aren’t those men stronger than what we thought? I don’t know if they can be compared to the Knights of Guard… maybe more too.”

The knights were clicking their tongues as they watched the western riders, who were 3 to 4 and endured the battle.

In particular, among the direct knights of Butler who learned, there were many experts who reached the Sword Master level.

Although their individual skills were lower when compared with the Knights of Guards, their organization’s power and communication were superior.

Which meant they might have gone through great training.

In addition, the main army of Duke Butler was going against the Emperor’s army with all their might.

“But, how long will they last?”

“It is almost time for His Majesty to be done…”

The Knights of Guard knew that the Emperor was a Sword Emperor.

Although he had suffered serious injuries while fighting with the demon, they thought that he recovered just enough to take down Butler.


When the Knights of Guard were full of anticipation, Duke Butler and Rudolf’s Gigant smashed at each other.

And something suddenly happened, the Emperor who was out there on a power confrontation was falling behind.

“Hu Hu Hu! This is the end, Rudolf!”

“Dammit! To get into trouble at this time!”

Emperor Rudolf was holding onto an incomplete hero Gigant, which was falling behind.

As the mana converter couldn’t handle the core engine power, a problem occurred and the emission of hyper aura got halted in the middle.

Because of that, he couldn’t overcome the force of Butler.

“Huh, take this final blow!”

“Tch! Acting cheeky…!”

It caused the Emperor to move immediately and try the gold aura.

However, the mana converter was still having trouble and was able to resolve it.

The Emperor who couldn’t use the Hyper Aura and the Duke who could.

That should have ended with the victory of Duke Butler’s side.

“Your, Your Majesty!”

“Be careful!”

When the Knights of Guard were shocked and hurried to join and help, the sword of the Emperor moved like an illusion.

The sword which cut through the hyper aura slashed Rigel at its waist.


“This, this makes no sense!”

“Mind Sword. In the Southern Continent, it is referred to as the ‘Sword of Heart’. was it said that it can be only used by those who have gone past the level of Sword Sage?”

Rudolf was still a victim to some injuries and wasn’t able to pull out his entire power as a Sword Emperor.

However, the Sword of Heart was different.

It was something that turned stronger when the man was in extreme situations.

However, Rudolf’s words didn’t make it into the ears of Butler.

It was because the condition of Rigel which got hit by the sword wasn’t so good.

‘Dammit, the balance device is damaged, I can’t fight this way.’

The balance device was a key component when it came to a Gigant’s movement.

If that part got hit or broke, it would be very hard for the Gigant to hold its center without falling down.

And not surprisingly, Rigel, who was stumbling, sat down.

“No, No!”

After seeing that, the riders of the Western Army, who knew what happened, moved to get towards Rigel.

“Sire has fallen!”

“Move fast!”

The Western Soldiers of the Gigant troops retreated knowing that Rigel was down.

However, neither Rudolf nor the Knights of Guard chased them.

Shirley was unable to even understand their actions.

“Your Majesty, they are running away!”

“I know. Let them.”

Butler, who was just about to take down the Emperor, fell.

Seeing that, the Western Riders’ morale had fallen drastically, and the soldiers were in shock and decided to live their lives.

In such a situation, the fall of the Western Army was very close.

Nevertheless, Rudolf was in no hurry.

Because it was time for the hidden card to pop out and play.

At the west entrance of the canyon, with thunderous sounds echoing, dark smoke began to rise.

“Uh? What is happening?”

When Shirley who didn’t know what was happening got confused, Rudolf smirked and ordered the SS knights and the Knights of Guard.

“All army advance! Catch all the rats in the corner and kill them!”