Emperor of Steel

Chapter 371 - The Uncertainty of the Continent 4

“The Knights of Guard’s Gigant unit!”

“Come fast and get moving!”

When the Emperor’s Gigant troops stormed into the western army, it confused the soldiers.

They began to approach them at a breakneck speed.

Their fast and fierce momentum was like a wolf chasing them behind.


“It is the Emperor’s command to not let anyone live!”

Bang! Bang!

The Gigants of the Knights of Guard were at the forefront, wielding their huge swords against the western army Gigants.

The western army tried to counterattack, but the Emperor’s Gigants, who had already entered their second line, wasn’t falling back.

“Kuk! They are fast!”

“How can they move so fast on such a ground!”

The western riders were dumbfounded. They weren’t aware that the Emperor’s Gigant, Hector, was made of wood and not steel.

Its defense was weak, but due to its light weight, its maneuverability had improved.

As a result, they were able to march to the canyon faster than anyone else and was able to trample the western Gigants that were staggering.

“Kill them all! The Emperor will give the one who can kill Butler the title of Marquis! Butler who had been given a position by our Emperor but decided to betray him!”


At the shout from Shirley, the commander of the Iron Guard, the eyes of the knights shined and started looking for Butler.

And finally, they succeeded in finding Butler, who was in Rigel.

“There it is, Rigel! It’s Butler’s exclusive hero class Gigant!”

“The title and the manor are mine!”

A proximal knight ran over to Rigel leaving behind his colleagues.

However, since he was blinded by the rewards, he made a terrible mistake.


Rigel’s giant sword struck down the Hector like a lightning.

The rider, who decided on taking down Butler all by himself, went down without making a sound.

“How dare you, you rats!”

Butler, who was trying to intercept the Emperor’s Gigant unit, shook his sword against the Gigants that were coming at him.

Slash! Bang!

Rigel’s huge sword didn’t even touch the Gigants.

However, just the tip of the aura emanating from the sword was enough to break down 5 Gigants.

“H-Hyper Aura!”

Shirley, who found Rigel later than the knights, opened her mouth after seeing how Butler moved.

The opponent was a swordsman who represented the forces of the western part of the Empire.

In addition, he was the strongest enemy riding a hero-class Gigant.

However, she didn’t know that he could use a Sword Sage level skill, Hyper Aura.

From what she knew, Butler was the best Sword Master.

‘When did he reach…?’

“Sweep all the Emperor’s dogs!”

Starting with a roar from Butler, the western army began to counterattack.

The riders, who escaped from the muddy chaos, were beating around the previously thought wolves.

“Follow the Duke!”

With the orders coming in from Marquis Vanden and Duke Butler, the western army began to reorganize their lines.

The general knights and artillery units were still confused all because of the Vigorous fire oil.

However, when the riders began to launch a counter-attack, the army began to regain their lost momentum.

“Do not step back! Hit the necks of the enemies!”

“Overthrow the crazy Emperor!”

From the mud, the Gigants that were pushed down began to push ahead.


Kiing! Kwak!

The Gigants’ maneuvering made hissing and clashing sounds as their huge swords moved.

The screams of the riders accelerated the core engine, giving out heat that made even the raindrops around them vaporize.

Amidst the chaos, there was someone who was carefully watching the battle unfold.

It was the Emperor of Baroque, Rudolf.

“That Butler. When did he become a Sword Sage without us knowing?”

Rudolf, who was watching the battle in the magic crystal, got up and boarded his Gigant.

“Your Majesty, are you planning to participate in the battle?”

Rudolf replied as if it was obvious, “Did you think I came here to just watch the battle through this rock?”

“Your Majesty, the Gigant…”

The Gigant, which Rudolf had brought in exchange for Kaizer that he had lost during his battle with the Demon, Kauren, was a hero class Gigant that was made by the Imperial Magic Tower of Baroque Empire only for the Emperor.

However, the current one wasn’t a hero class Gigant.

After losing Kaizer, Rudolf was quick to ask for a new Gigant, so he was given a knight class Gigant, which was equipped like Hector and also had 3,000 fight.

As a result, the durability of his new Gigant was weaker compared to Kaizer, but its movements were fairly accurate, and since Rudolf was able to move Kaizer without any problem, he was able to move the knight class very easily.

In just a year, Emperor Rudolf warned them that their necks would be cut off if they couldn’t create a hero class Gigant that was comparable to Kaizer.

“Our knights are lagging behind because the skills of Butler are actually better than ours. I need to go ahead and change the flow of the battle.”

Along with Emperor Rudolf and his Gigant, the guards went to the battlefield with their Gigants as well.

“Your Majesty has come!”

“Don’t step back anymore!”

The morale of the Gigants that was being pushed behind by Butler and the western riders rose again.

They screamed out loud and wielded their swords and battle-axes.

Shortly thereafter, as the Knights of Guard and Rudolf joined, the battle quickly took a turn to the Emperor’s side.


“I know. Do not panic!”

Butler wasn’t flustered when Rudolf entered the battlefield.

No, rather, he was waiting for such a situation to arise.

Originally, Emperor Rudolf was clearly superior among those two.

Butler had only reached the Sword Sage a while back. However, Emperor Rudolf had been in that position for over a decade.

Of course, if Butler went in straight, he would lose.

Rudolf currently had a weakness.

‘Ho hooo ho. I know that the injuries you have suffered during the last Gigant battle with the demon haven’t been cured yet. And the fact that you deliberately visited the small and medium denominations to hide that injury from coming out too is known to me.’

He had gotten that information from Count Voltas.

At first, Voltas didn’t know about this either, but after the Emperor’s energy had changed, he had found out by conducting a small investigation.

“Now is the best opportunity for the Duke to defeat the tyrant Emperor!”

Voltas’s words weren’t wrong although there were blatant signs that he was encouraging such things in the last meeting.

In a fight between two strong men, life and death would come with a little gap in between.

In such situations, the weakness of one’s body would have a huge impact.

And so, Butler thought that Rudolf might not be able to defeat him.

‘Even then, thank you for coming out here!’

Although all of the Emperor’s guards were Sword Masters and it was a bit troublesome, Butler thought that Marquis Vanden or his knights might give him the opening to go at Rudolf.

“Die, Duke Butler!”

“Huh! Get lost!”


Butler, who struck the Emperor’s Gigant army, hurriedly walked toward Emperor Rudolf, who seemed to be waiting for Butler’s arrival.

“Rudolf, today will be the last day you’ll breathe!”

“Huh, aren’t you being a little cheeky?!”

The two men released their Hyper Aura simultaneously.

However, the first to attack was Duke Butler.

Rudolf quickly went into the defensive and blocked Butler’s sword.

The swords of both Gigants were falling.

In that process, a decoration hanging on the head of Rigel got cut off.

“Running ahead without fear to get hit. I guess you noticed that I became a Sword Sage.”

“Huh, you sound like a man who doesn’t know how to cut things down.”

Startled by Butler’s sarcastic response, Rudolf turned his gaze down.

The glove on the Emperor’s Gigant was still holding its black sword.

“There is a way, but you can’t match me.”

Rudolf was already a Sword Emperor, beyond Sword Sage.

Although he was incapable of exercising it because of the injuries he had received during his fight with Kauren, he did believe that he could take down Butler.

‘That was because I have a few hidden cards.’

With a smirk, Rudolf rushed toward Butler’s Rigel.

Butler didn’t step back. He began to pull out his Hyper Aura to the maximum for a head-on battle.


As the two Hyper Auras collided, massive sparks flew around and shock waves arose.

The battle between the two superhumans happened to seize the supremacy of the Empire to end.