Emperor of Steel

Chapter 370 - The Uncertainty of the Continent 3

Shortly after, the scouting troops had returned.

Returning to the canyons, they reported that there were no signs of Gigants or large units.

The noblemen wondered if the Emperor had arrived before and made it look like favorable to the noblemen.

“Sire, we need to get into the canyon right away and prepare for the ambush.”

“Please order quickly to enter the Gigant units…”

Despite the demands of his men, Butler who was standing on Rigel’s shoulder, looked at the canyon without any response.

It was because there was strange energy circling over the canyon that was covered in fog.

‘But the atmosphere? But…’

Since becoming a Sword Sage, Butler’s gut feeling had improved.

As a result, the dismal and calm energy felt from the canyon was huge.

‘No wild animal is running around because of the rains, even then, it is way too quiet.’

If one was an excellent knight, one could hide the energy released from their body.

Moreover, the opponent was Emperor Rudolf and his elite group of knights.

The scout troops reported to have found no signs, but Butler couldn’t shake off the uneasy feeling in his gut.

It wasn’t that the scouts would have acted negligent, but as it was raining, it wasn’t possible to find out traces of people or trailers.

‘In the southern continent, there was a proverb that said to hit the stone bridge before passing. I need to check it at once.’

Determined, Butler asked the artillery units to shoot their cannons at the canyon.

The biggest misconception about cannons was that they couldn’t be used during rainy days.

It was because the gun powder turned moist, but that was the case when canons were initially developed.

The method of managing the gunpowder, such as wrapping in an oil-fed cloth or drying it with magic were all made, and they could be used in rain too.

However, there was a disadvantage that the number of misfires would increase and the effect would decrease. However, nothing could be done regarding that.

At any rate, the orders of Butler annoyed the men of the artillery unit.

“What? Shoot the cannons?”

“but there is a high probability of a misfire in this kind of weather…”

“What are you talking about? It is an order! Go and shoot!”

The commanders of the artillery yelled at the men and prepared.

The cannons were brought out and the machines were pulled out of the trailers and parasols installed to prevent the rainwater.

And then, the gunpowder and shells were loaded in order and fired toward the canyon.

Pur! Pung! Pung! Bang! Bang!

In a matter of seconds, a dozen shells had fallen from the sky, and a dozen more was ready to shoot.

Butler was keeping a close look at the canyon.

No matter how well they concealed themselves, they would panic if shells came pouring down on them.

However, there was no sway in the canyon.

There were no signs of the Emperor’s ambush.

‘I guess I was being too sensitive.’

Butler, who judged so, hesitantly gave out orders to advance.

“Go to the canyon and notify this to the whole army.”

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Leading the hero class Gigant Rigel, which was used by Butler, the western Gigants entered the canyon.

Around the middle of their path, they saw a waterfall.

Due to the previous shelling, there were water puddles around that made the messy road a lot more troublesome to move.

“Wah, isn’t this a bit too much?”

“Be careful. We won’t know the answer unless we get out.”

Butler clicked his tongue when some Gigants and trailers slip into puddles and squirmed.

“This is a good place to do an ambush. There are many places to hide in the slopes, and the road is difficult to move on…”

Looking around for the best spot to create an ambush, he gave out orders to the commanders.

“From now on, we will prepare to ambush. Make sure nothing is seen. This will be the grave of Emperor Rudolf and his dogs.”


Receiving the orders, the army moved quickly.

Each unit moved to their designated location and concealed their Gigants and trailers, which were placed.

When everyone was so keen, one engineer looked up at the sky instead of helping.

“Hey, what are you doing, newbie?”

“Isn’t there something weird in the sky?”


“There’s something round in the sky…”

Objects through the dark clouds appeared one after the other.

There was a round sphere, and soldiers were riding in it.

“They are hot air balloons.”

“Hot air balloons?”

Many of the knights, who were aware of such things, explained to the men.

“It is a tool that flies through the air by magically blowing hot air into a large oiled cloth. Sometimes they are used for observation or surveying…”

As the knights explained, the hot air balloons approached their direction and started to drop shells that were lit.

Poh! Pooh!

“Fire, shelling!”

“Those were the Emperor’s men! They are attacking us!”

The western army that was trying to mix themselves in the forest was getting taken down by the shells.

“Sire, a huge problem!”

“I know. There is no need to panic.”

Unlike the lieutenant who was worried, Butler didn’t seem that troubled.

An ambush operation that was carried out in advance, an unexpected attack from the air that no one expected, and the great loss they would suffer…

But even then, the western army had the advantage of taking over the canyon by reaching there first.

“It is raining. How are they able to use fire attacks so successfully? Calm the soldiers and organize the battle line to prepare for our next attack.”

“B-but the fire isn’t going out.”


Duke Butler was shocked at the words of his lieutenant and looked around.

Just as the man said, the fire shells that had fallen were burning fiercely rather than going out because of the rain.

How could that be possible?

Duke Butler, who was confused, found the answer right away.

“This is it! It is ‘Vigorous fire oil’!”

Vigorous fire oil was a liquid gunpowder and weapon that could be brought in from the Song Empire from the south.

It was used throughout the siege and naval battles in the southern continent, but it wasn’t a popular means of attack in the Rhodesia Continent.

Though it was harder to make than a normal gunpowder, it was more difficult to use them.

In addition, there was no need to use such expensive and difficult oil in the siege, especially since they had weapons called Gigants with them.

Forgetting the weapons of the old days, it was confusing the western army.

“Hii! Help me! Put this off!”

“The barrel is on fire!”

“Everyone move out! Avoid the fire!”

The Emperor’s fleet hovered over the canyon and continued to drop the oil.

Screams of the soldiers and knights, who were caught in the fire, could be heard all over, and the explosions spread one after the other.

The reaction of the Gigant riders were not different.

They were stunned by the fire that couldn’t be put out. They had already fallen into puddles and were entangled with the others and were accidentally crushing their allies to get out of there.

The unlucky riders were burned by the oil that flowed into the hatch.

“Don’t panic! Shoot the shells and drop those hot air balloons!”

Duke Butler tried to calm the army.

Even the commanders, who were scared as hell, tried to give out orders and calm their soldiers and fallen Gigants.


All of a sudden, the sound of a trumpet began to rise. A series of Gigant troops appeared from the east of the canyon.

The Gigant troops that appeared through the mist were holding the flags of the Baroque Imperial.