Emperor of Steel

Chapter 367 - The Zegal Clan 4

Hwang Bo clan had a secret room located at the center.

It was a private place for Hwang Bo-sung to use his fists or work, and only his trusted men could enter that place.

In that place, Hwang Bo-kwang had met with a VIP a while ago.

“My. Cuties. Did. They. Do. Well?”

At the question of Arsene, Hwang Bo-kwang shook his face with a dark expression.

“That… unfortunately, failed.”

“What? Was. It a. fail?”

“Yes, it was said that the 3 undead who followed the 3rd crown prince was found in a place, completely destroyed.”

“Kul. I will. Go. And. See!”

Arsene seemed to be in shock. His eyes in his skull were shinning.

Hwang Bo-sung spoke his assumption, “Maybe the nearby Zegal clan assisted them.”

Death Knight and Lich made by Arsene couldn’t be killed by brute force, so it would be impossible for the Zegal clan and the other clans of Moorim.

There were culminations who could be compared to Zegal Hui, and they were also making a Puppet.

‘There is one thing that I don’t understand.’

The question was how the groups of the 3rd crown prince even know that there was an assassination attempt on the prince and came to assist so quickly?

Getting there in time to help should have been very difficult for the men even if the request was sent immediately.

“So. Those. Men. Where. Are. They. Now? You. Know?”

“They are aid to be under the protection of Zegal clan.”

It would be a huge deal if the 3rd crown prince went back to the royal palace.

If the Emperor who cared for the 3rd prince found out, he would jump out in anger, and the others would lose the chance to kill him in the future.

That was why Hwang Bo-kwang wanted to kill Jo Won-rak, who came out of the palace.

“Arsene, please lend me some power.”

“Kul. You take. Three. Of. My cuties. And now. Want. To. Borrow. More?”

At the unexpected reaction of Arsene, he spoke out, “If you can help me out once more, I will hand over the bodies of 7 culminations later.”

The corpse of culmination was the best material needed for making a Death Knight.

Even if they hadn’t reached their peak, they could make an intermediate Death knight.

Arsene, who briefly contemplated on the proposal, decided to lend the rest of the 30 that he had brought over to the southern continent.

“Good. However. Keep. In mind. That. This. Will. Be the. Last.”

“I will remember this.”

When Arsene disappeared to bring in the Death Knight and the Lich, Hwang Bo-kwang yelled, “Gwan-chang!”

“You called, Head!?”

A thundering wave struck in front of Hwang Bo-kwang, and a black-masked man appeared in front of him.

Gwan-chang was particularly good at hiding and infiltrating as a master of the ‘Shadow Organization’, a warrior organization that Hwang Bo-kwang secretly founded.

“What is the status on collecting information about the Zegal clan?”

“Most of our men are trying, but it isn’t getting any easier because the men and the formation around the clan is too great to infiltrate.”

There was another thing the Zegal clan was famous for other than their excellent strategy and puppets. It was their base formations.

The fame created by the Zegal Clan was strong.

Among them, it was rumored that the Daecheon soul circle around the clan was stronger than placing Shaolin temples together.

“Then, should we wait for them to come out?”

Waiting for them would take a lot of time.

If they didn’t come out by the time the Urim reinforcements arrived, their plan of assassinating the prince would have to be put down.

If the Urim came, they were monsters that he couldn’t deal with.

The monster, who reached two levels higher than the peak, the one referred to as the guardian of the Crown Prince and the Royal family.

“Unless Mr. Arsene goes out himself, that man cannot be defeated.”

However, Arsene was a very busy person, and it didn’t seem nice to depend on him for too many things.

If he continued to ask for help, he would end up being a subordinate and not an ally of equal standing. That too for the monster of immortality and power of darkness.

“Chief, how about we ask for a favor from Earner?”

“Huh? To that bastard?”

Hwang Bo-kwang was flustered.

Earner ‘The sage of ghost valley’.

His birthplace and name were unknown. The man called himself Earner, saying that he was progressing the ‘Guigumen’ a skill that was disappearing.

He had skillful speech and excellent tactical skills, and with his outstanding abilities, he did more evil than good.

There were times when he made clans fight amongst themselves for the sake of entertainment, and there were times when he cut the veins using tactics.

And 4 years ago, he pretended to be God and threatened the royal family about spreading drought and pest to the whole nation if he wasn’t given 100,000 gold.

At first, the Emperor thought of it as a joke.

However, the drought really broke out in the south, and the Emperor, who was enraged, tried to get hold of the man by using the Masters of Eorim but failed.

The newly committed Earner continued to mess around with the government and began to walk through the masses of the capital.

“We know where he is, so…”

“But he is a wanted sinner!”

He was in contact with him, but he decided to stay away from the man till the eyes of the royal family were looking for him.

Until his nephew, Jo Won-gyun became the next emperor, he wanted nothing bad to come in his way and stop the making.

“But right now, there is no one other than that Earner who can break the circle of Zegal Clan in Kang Ho. What do you want to do?” Asked Gwan-chang.


At the end of the words, Hwang Bo-kwang bit his lip and held on to his head, moving from side to side.

Deciding on something, he turned.

“I the chief will meet and negotiate with him in person. This should never be revealed to the world.”


When the man disappeared from the room, Hwang Bo-kwang bumped his fists.

“Even if it means death, I have no option but to meet him.”

He didn’t want to drag Jo Won-rak’s life for long and decided to not let another opportunity get away from his hand.