Emperor of Steel

Chapter 363 - Dark Clouds over Song Empire 4

Luke brought out the healing potions that he placed in his subspace bracelet for emergency purposes and gave them to the wounded men.

It was the best thing to give if one’s body had been invaded by Magi. However, it was different from the time when Hwang Bo-sung was treated.

Right now, the men on the floor were gravely injured, but if by any chance Luke tried to suck out the Magi and ended up absorbing even a little bit of their mana, it was possible for a few to die.

Therefore, it seemed like it was better for him to remove the Magi after making sure that the Magi had stopped spreading. He could then restore their body to its original form.

“Once the emergency aid is done, you won’t be in any danger. I hope you won’t overdo yourself for a while.”

Hwang Bo-sung was interpreting Luke’s words.

General Zegal was wrong about the new group that chased them, and Jo Won-rak, who was anxious about his men, felt relieved.

He thanked the men in the official Rhodesia language.

“I am Jo Won-rak of the Song royal family. I will never forget the grace you’ve shown us today.”

It wasn’t just Luke, but Hwang Bo-sung too who was amazed.

It wasn’t because the man had spoken a very clear Rhodesia language.

It was because they assumed from his clothes that the man held a high status. However, never did they imagine that he would be from the royal family.

And not just the royal family…

“Master, this man is the Song empire’s 3rd crown prince.”, said Hwang Bo-sung.

“Is that true?”

“Yes. I have only heard of the rumors, but I am sure that I remember that name.”

“Hmm… He must be one important person.”

Listening to Hwang Bo-sung’s words, Luke made a happy expression.

The man who might rule the Song Empire one day.

He would be of great help to Luke in his quest to return to Rhodesia Continent.

“By the way, what are your names…?”

At the question from Jo Won-rak, Luke answered,

“I am Luke de Rakan. I govern the Rakan estate in Rhodesia Continent. And this…”

“I used to be from the Hwang Bo clan, Hwang Bo-sung. I’m currently serving as a retainer of the Marquis of Rakan.”

‘What? Hwang Bo-sung?’

Zegal Hui was shocked upon hearing Hwang Bo-sung’s name.

From what he knew, the one called Hwang Bo-sung wasn’t alive anymore.

But to meet that man right in front of him…!

Many questions began to rise in his head. However, it wasn’t the time to ask for answers. Another group of men could raid them.

Therefore, it was necessary to take the 3rd crown prince to Angyong.

“Prince, we will have to talk about the details later on. We need to head to Angyong right away.”

“We will do that, but what about the injured men?”

At the words of Zegal Hui, Jo Won-rak asked with a concerned expression.

There were six injured men including Zegal Hui and the horse rider.

The carriage was broken and the horses had run away.

At the concern of Jo Won-rak, Luke smiled a little sneakily.

“You don’t have to worry about what to ride.”

“Is there a way?”

“Yes, but it could be a little uncomfortable.”

At the words of Luke, both Zegal Hui and Jo Won-rak smiled.

Unlike Hwang Bo-sung who already knew what Luke was referring to, the two men had no idea what Luke was talking about.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The road to Angyong.

Along with the roaring and thudding sound, a rare object was running on the road toward south.

A giant covered with steel from head to toe.

It was a Gigant, the weapon that represented the Rhodesia Continent.

“Huh? It’s made out of lumps of iron, yet it runs like the wind.”

“Nevertheless, it doesn’t shake much compared to carriages or wagons!”

Jo Won-rak, who was sitting on the shoulder of the tester Gigant that Luke had brought out from the subspace, was amazed and impressed.

It was his first time to encounter a Gigant, and he wasn’t sure if the heavy metal would be able to move fast, but its unexpected speed made him happy.

As a result, he wasn’t able to adapt to the speed.

Zegal Hui and the other soldiers seemed fine, but the horse rider and Jo Won-rak were on the verge of vomiting.

Seeing that Zegal Hui, spoke to Luke who was controlling the Gigant, “Marquis Luke, run a little slowly, please!”


Luke lowered the speed of his Gigant.

He was the one who had gotten the request to speed up the Gigant run from Zegal Hui, who wanted to see the Gigant, and Luke too had to test his Gigant, so he ended up accepting the request.

It was necessary for Luke to carry out all kinds of tests to make his own Gigant.

And one aspect of Gigant was the Sprint.

“Zegal Hui, are you related to the Zegal clan?”

When Hwang Bo-sung translated Luke’s words, Zegal Hui nodded his head and replied.

“Yes. I am the 53rd generation of the Zegal clan, and our home is in Angyong. Is there any problem…?”

“No, there is none. I am just someone who is interested in the past of your family.”

“Is that so? Hehe, our family’s reputation has reached even the northern continent…”

‘It wasn’t because of your fame though.’

Luke had failed to achieve the iron core to create a tuned helm.

Zegal clan was the one who sells the iron core, and the one who didn’t want to associate with others.

So he decided to take the iron core with him at the given opportunity.

‘Of course, I saved them from blood loss and the prince as well. Wouldn’t they feel bad and give it to me?’

And if they weren’t going to give it, Luke was planning on stealing it.

Since he had gone all the way to the southern continent, he thought that he had to get a souvenir when going back.

‘No, it isn’t just that, there is one more thing I need to make clear.’

Luke, who was losing his mind, talked to Zegal Hui with the help of Hwang Bo-sung.

“But, how did you get attacked by the Death Knight and the Lich?”

“Death Knight and Lich? I guess you are talking about the monsters.”

At Luke’s question, Zegal Hui explained to him about what happened.

He told them about how Jo Won-rak was conducting a visit to the southern part, and how masked men had attacked their envoy after getting close to Nanjing, and the Death Knight and Lich who supported them.

“You aren’t aware of their background?” Asked Luke.

“Well, when I saw the Magi they’re using, it seemed related to the apostasy.”


Luke had heard of the word Apostasy from Hwang Bo-sung in the past.

It was said that they were using their power like warlocks in the southern continent, which was similar to the Rhodesia Continent, so he understood how the unknown men of the south would misunderstand the Death Knight and the Lich as apostasy.

‘No, maybe it wasn’t a misunderstanding. If the apostasy and the Rhodesia are somehow related…’

A man’s face had passed Luke’s head right then.

The main driver for such an incident to occur.

He was Arsene.

Considering his career as a Lich and the possibility of him having the ancient black magic book, he was most likely the person who would do such things.

However, there was no evidence that would convince men that it was he who made the Death Knight and the Lich.

It could be the work of some warlock whom Luke wasn’t aware of, or it could be the act of a demon who is controlling a warlock.

‘Either way, this isn’t normal. I hope this mystery can be solved with the help of the people in the south.’

Even though he didn’t want to, Luke was still involved in the position to care for fairies who were dreaming of using the Baroque’s civil war for their Abaron empire revival, and he was trying very hard to not get caught up in any more complicated things.