Emperor of Steel

Chapter 362 - Dark Clouds over Song Empire 3

Luke was heading to the main road Hwang Bo-sung guided him to.

Although it was a rare area, they had to walk past many bushes to reach the main road. However, it was all thanks to Hwang Bo-sung, who was cutting down the branches and making the path walkable for Luke.

On their way to the town, the two of them noticed weird energy ahead of them.

“No, this?”

“Someone is being attacked by those using Magi.”

When the magi victims were detected, Hwang Bo-sung rushed ahead and ran toward the area.

When Hwang Bo-sung suddenly disappeared, Luke used his fly magic and went behind him.

Within a while, he was able to see the tragedy that took place.

Those who were dead or injured were engulfed in dark magic and scattered around the carriage.

There were a few survivors. Two knights and a wizard were rushing toward them.

Luke was amazed at the identity of the two rather than the devastation itself.

It was because the two were related to dark magic, Death Knight and Lich.

Helping out Hwang Bo-sung who got himself involved in the situation, he mumbled with a frown, “Why are these things here?”

However, no one answered his question.

The Death Knight and Lich, who suddenly noticed that someone strong had made an appearance, attacked in the direction where the strong presence they felt was coming from, leaving behind Hwang Bo-sung and Zegal Hui.

“Master, be careful!”

“You don’t need to worry about me.”

The Death Knight and Lich, no matter how powerful they were, they couldn’t be compared to Luke, who lived his life as Saymon.

While Hwang Bo-sung was going against one Death Knight, Luke used Black Bind on the Death Knight who ran at him.


Things like climbers moved up from the ground and sprang around the Death Knight’s body.

Meanwhile, Luke, who was in the air, was hit with heat magic.


“You think you can take me down with this much?”


The Lich began to develop more powerful magic as if he understood Luke’s sarcasm.

Thanks to the sudden saviors, Zegal Hui was just watching the situation unfold.

Hwang Bo-sung, who was using his fist, was in a close fight with the Death Knight, and Luke, who captured the Death Knight, was also playing around with the Lich.

‘I don’t know where they came from, but maybe they can defeat those monsters.’

But he couldn’t be completely relieved.

There was no guarantee when those masked men and other monsters would begin to appear.

‘That is why I need to take the Crown Prince to a safe place.’

Zegal Hui, who made that quick judgment, pulled on Jo Won-rak’s sleeve who was still on the ground.

“Prince, you need to get out of here!”


“This is a great opportunity for us to escape. Don’t hesitate!”

The most important thing for Zegal Hui was the safety of Jo Won-rak.

That was why he needed to leave the monsters to the men whom he didn’t even know if they could truly beat those monsters.

“The Song Empire is in your hands… Kuak!”

“General Zegal!”

Zegal Hui, who tried to flee with Jo Won-rak, collapsed after a few steps.

The Magi was eating his body, and it began to take over his senses and his marrow.

While Jo Won-rak and Zegal Hui were in such a turmoil, Luke was pushing the Lich.

As a warlock, he was aware of a Lich’s attacks and weaknesses.

In the days of Saymon, the black magic book had knowledge about these in it.

‘Although the magic is strong, the movement is less flexible. Then…?’

And since it was a Lich, which means it was already dead, it lacked reasoning, and an object which moved without reasoning only advanced on the orders given to it.

So, to face the Lich’s attacks, Luke could respond however he wanted.

“Thousand Blitz!”

When thousands of purple bullets struck the body of the Lich, he hurriedly tried to perform a defense magic.

‘Surely, when hit by a certain level or more power, he switches to defensive magic.’

As the thousand blitz magic knocked the Lich, Luke unfolded an 8th circle volcano magic.


The ground began to break around the Lich’s feet, and hot lava began to soar.


In a moment, a screeching sound came out of the Lich, who got sucked into the lava.

The Lich tried to get away from the lava pond around him, but since the lava was moving according to Luke’s hand movement, the Lich wasn’t able to escape.

Eventually, the Lich turned into ashes.

But Luke knew that if he couldn’t destroy the vessel, the Lich would rise again.

‘Which is why when dealing with these guys, one needs to look around.’

Luke used Hawk Eye Magic on both his eyes and looked around.

It was because there was a possibility that there could be a ‘reserve body’ to where the Lich’s soul could be transferred.

However, he couldn’t detect any magic around them.


Luke, who turned his eyes around at the speed of lightning, used Dark Blitz on the Death Knight, who was already down.

The Death Knight, whose Magi was already being absorbed by Luke using Black Bind, got easily hit by Dark Blitz.

With just a little blitz, the armor of the Death Knight fell and a small skull popped out.

The dwarf skeleton was the body of the Lich’s soul.

“This is unexpected.”


The dwarf skeleton or Lich’s eyes began to shine and manifest dark magic.

The dark magic spewed from the fingertips moved like flame and reached Luke.

It looked like Luke would be swallowed by that dark magic.

“How dare you!”


Luke pulled out his sword and released his golden aura.

The golded aura, which contained anti-magi energy, quickly destroyed the Lich’s magic and burned the Lich’s body.


Once it was done screaming, the Lich’s body became completely extinguished, but Luke didn’t put his sword back.

“Is there another body here?”

He turned over to Hwang Bo-sung.

Hwang Bo-sung, who was having the upper hand in his battle, was about to give out the final blow.

“Ominous one, disappear!”

Urrrng! Kwang!

The Death Knight, who was hit by Hwang Bo-sung’s fist, got his armor broken into pieces.

The broken body was burned by the lighting, which was released from Hwang Bo-sung’s fist.

“It is done.”

Looking at the scene, Luke sheathed his sword.

If the extent of damage taken by the Death knight was huge, the Lich wouldn’t be able to use it as a spare body.

“You have worked hard, Sir Hwang Bo-sung. Your tekken skills are as terrifying as ever.”

“Let’s go, master. Some people are still alive.”

“Yeah, we did save them.”

Luke hurriedly began to treat Zegal and the other men that survived.