Emperor of Steel

Chapter 361 - ark Clouds over Song Empire 2

Chapter 361: Dark Clouds over Song Empire 2

Du Du Du Du Du!

Zegal Hui was driving the carriage like crazy.

The surviving men who were behind tried to grab and take down the masked men and the three monsters and 1st squad soldiers joined the escape party to prevent men from reaching their prince.

By the time one could look, the soldiers remaining were just a dozen.

Zegal Hui, who lost all of his men whom he had nurtured and cared for shed tears of blood.

‘Puah! I will never forgive whoever it was!’

As soon as he returned to the Imperial Palace, he was determined to find out the identity of the assailants and destroy the men.

However, in order for that to happen, it was necessary for them to get rid of the men following them.

He managed to form a bit of distance between him and the chasers, but the road wasn’t reliable enough to hide himself.

At the least, he had to reach the Angyang which harbored the Zegal clan.

The place where he was heading was the Zegal clan, not the original destination, Nanjing.

Since Zegal Hui wasn’t sure if there were traps installed in Nanjing, he thought of heading over to the clan area, which was the safest place according to him.

And the distance to the place was close.

“General, are we still far from Angyong?”

The voice of Jo Won-ruk, who was terrified in the carriage entered his ears.

And he was never in a situation where he was in danger of losing his life.

The 3rd Crown Prince was rumored to be patient and unique, but in the situation, he was in, he was in panic.

“We just need to go a little further. If we go to the Zegal clan, they will no longer be able to harm the Crown Prince.”

He did tell that it was just little, but there were another 30 meters to go.

The problem was that the horses which were pulling on the carriage were exhausted.

Zegal wasn’t sure if the horses would stand till they reach Angyong or will fall down midway.

“General, ahead…!”


A soldier who was running ahead got hit by a black sphere and fell down in his puddle of blood.

However, neither Zegal Hui nor the soldiers had any time to stop and mourn for him. The three monsters who were behind them were standing right ahead of them.



‘This can’t be… how did they?’

He would have felt someone tagging them if they followed them.

However, there was no such feeling, and it looked like they were waiting for them to reach that location.

‘Did they come flying? Or did they use any other method, the paper tear?’

He heard that the northerners had weird things to use and much more organized magical tactics.

Just by using medicines which can heal wounds in an instant were used, and giant steel that moves.

In addition, it was said that they could cause an earthquake and volcanoes.

‘One of the three is definitely a wizard. And he seems to be doing a very good job with them.’

Considering that the wizard was the most difficult of the three, Zegal Hui pulled on his sword and signaled the men with the other hand.

He ordered his men to take on the Black Knights and the horse driver to flee with the prince.

“Prince, this is how far I can walk with the prince.”

“G, General!”

“Even if the God of Death comes down, the Crown Prince must preserve his body and take out the ruined Empire!”

Zegal Hui, who said his last words to the prince rushed over to the wizard like a lightning bolt.

He seemed to be blazing ahead with all of his strength and seemed like it could even melt the iron of the sword.

This time, he had the will to defeat the wizard at all costs, and when he launched an attack, the black knight who was next to the wizard stepped ahead.

“This bastard, get away!”

The sword of Zegal Hui who yelled turned and cut the knight’s neck.


The black knight’s neck got slashed with an eerie sound.

He seemed cheerful when the neck got slashed and the body rolled over the ground.

‘I took one down! Rather… no?!’

Zegal Hui’s joy didn’t last long.

The black knight with the severed neck was standing up casually and getting ready to hit the sword.


“Kuak! How…?”

Zegal Hui, who hastily stopped the attack, stepped back in shock seeing something which he couldn’t understand.

Even the strongest of the Kang Ho Moorim could die if their throat got slashed, who why were these monsters in front of him not dying?

‘It can’t… are they not even human?’

And he was right.

The three men attacking the 3rd prince were death knights and lich, and they wouldn’t die even if their body breaks.

However, Zegal Hui, who wasn’t aware of the fact was only forced to move back.

‘I thought that they might have something to do with the apostasy, but are they…’

Zegal Hui misunderstood them as the animation created by the apostate when he saw that the black knight wasn’t dead even after getting the neck cut.

He wasn’t able to recover from the shock, and at one point, he saw the wizard’s staff glow.


Black streaks began to spread and point themselves like needles, went right at the carriage and carried the black knight along with it.

“No, NO!”



The moment Zegal Hui screamed, the existing men around him were down with the black needles piercing through them.

In addition, the carriage broke down and tilted, and it wasn’t just the carriage, Jo Won-rak too was on the ground.

“Crown Prince!”

The black knight approached Jo Won-rak and raised his sword high, Zegal Hui rushed and knocked down the black knight with his body.

However, in the process, the black knight had slashed his back.

“General Zegal!”

It wasn’t a huge wound.

However, the wound on the back began to hurt.

It wasn’t just the open wound, the Magi which infiltrated his body was killing him.

He thought that he had gotten lucky because of the small wound, but it was burning his back.

And the winner of the fight would be decided there itself.

He was fatally wounded by the enemy who wouldn’t die even after getting cut.

‘Kuak, this can’t be!’

As Zegal was giving up hope, he was falling down for something which wasn’t even related to apostasy which was no way equal to Moorim.

Who had made use of the northerner body with the use of animation?

Was this really the doings of the apostate?

However, the question remained unsolvable.

The fate of Jo Won-rak was about to end there itself.

‘The pure crown prince… is going to abandon this Song Empire?!’

Zegal Hui looked at the black knight who raised his sword high once again to cut down the crown prince, Jo Won-rak in pain.


When the sword from the black knight whose eyes were black was about to fall, suddenly an attack at the stomach had come in from a man.

The man who intruded the fight wielded his fists at the black knight and aimed for the head.

Puang! Pung!

The black knight who got hit multiple times in the head flew away unable to scream.

At the unexpected help, Zegal Hui seemed to find a little relief.

He then noticed the man who was using the martial arts.

‘He, he surely must be from the Hwang Bo clan!’

The technique created by Hwang Bo-woong, the king who defeated the Moorim king 300 years back.

With each punch, the sound only seemed to increase, and light began to break into the target.

Why was the man in front of him using the skills which no one other than the Clan leader had mastered?

Could the man be related to the Hwang Bo clan?

“Are you alright?”

“Behind! Look behind!”

When asked by the man, Zegal Hui shouted at him trying to help.

The wizard staff was shining once again.

However, it was already late by the man who responded. The needle-like sharp streak poured down like showers.

‘It, it is the end!’

Zegal Hui closed his eyes tightly.

However, he couldn’t feel the pain.

As he opened his eyes, he saw a platinum-haired northern man stood in front of the two.

He reached out the wizard with his hand faintly giving out purple energy.

The northern man mumbled under his breath with his foreign accent.

“Why are these things running around here?”

It was Luke.