Emperor of Steel

Chapter 360 - Dark Clouds over Song Empire 1

Chapter 360: Dark Clouds over Song Empire 1

The mountain was surrounded by waters.

There was a huge manor in the place where rivers surrounded it on all sides and flowed around.

It was comparable to the Imperial Palace of the Song Empire, but it was still huge and was one of the greatest in the empire.

In the center of the region, where dozens of warehouses and buildings were gathered, were a few secret rooms that were covered with dark black walls.

There were two people facing each other with a scented candle burning.

He was a man in his late 30s wearing a yellow robe and another young man wearing a wizard’s magnificent robe.

“It was. a death. Knight. And. Lich. Test. But. We never. Know. If they. Are not. So. Weak.”

A half-faced uncomfortable voice as if a screeching sound from the mouth was heard.

The man in the yellow robe across the seat and shook his head.

“Not at all, Mr. Arsene. If it is Zegal Hui, he is one of the strong fingers of the Zegal clan. Also, there was the medium-sized cavalry which was trained by him and was known as Eorim.”

“Kul. Well. Let’s see, how. my cuties. Will act. When. They. See the. Meal. On the. Street.”

The magnificently robed wearing wizard was Arsene.

He had reached the southern continent to conduct experiments with the Lich and the death knights, on whom he had devoted his entire life.

It was because conducting the experiments in Rhodesia was a troublesome task, which was against the dark magic uses.

“However, if they are strong warriors who were made by the great Arsene, even a simple death knight of the lich, they are bound to outperform a zen skilled master.”

The man in the yellow robe said with a nod accepting the skills of Arsene.

He was Hwang Bo-kwang, who had recently emerged as the head of the Hwang Bo clan.

Despite the sudden backdown of the former candidate, the new head should have been in confusion, but Hwang Bo-kwang quickly seized his position and took the duties of the clan with skills.

And with that, he was facing Arsene.

“The test. This. Time. Is good. Then. Stage 1. Of. Production. Is done.”

Currently, Arsene was making 700 death knights and lichs.

It would be nice to complete all of them at once, but the death knight and lich would be made according to their previous life’s skills, and the amount of agents and offerings they had to place.

9th circle Arch Mage and Sword Emperor ranked 10.

8th magic circle wizard and sword Sage intermediate, 100.

7th magic circle and Sword Master, 590.

And he had brought them for testing in the Song Empire, the lower class 33 subjects of the first stage of production.

“Oh! Has the 1st step been completed?”

“Yes. Although. It is. Still lower. It will. Be possible. To take down. Southern. Continent.”

“Is that true? But isn’t there a powerful weapon called Gigant in the northern continent of Rhodesia?”

“Kul. Kul. Kul. Did. You. Think. That I. wouldn’t. have. Thought. About that. And made one?”

“So, the Gigant too can’t match with yours?”

“Obviously. Now, that. Is. Just a piece. Of scrap. Doll. End of. An era.”

There was a reason why Arsene never came out of the Death Island despite the Veritas Magic Tower crisis.

It was because, as long as he made 700 death knights and lichs, it was possible to make not just the Rhodesia continent but the entire earth kneel for him.

‘Stupid Saymon. Creating the golems at the start of the war. But to be killed by that Rakan.’

In any case, the real Saymon was convinced that even the legendary Rakan and the Devil King Saymon were resurrected, and they were unstoppable now.

“That. Is. One. Thing. But, there. Is. No problem. With taking over. The Song. Empire?”

At the question from Arsene, Hwang Bo-kwang confidently replied.

“Everything is progressing as planned, so please leave it to me.”

Hwang Bo-kwang who took control over the Hwang Bo-clan was planning to make Jo won-gyun, the son of his sister into an emperor.

With support from Arsene, many of the ministers had already been taken down secretly, and the crown prince Jo won-gi was made addicted to drugs and declared unable to rule.

The most stumbling rock for them was Jo won-rak, the 3rd prince, but the death knight and lich were secretly sent to eliminate him.

Zegal Hui and the soldiers were together with the 3rd prince, but they can’t face the death knights.

“Starting with Jo won-rak, I am going to remove all the prince and the royal family members who might interfere with the throne succession. And the last target would be the current emperor.”

Arsene, seeing Hwang Bo-kwang all confident asked.

“Kul. Even the. There. Will. Be many. Opposing. Forces. Will the Hwang. Bo clan. Be enough?”

Actually even if Hwang Bo clan was a force which had played a pivotal role in the Moorim arts and the economy, no one could counter them.

Once the official government had formed and the Imperial family of Song emerged, there was a break in the Moorim arts of the clans, including Zegal clan.

In order to capture and take all the forces, it was literally impossible for the Hwang Bo clan to do it alone.

“Hohoho. Besides the Imperial palace, there are already many people who belong to us. The ones given to us by Mr. Arsene… no, those Dark Worms, work quite well.”

“Kul. Kul. Kul. Then. I feel. Glad.”

Arsene had come to establish a stronghold in the southern continent 5 years back, and he accidentally met Hwang Bo-kwang.

Upon discovering the ambitions and greed in Hwang Bo-kwang’s eyes, he reached out to the man.

At that time, Hwang Bo-kwang had a considerable inferiority compared to his half brother, whom Arsene had helped in taking out.

As a result, an alliance had formed between the two.

And when Arsene would be taking over the earth, the southern continent including the Song empire would be given to Hwang Bo-kwang.

Two years ago, Arsene handed Hwang Bo-sung’s poison and an apostate who destroyed the future of Hwang Bo-sung.

People didn’t know, but Arsene had quite a lot of pawns in the southern continent, such as apostate, soldiers with magic and the dark worms.

‘Kuku. Meeting Arsene was the best thing in my life. As long as I can make my nephew as an emperor, taking over the southern continent isn’t an impossible task!’

Of course, Hwang Bo-kwang had given his nephew only the good things in life and didn’t intend to end him.

He had an ambition that he would take over from his nephew and become a new emperor for a new nation.

The final goal was to become the first emperor of a unified southern continent.

There was a long time for that to happen, but Hwang Bo-kwang made sure that he would definitely do it.

“I need. To go. Since. I am. Busy. Since. This. Is my dream. I will. Give. You a. piece. Of advice. Don’t. neglect. Anything. And bring. Things in. at the end. That. Will. Destroy. Us.”

“I will keep that in mind. Mr. Arsene.”

As soon as the conversation ended, Arsene disappeared from Hwang Bo-kwang’s eyes.

Hwang Bo-kwang already knew that he was an excellent wizard, so the disappearance of Arsene didn’t surprise him at all.

Rather than that, he was more interested in the singing voice of men getting closer.

“In a disheveled flower garden, with a bottle of wine-”

The song wasn’t nice to listen to. The voice was loud and lacking a pitch.

But that wasn’t the reason why Hwang Bo-kwang frowned.

‘That guy. Did he come back from the place?’

Hwang Bo-kwang, who came out from the secret room, found a male lying down in the flower garden close to the room.

The youngest son of the Hwang Bo clan.

Just like Hwang Bo-sung, the half brother, the kid had no feelings of jealously or envy.

It was because, the kid wasn’t good in arts and sciences, but loved alcohol, women, and gambling.

That was why the Hwang Bo clan had regarded him as just a ‘family number’.

“What are you doing here?”

At the question of Hwang Bo-kwang, Hwang Bo-yun, who was drunk with alcohol turned his head.

“Oh, hyung you were here? But did you go to a cemetery? Why is this smell going around…”

Hwang Bo-kwang, who could just talk like he wanted to until then, brought out a deep voice and spoke.

“Get out of here right now! Didn’t I tell you to not come here since this is my private place!”

“Tch, acting cheap… fine. I will go, I am going.”

Hwang Bo-yun, whose body was drenched in alcohol moved his heavy body to move outside.

Seeing the kid walk out, Hwang Bo-kwang thought to himself.

‘I have to deal with him quickly. He is a parasite which is sucking in the riches of the cattle.’

From the time of the previous head, the amount of money Hwang Bo-yun had spent on alcohol and gambling was enormous.

Only the amount used in the meantime was enough to make a huge pond.

‘Should I deal with him in the mountains? I wish I could get rid of all the rats and birds without anyone knowing, but that old man will jump out because of that…’

Hwang Bo-kwang was using his head to think of how he was supposed to deal with the youngest brother and moved into his room once again.

There was a lot of work which had to be done if he wanted to fulfill his ambition.

However, he didn’t see.

The moment he stepped into the room, Hwang Bo-yun’s eyes glowed brightly.