Chapter 36: Getting Attacked 1

A sum in the outskirts of Lamer.

Princess Reina had been staying there for a few days after the people of Volga had moved.

There was a reason to enter the slums even when she had a good place to live.

Not long ago, Count Monarch began to redevelop the urban and demolish the slums, and forced the eviction of the people.

Princess Reina confronted the Gigant soldiers and the Count, who had entered the slum and proceeded with the demolishing.

“Princess, this is dangerous.”

“It is alright. They will never lay a hand on me.”

At the cautious warning from Pavel, Reina smiled confidently.

The Count Monarch had ceased the demolition after realizing that Reina had come there.

When the situation turned out like this, the Count knew that the princess would come to persuade him.

“Princess Reina, stop acting so recklessly. Shouldn’t a princess find the easiest solution?”

“Are you asking me to go marry the Count? I don’t like it, and that was the decision I stood by at the Gigant Arena the other day, I don’t have the heart of a savior to do that sort of act.”

“Keuk, the more you behave like this, the more the people will suffer!”

“Then I will share the pain along with my people. If they starve, I starve too.”


At the stubborn act of Reina, the Count was taken aback.

If he wanted, he could have forced them, however, it was a loss if the beautiful princess was broken in the process.

In addition, if such rumors went out, then it would turn hard to handle the other nobles.

Reina was also aware of the facts, which was why she was able to protect the migrants from the Count unharmed.

“Kaak! Fox-like bitch! She’s trying to climb onto my head!”

“Will you try and suppress her?”

At the question from Goth, Monarch replied quickly,

“No way! Somehow the princess needs to be pulled out of the slum without even hurting her hair strand!”

The other retainers around the Count, responded with a sloppy response like ‘How is that possible?’, but Goth was quick to come up with a better way.

“Majesty, how about we do this?”

Goth whispered in the ear of the Count, listening to it, his eyes went wide,

“It’s, it’s a bit dangerous right?”

“Do not worry. The old servants of the princess won’t stand still.”

Goth had a very evil smirk on his face.

And that night.


“Someone get water quickly!”

A fire broke out in the corner of the slum.

The flame had spread all over the place, and towards the hut where Reina was staying.

“Princess, we are in danger! We need to move out!”

“No, I am not leaving our people alone in here…”

“We are all fine, so please go!”

As expected by Goth, Reina fled from the slums with her loyal servants and the people.

The fire hadn’t spread outside the slum because of the Count’s army, however, the devastation was severe.

There were over 1,000 casualties, and the number of the victims were ten times more.

“Huk Huk, I’m sorry. Really… I’m so sorry.”

Due to the terrible accident which had occurred, Reina had been crying and crying for a while.

Goth went to visit her as she was crying in front of a charred body.

“Tch, for such a terrible thing to have happened.”


“I’m glad the princess is safe.”

Reina looked over at Goth who had a very sly smile on his face.

Seeing the smile on his face, she was able to confirm how the accident of fire had come upon them.

And for the first time, she was able to feel what anger was.

‘I won’t forgive you! I will never forgive you!’

She thought that everything would get better once the debt problem got solved.

But the wicked hand of the Count never ceased, and the pain of the people began to get much more severe.

She couldn’t stand it anymore.

‘But I have no power to defend my people right now, let alone punish him.’

She was both angry and mournful.

She was in need to take care of the tens of thousands of people who lost their homes and lives and were driven onto the street overnight.

So Reina, along with Pavel and Victor were looking for a solution.

“Why don’t we ask the other lords for help?”

Pavel shook his head at the opinion of Victor.

“Ask for help? If there was anyone to help, then the princess wouldn’t have gone through all that trouble for debt.”

“No, my thoughts could be wrong. Debt matters may have been neglected as a personal matter, but this is a different situation.”

“Even if it is different, will they really…”

The refugees of the Volga Kingdom were very unwelcomed.

Even those in the Empire were always wandering and then later got driven to the South.

Would there really be a lord who would take a huge loss and accept the refugees in the current situation?

“I still feel we need to ask for help. That is the only thing that I can do right now.”


“Firstly, let’s go find Marquis Mayers. He is currently the most powerful lord in the South.”

He didn’t just listen to the words of his people, Reina vowed to herself that she was willing to sell her body if it meant the safety of her people.

The reason why she was holding on for so long was because she was the last descendant of the Kirillov family.

However, it didn’t seem worthy to have pride in the name of her people who were going to be in distress.

“I’m leaving right away. Please prepare.”

“Yes, I understand. Princess.”

Reina, accompanied by Victor and Pavel headed straight for Brandon, to meet Marquis Mayers.

It was late at night, however, it wasn’t the time to consider all formalities when the lives of people were on the line.