Emperor of Steel

Chapter 357 - Luke is Gone 2

Chapter 357: Luke is Gone 2



All of a sudden, with a blast, the bars of the cage shook.

Arch Duke Gregory moved forward and took the sword from the ground.

When Gregory’s hyper aura began to rise, the power getting absorbed was added and the cage shook once again, like an earthquake.

The tremors were so strong that the arrows which had touched the hostages bounced back.

“A, Arch Duke?”

“It looked like your strength wasn’t enough.”

Gregory’s face which smiled, soon turned. It was because just like Luke, the power was getting sucked from Gregory’s body.

However, Gregory made an unexpected turn.

When the Magi was being absorbed, all of a sudden, divine power began to be used which made the collision of light and dark rumble the cage.

No matter how similar their origin was, Magi and Divine power were still different poles.

Naturally, repulsing actions began to occur, and the function of the barrier stooped for a second.

‘Huh! Did this damn trap stop?’

The one who grabbed the situation was Luke who was holding onto the barrier.

He didn’t miss the opportunity then.



Luke, who brought in every last of his power, ripped up the iron bar.

When the space came out for them to move, Arch Duke Gregory shouted towards his surviving party.

“Strike the neck of the fairy wench!”


Despite Gregory’s loss of energy, when Gregory moved ahead to assault the fairies, the Knights of the Saint Guard and Assassins moved ahead with screams.

Rather than following the men with the cry for vengeance, Hwang Bo-sung approached Luke.

It was because he had just ripped up the Iron bars of the cage, but sat down due to exhaustion.

Suddenly, purple and gold light rose from the ground!


It was Luke’s Magi and Gregory’s aura which had stopped the function of the barrier.

The forces that were refluxed by the repulsive action began to come back up.

The space got distorted and a subspace was created where the powers of the two were united.

‘That is!’

At the sudden subspace which appeared, Luke seemed flustered.

Although it was rare, subspaces were sometimes created due to unspecified causes of natural mana runaway.

The problem was, no one could know where the imperfectly created subspace would go. Not exactly, the one in the subspace might never be able to get ou of it.

‘If we don’t go away from…!’

The subspace began to suck in the surrounding objects.

The size was small, but it harbored enormous suction power.

Luke, who had used up all of his energy had no more power to resist the force.

“Lord! Master!”

Hwang Bo-sung shouted knowing that Luke would get sucked into the subspace.

He hurried and grabbed the hand of Luke.

However, the power of suction was so strong that he couldn’t save Luke, and Luke ended up getting sucked in along with Hwang Bo-sung.

The subspace which swallowed both of them soon turned into a whirlwind of light and darkness and then disappeared, however, no one was aware.

It was because there was a fierce fight happening between Arch Duke Gregory and fairy warriors led by Nanas.

“Kill them, those despicable ones!”


Due to the influence of the barrier, the knights and assassins were quite exhausted.

Nevertheless, they were burning with anger for being used by the fairies and bewildered the fairies.

The scariest person of all was Arch Duke Gregory.

He didn’t have the great amount of aura which he had used with Luke to break out the barrier, yet he walked towards Nanas, cutting down every fairy which came in front of him.

Seeing him approach, Nanas’s complexion went pale.

“H, How could this?”

They surely managed to get out of the trap, but they had to be exhausted, however, Gregory was right in front of her eyes cutting down people with his sword.

The other fairies were thinking the same.

Hyrun, who had clashed swords with Gregory was able to realize how he was able to move.

Sword of Heart.

Those who learned the swordsmanship of the Southern continent talked about it.

It was said that the one with a strong heart can cut as sharp as a sword with just bare hands.

Of course, Hyrun never believed in anything he hadn’t witnessed.

He thought it was a kind of scene which would only appear in a novel, but that very sword was coming after his neck.


‘Well, this indeed is the Sword of Heart…’

He realized the principles of the Sword of Heart, but Hyrun fell to the cold ground without getting a chance to use it.

Gregory, who took down Hyrun rushed over to Nanas, who was manifesting magic.

“T, this…”

When a shield magic was about to get manifested, Gregory cut off Nanas’s right arm.


Nanas screamed, grabbing the wounded hand.

The mana went back when the magic got stopped, and the pain intensified.

Right when Gregory was about to give out the last blow.



A powerful shield magic with a calm voice bounced off Gregory’s sword.

Startled, Gregory looked at the elven man who was blocking Nanas.

“Who are you?”

“I am Bratt, the head of the Wind Valley.”

The fight had ended before Bratt made an appearance.

The forces led by him, Fairy Queen and Amur Khan surrounded the grounds.

Gregory looked around and shouted with rage.

“You were short on fleet, so you readily prepared volunteers?”

At his words, Bratt shook his head.

“That is a misunderstanding. We are here to catch Elder Nanas and the fairies who sympathized with her.”

And to prove it, he handcuffed Nanas’s left arm.

It wasn’t just the handcuff, it was a bondage magic that sealed the magic of a high ranking wizard.

Suddenly, when the bondage got placed, Nanas’s eyes opened wide.

They had come to catch her, what happened?

Looking at the troops brought in by Bratt, she noticed that the number of humans and fairies were similar.

In the situation where Bratt had fewer troops to stop Nanas, he had asked help from the higher-ups and brought in humans.

“B, Sir Bratt. Why would…?”

At the question from Nanas, Bratt answered coldly.

“Didn’t you hear it? I came to arrest you, who sacrificed your people for the cause which only you believed in. Even the Fairy Queen has agreed.”

As if Bratt was right, the Fairy lady looked at the Fairy Wizard and nodded her head.

Nanas who saw it distorted her face.

“You shouldn’t do this, Ariete. Fairy… no, did you forget the wishes of the fairies?”

At the plea of Nanas, Fairy Queen Ariete spoke in a stern voice.

“I haven’t forgotten. But I think that the means and methods of the Elder is wrong.”

“So, you have come to stop me? And you brought in those dirty humans?”

“Even humans will say that the Elder is dirty, they think this method is mean and nasty.”

When Ariete was done speaking, the fairy wizards rushed over to Nanas to capture her.

“Let go! You can’t do this! This is the only way!”

She had struggled however, she couldn’t resist much with the bondage filled in.

Nanas got dragged out, and the fairy warriors who sympathized with her soon disarmed themselves.

Ariete approached Bratt.

Bratt had approached Erwin, who was on the floor and looked at her condition.

“How is she?”

“She seems to be having last breaths. But I think that I can save her.”

“Then you need to hurry.”

Arch Duke Gregory sighed with relief as he watched Bratt and Ariete cast recovery magic on Erwin.

And the most urgent situation was resolved.

‘I was being so vigilant. I need to be more careful in the future.’

After a long time of carelessness, Gregory’s men were sacrificed, and now, he almost regretted not standing up sooner.

But then he realized the Sword of Heart.

Sword of Heart, which was known to be in myths, was an ‘indomitable will’ which didn’t endure hardship or adversity.

Thanks to that, Gregory had longed for life and stepped into the grounds of Sword Emperor which was once blocked.

“By the way, I forgot about Marquis Luke while I was fighting.”

Returning to the cage, he went to find Luke.

However, Luke and Hwang Bo-sung were nowhere to be found inside the cage.

“Marquis Luke! Where are you, Marquis Luke?”

Maybe Luke might have wanted to go somewhere, so Arch Duke searched around for him.

However, no matter how much he called, there was no trace of Luke.