Emperor of Steel

Chapter 356 - Luke is Gone 1

“What are you going to do, Marquis Luke?”

Like Hwang Bo-sung, Arch Duke Gregory, who read the unusual mood talked in a very low voice.

“I will use my hidden power.”

“Dark Magic? Is that possible in here?”

At Luke’s words, Gregory, as well as those who were still alive, looked forward.

They never thought that they would be anticipating for dark magic to be used to save their lives.

“It will be tough. This damn block will absorb all of the magi from the dark magic.”

Magi too was a force which got split from Aether.

Therefore, there was no way dark magic will escape from the Aether absorbing barrier.

‘I can’t completely stop it from absorbing. However…’

A pot with holes had no choice but to leak.

However, there needs to be a lot of water in the pot nor will the water won’t leak out at once.

Rather, it would overflow from the top.

The problem was, Luke wasn’t sure how big the hole of the pot was.

‘There is surely a limit to how much magic this cage can absorb at one time. So, only when we exert our abilities, our power will get sucked up and vitality will be down.’

Luke, who judged the situation, spoke to Arch Duke Gregory.

“I will make sure to break off this bar somehow. So… Arch Duke, please live and protect Reina.”

“It sounds like a last will.”

“Maybe it is.”

Gregory frowned at the bitter response from Luke.

“You need to live. I don’t wish to see the Pope sad.”

“Huh. Understood.”

Luke smiled listening to Gregory’s statement which meant that he had acknowledged his relationship with Reina.

But the smile didn’t last that long.

With the magic of Erwin’s Fire Explosion running around, Nanas who watched the flames die was ready to give orders to her warriors.

‘I need to hurry.’

Luke stood in the front of the cage and grabbed a grill with both his hands.

Although he could feel his vitality escaping at a frightening pace, he opened up the powers of demons without hesitation.

“Build Up!”



When Luke triggered the third phase of Build Up, a purple glow began to rise all over his body.

At the same time, the muscles began to swell with clothes tearing off and revealing black skin.

There were small horns coming from his head, with scales on arms and hands.

After seeing Luke change his appearance, Nanas and the other fairies were startled.

It was the same with Gregory and the Saint Guards.

“This, this is the dark magic?”

“Oh Oh, oh my god!”

They were all paladins who had the duty to discover and subdue the warlocks in the continent.

At that time, they had witnessed how a man who sold his soul over to the demons.

However, never once had they seen a person change their appearance.

‘No, there was one written in the records.’

Gregory’s record was a diary left by a great paladin who fought against Devil King Saymon, 500 years back.

He raided the Devil King, who was patrolling an occupied estate with his colleagues, however, Saymon suddenly turned into a monster and destroyed everyone and the paladin got his hand cut off.

The paladin had already vowed to lose his life on the battlefield and hated the Devil King for leaving him alive and asked.

“How many people did you sacrifice to get that power!”

At that question, Saymon gave out the evilest laugh and answered.

“Are you looking at me like I am one of those trashy warlocks? I summoned the demons and ate them up!”

The devil left the paladin alone.

When Gregory saw the record for the first time, he considered Saymon to have mocked the paladin who fought bravely and courageously.

But looking at Luke, he knew that the answer was real.

“Kuekk! Dammit…!”

Luke was constantly raising Magi to break the iron bars.

However, the Magi raised was absorbed into the barrier.

He could see the purple light which was rising get absorbed by the iron bars and to the ground.

Nevertheless, Luke didn’t let go.

Even though the arrows of the warriors were getting stuck to his body, even in such a situation his monstrous body didn’t move.

“That is wrong, Master. Stop it now!”

“You will die if you continue!”

“There has to be another way. So…”

Hwang Bo-sung, and Henry, as well as the knights of Saint Guard, were calling him back.

The members of the Saint Guard knew things very well by then.

Just as Arch Duke Gregory had told them, Luke wasn’t stained with evil.

If Luke was a selfish warlock, he wouldn’t try to save others by cutting down his magic and vitality.

However, Luke wasn’t listening to their cries.

His head was full of thoughts about crushing down the barrier.

Unfortunately, Luke’s efforts were useless.

The Magi was simply getting absorbed without any change in the state of the cage.

‘This, this is wrong! I am reaching the limit of my strength…’

Luke was desperate.

Despite giving out the maximum power of the demons and pouring out Magi, it didn’t touch the limit of the barrier.

He would fail if things went like that.

And everything which would come in the future would be according to Nanas’s intentions.