Emperor of Steel

Chapter 352 - The Dark Forest 3

Shortly after following Hyrun, the dead trees began to turn dry.

‘Is this the dark forest? How did all this happen?’

There were no signs of fire burns or magic. However, there was no sign of being invaded by Magi and sucking up the life of the trees either.

Nevertheless, it still puzzled Luke, so he tried to touch the trees up close.

As a wizard, he was curious about everything which couldn’t be explained.

“I am very sorry, but please hurry.”

At the prompt from Hyrun, Luke moved with a mixture of regret and dissatisfaction with Hyrun.

‘And, Henry did say that dark elves were everywhere.’

In addition, there were Lycans hiding in the bush and dwarves in the ground.

However, no one had the intention to strike the two men.

‘But it is a little uncomfortable to breathe in here. This isn’t a high area, but…?’

It wasn’t just that, the black circles on his heart were dull.

It wasn’t just Luke who felt that Hwang Bo-sung and the assassins, as well as faces of Saint Guards and Gregory, were stiff.

“How long are we supposed to go?”

At the question from Arch Duke Gregory, Hyrun pointed to a structure which seemed to be on the other side.

“Over there. Almost there.”

Along with Hyrun, in front of the structure was a group.

“Let’s go up. Elder Nanas is at the top.”

‘This is a strange building.’

As he kept climbing, Luke looked around that structure in doubt.

The build was too weak to be called as a castle and low and unsightly to be called a tower, made of glass and metal only.

It was completely different from the normal architecture.

“Welcome. Nice to meet you.”

When they reached 10 meters above ground, there was a pale fairy lady.

A fairy, with two pairs of wings on her back, yet had sharp features.

“Are you Nanas?”

At the question from Luke, she nodded.

“That is right. Are you marquis Luke? I am glad to meet you.”

“I am not very glad.”

At his straight reply, Nanas smiled and pointed to the chair and table which were in the center of the hall.

“Let’s sit down. We can’t stand and talk, right?”

At her words, Luke and Gregory sat down and the members of Saint Guard and Hydra stood at an altar and looked around.

“Okay, why did you send the letter like that if you only wanted to discuss?”

When Gregory asked the question of the main point, Nanas seemingly impatient spoke out.

“I want Princess Reina or Pope to open the door to the Spirit World. It was originally promised to us.”

“Didn’t you already open it? I think that the promise was well kept!”

At Luke’s words, Nanas’s expression turned grumpy.

“It wasn’t a complete opening. Which is why I am asking.”

“Why do you think that it wasn’t a complete opening? Do you think that Reina deliberately didn’t open it?”

Luke had heard from Reina about her entering the Spirit World.

The story of Silphid, the spirit king of Wind, the story he told Reina before providing her with Aether.

The character of evil which divided the world was originally one.

And there were endless desires and hatred which resulted in the current world.

Evil never disappeared even after the worlds were divided.

The fairy who built the Mado civilization developed resources and asked the spirits for help who refused, and then later, the communication with the Spirit World was lost.

“And you who have lost the power of the spirits fell. Conquered, chased and hunted by humans who have been regarded as slaves.”


When Luke was mentioning the history, Nanas’s expression hardened.

On the other hand, Arch Duke Gregory and the members of the Saint Guard who were new to the history lessons showed interesting facial expressions.

“The reason why you want to open the door to the Spirit World is obvious. The prosperity of the ancestors, to revive yourselves like the time of Abaron. But is it possible to open the door to the Spirit World?”

“Why do you think that it is impossible?”

Nanas asked with a hint of anger.

“Because this isn’t the time when you can act by yourself. Do you think that by gaining the power of the spirits, you will be able to rule over the humans and enjoy life like in the past?”

“We have no intention of conquering humans or controlling them. And I do know that the humans have turned powerful with magical engineering. However…”

“For the prosperity of the fairies, should you really have the power from the time of the Abaron Empire? But, would the humans who look at you like that, only stand and watch?”

Jealousy and envy would rise, and the fear to lose their current standard of living would exist.

And even if one wouldn’t intend, it will be natural for conflict to emerge.

And Luke knew that the Fairy Delegation wasn’t just trying to revive the time of the Abaron Empire.

“So, are you saying that we should continue to live like slaves? For the sake of your peace?” Asked Nanas.

“It isn’t for the peace of the humans. How many of your fairies want peace? Do I look like someone who tramples an ambition for peace?”

“It isn’t peace that they enjoy. That is plain obedience!”

Nanas’ voice was getting higher and higher.

Looking at her, Luke replied as calmly as possible.

“Then let’s speak in that way, isn’t your delegation asking for absurd delusions and self-ambitions? It isn’t Reina’s responsibility that the Spirit World’s door isn’t opened. It’s just that the spirits didn’t respond to you because they were worried that they would be used for the sake of your own ambitions.”

At those words, Nanas’s face turned red and she clenched her fists.

“You use weird words, the fairies who live in my estate would never obey my words if there was any complaint with what I ask of them. They work wholeheartedly and get paid and have equal fairness in life.” Continued Luke.

The results were there that such treatments were being done.

Rakan’s estate’s recent development in such a short period was all due to the close relationship with the fairies.

Other human lords who noticed such development began to change the treatment of the fairies too.

It was obedience, change was really happening.

Even if there was no power and support from the Spirit World, there was a chance for a new future.

“I know how the persecuted ones are, and for that reason, I too feel bad for seeing that. However, just as the current continent is unjust, the past Abaron too was the same. So, neither I nor Reina will be tolerating the change which will affect the positions.”

Arch Duke Gregory nodded his head agreeing with Luke.

Nanas wanted to refute, but she couldn’t come up with justifiable grounds to argue, she could only bite her lips.

“Honestly, I came here to sweep away all of you today. The same was with Arch Duke Gregory. It would be better for me, Reina and the other peace-loving fairies too.”

“If you guys have changed your thoughts then I can change mine too. However, if you can’t do that, I won’t hesitate to see blood.”

Luke, who said that, waited for Nanas to answer.

Nanas had an expression which said that she was disgusted; soon smiled and answered.

“I will not hesitate to see blood… Indeed you are the one who takes after the Devil, Saymon.”


The startled voices from the Saint Guard came out.

It was because the Devil King Saymon had created endless victims out of the Saint Guard 500 years back.

When they all pulled out their sword, Hwang Bo-sung and the other assassins of Hydra moved.

“Marquis, the descendant of the fallen Warrior Rakan. You should have taken off my head instead of talking to me. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have had to get hit by Arch Duke Gregory’s sword.”

Nanas who was speaking to Luke turned over to Gregory who was still silent.

“Did you know? The fact that Marquis Luke was learning the dark magic and was working with the remnants of Saymon.”

“I did hear the strange rumors from the Baroque Empire. I knew that he was concealing something when we met in the past.”

Gregory got up from his seat and spoke while looking at Henry.

“I was suspicious, but when I saw people with Magi in here, I knew that it was definite.”

‘He noticed it.’

The assassins of Hydra weren’t humans.

However, the reagent made by Sebastian masked the Magi which their bodies gave out.

However, it was impossible to deceive Gregory, the strongest paladin.

“I have lived my life according to the will of the God. It is my duty to cut down evil.”


In a second, Gregory pulled out his sword which was displaying a brilliant golden hyper aura.

Nanas smiled, and Luke’s expression hardened seeing the power around him.

‘In the end, we have to face each other.’

Luke knew that such a day would come.

However, he never foresaw that he would have to clash with Gregory at such an early stage.