“Young lord! Young Lord?! Ah, Young Lord?!”

Luke, who was reading the 3 circle magic spell he borrowed from Mute, frowned when Philip suddenly started bothering him.

“What is it, Sir Philip? Why are you whining like a kid?”

“How can I not whine? When will you keep your promise about getting me a Gigant?”

Luke made a promise to Philip at the Gigant arena.

He told Philip that if he won over the Count Monarch’s Gigant, then he would buy Philip a new Gigant.

Encouraged with those words, Philip had won the match, but Luke became so busy with other stuff that he wasn’t able to keep his promise.

After all, Philip, who was tired of waiting, was trying to get his wishes completed in that way.

“You can’t be doing things like this. What would people say if they find out that the mighty warrior, a descendant of Rakan, didn’t keep his promise? I swear, they will point fingers at you.”

‘Should I just turn this brat into a death knight?’

But rather than a stupid Death Knight, a living expert who spouts nonsense was much more useful.

On the other hand, Luke had made up his mind to spy on Veritas Magic Tower and the changes that happened there for the last 500 years.

“Okay. Since I made a promise, let’s buy a Gigant.”


Philip hurried and was ready to go out with Luke.

But when Sir Roger came after hearing the news.

“Young Lord, are you going to buy a Gigant?”

“Philip wanted to.”

At those words, Philip began to become scared of Roger.

It was as if he had light in his eyes; he turned over to Luke and said,

“Then, I will go with you.”

“The knight general will come?”

“Yes, since the monsters are very active these days, it isn’t easy to go out without an escort knight. So, I’d rather go myself.”

Roger said that and shot an ugly look at Philip.

“Also, I know quite a lot about Gigants. If you take Philip with you, you will surely buy a defective Gigant that would just become bothersome in the future and have poor performance.”

“No, no matter how you see me as a human…”

A small whine escaped from Philip’s mouth, but he soon stopped when he saw Roger clenching his fist.

After seeing that, Luke decided to take Roger with him too.

Knowing that not buying a Gigant was an option too.

It would be best to just buy it to shut Philip’s mouth.

Luke together with Roger and Philip traveled north.

At first, they thought about boarding a boat. However, due to the recent drought, the boat line in the large river was suspended so traveling by land was inevitable.

“As the river level had dropped, we can’t use the boat.”

Tired of riding a horse, Philip grumbled. Roger shot back at him right away.

“The ships could have been stranded. But a knight that hates to ride horses? What would people say about that?”

“I am a rider. And the young Lord is going to buy a Gigant this time. How about buying a mobile? Mobiles are popular with nobles since it’s very fashionable.”

“I don’t need it. I don’t want to spend money on worthless things.”

A mobile, which runs on a steam engine, was a vehicle that wasn’t much different from a wagon in the means of transportation.

In addition, its speed was just as fast as a carriage, which was why it was considered as a luxury rather than a vehicle.

‘If I’m going to buy something, I’ll buy a trailer. Really heavy things such as Gigants can be loaded there, and it can transport many loads at once.’

The trailer beside them was steam-based, and it was moving in the opposite direction.

There were five of them, carrying large pieces of cloth wrapped in a luggage compartment along with men and women dressed as merchants sitting around the luggage.

“What is it?”

“Well, it is a flag that I’ve never seen.”

The three of them drove off the side of the road to let the trailers pass.

The trailer halted momentarily, and a dumb-looking man in the first trailer greeted them.

“Hello, men. Where are you traveling to?”

“… Well, how about you?”

Roger, their representative, asked.

“We are peddlers of the Shade Corp. We travel around the rural lands to buy or sell special goods.”

“Shade Corp? I haven’t heard that name before.”

“Hahaha, we just opened recently.”

The man spoke while looking at Luke.

“Which land are you from?”

“We aren’t from a very famous place. We can’t say that any place is so famous these days.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

“Yes, since we are busy, we’ll head first.”

Philip looked disappointed. Luke and Philip moved quickly.

The man, who saw the three of them leaving, spoke to the wizard who was inside the trailer.

“Captain Tigel, he is definitely…”

“We are definitely going to meet the ‘target’ from the Rakan estate. But he is different from what we heard.”

Tigel took out a piece of paper from his hand.

The paper had a description of Luke de Rakan, the young Lord of Rakan estate.