Emperor of Steel

Chapter 349 - Trap of the Fairies 3

Melvin Valley.

In the center of the valley was a forest full of trees that were black and twisted.

The residents of the neighboring place referred to it as the Dark Forest and never laid their eyes on it. Most of the people entered the forest would return after being dead, or on the verge of death.

Hundreds of fairies entered the cursed area a while ago.

The one who led the fairies was a fair-haired fairy wizard.

An Elder, she was creating something unusual in the Dark Forest.

However, not many people knew what it was.

“It is almost complete. We can make it in time.”

When Nanas smiled thinly, she looked at ‘it’, and Hyrun appeared in front of her.

“I have come, Elder Nanas.”

“You did great. What did he say?” Asked Nanas.

“He said that he would come.”

“Huh, very good! He can’t help but come here since not coming here means that he would stand out.”


Hyrun was trying to say something when he saw a dwarf who was making ‘it’ had collapsed.

The other fairies who were around him seemed shocked, but they didn’t even move him.

One of the lycan shook his head and looked at the dwarf worker who seemed to be dead.

“Well, this sure seems like a hard work.”

“You don’t have to worry about this being completed in the due time.”

“But the sacrifice is too great.”

From what Hyrun knew, there were over 50 fairies who died from making that thing in the Dark Forest.

There were those who were completely drained of their energy and those who were abolished from there.

However, Nanas wasn’t concerned with any of that.

“It is a sacrifice that we all need to make. Did you think that the one who is taking ahead the principles of the Devil King can be subdued without sacrifice?”

“No, that isn’t what…”

“This is a sacred sacrifice to resurrect the Abaron Empire. History will remember and praise them.”

Right when Nanas said that, another fairy fell.

The fallen fairy wasn’t dead but exhausted.

‘A sacred sacrifice…’

Hyrun looked at the structure which his men were making while cutting down their own lives.

Built on the cursed land, the huge structure was a trap for the Rune Knight, Marquis Luke, who was succeeding the Black Sage.

‘There is no result without sacrifice. But is this really going to be praised in history?’

The doubt of Hyrun’s was bigger than ever.

However, one thing was certain.

The fact that the thing would be done before he will be able to find an answer to his question.

‘Three days left.’

Three days later, Marquis Luke would arrive there. And his moves which took over the continent would come to an end.

The trap laid out by Elder Nanas was so powerful that it dealt with a Sword Master of the Volga Kingdom along with an Arch Mage of 8th magic circle.

Even a Sword Emperor, well technically, no Sword Sage could ever live past it.

The bitter expression of Hyrun, seeing the structure couldn’t be erased so easily.