Emperor of Steel

Chapter 348 - Trap of the Fairies 2

After a while, Belfair managed to grab the dark elf and tied him up.

Luke, who had decided to be in the secret lab in the Devil King’s castle using his teleportation magic frowned upon seeing the face of the dark elf.

It was because it was familiar.

“You are…”

“Hyrun. It has been a long time, Lord Marquis.”

Hyrun, an agent belonging to the Volga Intelligence department was the one who tried to kidnap Princess Reina in the past.

Perhaps because of that situation, the words from Luke’s mouth were cold.

“What are you doing here? It didn’t seem like you were trying to kill me.”

“Do you know the rumor which has been circulating in the Empire recently?”

At the words of Hyrun, Luke gave him a terrifying glance.

Hyrun couldn’t help but avoid the gaze and bow his head.

“The ones who spread the rumors about me, they were your fairies I see.”

The warning of Erwin came to Luke’s mind.

Be wary of the Volga fairy representatives.

He was doubting it, but things to turn like this!

‘Well, the fairies of the Volga Republic might be aware that I am working with the Dark Moon magic tower. There are a few mixed-blood wizards in the Dark Moon magic tower, so.’

Luke could feel his chest tighten when feeling frustrated about the turn of events.

Luke decided to ask Hyrun again.

“Kay then, what is the reason for you stealthily infiltrate my manor like this? I am sure that it wasn’t because you wanted to boast of your skills.”

“I brought you a letter from Elder Nanas, who currently is the presiding head of the Fairy delegation.”

“Elder Nanas?”

“Yes, A great Arch Mage of the fairies who has great leadership and conviction for the future of the fairies.”

‘Huh, great leader my ass! Just one of a poor fairy blinded by greed and trying to hit back on the human-fairy alliance.’

Luke never saw the fairy called Nanas, but it seemed like the fairy could be more human than a human itself.

And on top of that, Hyrun frowned a little when he was referring to her as if he held some dissatisfaction with the one called Nanas.

“Well, let me take a look at the letter.”

At the words of Luke, Belfair checked Hyrun’s hand and brought him the letter.

[To the Lord of Marquis of Rakan, Marquis Luke.

There is something that I would like to discuss with you, closely, so a week later from now we will have a meeting at the Melvin Valley of the Volga Republic.

If you don’t come, I will have to reveal to the world that you are defending the Dark Moon by placing them in the gates of Jason estate, along with the truth about the Pope in the Holy Empire.]


The letter from Nanas crumpled in Luke’s hand.

With a piercing glance, Luke asked Hyrun.

“Is this the will of all the fairies or of that Nanas own?”

“Uh, all the fairies.”

At Hyrun’s answer, Luke held his expression and then looked at the ceiling of the room and laughed out loud.

“Kuahhhh! This is the intent of all the fairies?”

Luke, who laughed for a while, pulled out the sword which was hanging from his waist.


Hyrun’s face turned white seeing that.

As the purple gleaming sword fell from the sky, he closed his eyes.

However, instead of his neck being slashed, it was the ropes that bound him which were cut.

“Go now. Go and tell and I am due to come.”

Luke opened up the exit to the outside.

Hyrun looked at Luke for a moment and then vanished.

Luke, who saw Hyrun leave, mumble sarcastically.

“Surely the fairies aren’t good at lying. But, one thing is for sure. The truth is, those fairies aren’t much different from humans.”

Maybe that was natural.

In ancient times it was the fairies who had brought up the humans, the primitive race, into slavery and handing out the civilization.

The current humans’ hatred by the fairies too was influenced by those fairies who were under enormous power and rule during the times of the Mado Abaron Empire.

‘Not all humans are bad. And fairies too are very similar. The problem is the ones on the top. The ones with power and authority who aren’t satisfied with what they have and are eager to destroy the world.’

Because of such people, unjust things like violence and war will frequently fall on the world.

In the process, someone would lose someone important.

Violence is filled with sorrow and hate which will cause another war.

As the saint said, sin produces sin, and blood brings blood.

Luke too didn’t deny himself as a sinner.

However, he vowed to himself that he would use his power to condemn the other sinners.

‘Anyway, my mind feels lighter. If I sweep things away with the fairy representatives of whatever, then they won’t feel more nervous anymore.’

Luke decided to deal with Nanas and the others.

Of course, those who defend that person would also be taken down.

‘If Erwin knew, she would somehow try to talk me out of it. But it is past that.’

Erwin was relentlessly persuading the fairy chiefs and elders of each race.

Luke wasn’t going to let her know of this. If she found out, then she would try to stop Luke from going there.