Emperor of Steel

Chapter 347 - Trap of the Fairies 1

The orders from Emperor Rudolf was as it is relayed to Luke.

It was because the officials of the Imperial Intelligence agency in the Nemesis were under Luke.

“What? He asked to spread the one about me learning dark magic, and that I joined hands with the warlocks secretly?”

“Yes, master. It was said that such rumors are already spreading in the capital and other areas. The Emperor is going to spread this rumor to other places too. The problem is that the rumor is quite plausible, and it is very interesting, so it will enter the ears and mouth of the people very frequently.”

At Belfair’s report, Luke thought that those who disliked him were the ones to spread it.

And there were many people in the Baroque Empire who hated him, including Marquis Mayers.

However, listening to the rumors, he couldn’t just laugh it off.

It sure was a story with a lot of questionable things. However, it contained the truth, which very few knew about.

‘A warlock who is with the dark moon… The Dark Moon magic tower.’

Whether a rumor or statement, it wasn’t fake.

There were a few lies and truth mixed into it.

So, if people realize there was one truth in it, they would begin to believe the entire rumor.

‘What kind of bastard would do this…?’

Luke managed to think up about someone who might have spread his secret out to the world.

It was important to identify who the loose mouth was. However, it was also important to understand how far the rumors had already spread.

“Do the retainers know?”

“They still aren’t aware of it. However, it is only a matter of time till they know.”

The officials of the Intelligence agency hadn’t followed the Emperor’s orders.

However, the rumors were so exciting and interesting that no one had to play their hand into making it spread.

“Uhm, this is annoying.”

Luke had put up the manor from rocks to the next level with his excellent skills and leadership.

The support from his retainers was boundless.

However, there was taboo for the Warrior family, the Marquis of Rakan.

That was Dark Magic.

Never would one from the family or the retainers go near dark magic.

It was inevitable that sooner or later the rumors would be asked to give some clarification.

“Master, why not let the retainers find it out?”

“If they do, they might commit suicide.”

From the days since the poverty-stricken estate, the retainers had held and served the warrior’s family with pride.

If they found out that their young lord was trying to mix hands with the power of darkness, they would either end their lives without hesitation or seek death by trying to expose the truth.

And if the suspicion broke out, fuss would break out. Luke’s position might become a little less scary.

“Anyway, did you find out who is spreading the rumor?”

“From the Intelligence agency and that man Henry, it was neither Emperor Rudolf nor Marquis Mayers.”


“I don’t know yet, but I have been mobilizing all the men and looking into it, so we will be able to find out sooner or later…”

That was when Luke’s eyes changed.

Belfair stopped talking when he noticed something. The waves of air around them had changed.

“An intruder has entered the mansion, Master.”

“I know. It seems that he isn’t an ordinary one who is breaking through the knights’ region.”

Last time, after Henry’s attempt to assassinate, the guards and boundaries for the manor had been made tighter.

The defense walls were strong enough to keep up even during a battle with Baroque Empire. The manor had an increase in guards and alarm magic.

However, seeing through it and entering the mansion wasn’t common.

“If they have such a level of stealth, then it can’t be a human.”

“Should I confirm?”

“No, I don’t think that it is an assassin because I officially have ill health, and don’t kill them. Catch them and bring them into the castle’s secret lab.”

Passing through the walls of the manor of the Marquis late at night was like asking for the death penalty.

However, Luke asked Belfair to catch the intruder.

“Understood, Master!”

Belfair turned into dozens of bats and quickly moved out of the office.

“How dare someone came to infiltrate this place? What is their purpose?”

He could feel something sinister.

While he was trying to hide his secret of being related to the lord, the feeling in his mind hadn’t settled down. The sinister feeling that was lurking around.