Emperor of Steel

Chapter 341 - Singular Goal 1

Mount Berghorn, was located in the midwestern part of the Baroque Empire.

The rocky mountain was shaped like a horn and was so dangerous that even active hunters never set foot in its vicinity.

The mountain, known only for the stones and monsters, had been silent for some time.

There was a fairly armed group which moved with monsters such as Orcs and knolls which moved in army-like patterns.

The leader of the group was Shaikan, the Orc hero.

Last time, he had gone to his mother’s resting place and reunited with his family, and he was gradually preparing to take steps towards his ambitions.

Meanwhile, he had heard an urgent news from Mitchell, a distance cousin.

“The first battle between the Emperor and noblemen?” Asked Shaikan.

“Yes, the two Gigant troops collided on the south plains of Loured in Nemesis.”

“Finally, the noblemen have decided to counterattack.”

Shaikan and the family of Ebra had heard the news about the emperor’s family along with a few retainers.

Before a full moon, he heard that the Emperor had killed numerous nobles.

Rudolf, who had been mentally devastated by the death of his children and the political proceedings, appeared to the Imperial Parliament only to commit brutality.

The tragedy, along with the Emperor’s proclamation to destroy the nobles had become widely known throughout the Empire, and many were either shocked or in anger.

No matter how bad things happened, a person in the role of an Emperor shouldn’t have done that.

If he was dissatisfied with the noblemen, he should have called out to them or yelled or politicized them.

But to go all the way to the Imperial Parliament and slaughter numerous nobles without any reason?!

In any case, the storm had moved the Baroque Empire completely.

Overthrow the Crazy Emperor!

Get rid of the tyrant and transform the Empire!

Those slogans were the ones that were spread by the noblemen, and they went out in an instant.

As a result, it didn’t just touch the hearts of the other noblemen but also the neutral lords.

“What was the result of the battle of the Loured plains?”

Mitchell replied to the question of Shaikan.

“The noblemen were defeated, but the Central Army took in considerable damage. The lack of power was due to the lack of low ranking commanders and Expert knights.”

“Hmm, was there any force in the noblemen who could damage the Central Army?”

Duke Butler and Marquis Mayers, who were in the Nemesis, had escaped and were on the chase.

And Shaikan wasn’t able to understand that they were the ones to do that, to provide forces to confront the Central Army which was very close to the Emperor, but there was no way those men could have done it.

“The noblemen and the power which had been mobilized this time were said to have been collected by Marquis Cavanill, who died in the hands of the Emperor.”

“That so? I guess they correctly used the power of a dead man. Which means that the power in their homeland is alright…”

“That is true. Considering the afterward situation, the Emperor was the one who lost a lot.”

According to Mitchell’s explanation, the noblemen Lords who were furious with the Emperor’s assault leading the battle with Butler and Mayers joining at some time.

In addition, there were some neutral lords who were showing signs of turning towards the noblemen.

“On the contrary, the Emperor’s power doesn’t seem so good. But the Northern Emperor nobles and the traditional emperor nobles still haven’t recovered from the damage they have faced when the Volga Republic had invaded them.”

In addition, the Central Army fought against the demons and they were currently in a state where they were unable to control their forces.

It was unknown as to how they were able to recover from their losses in such situations.

“There are four other corps besides the Central Army.” Said Shaikan.

“Yes, there are some East-Northern border forces, but the Western forces are the ones belonging to Duke Butler, and the South is entirely dominated by Marquis Mayers.”

“However, the two of the four have great power and are under the noblemen.”

The northern and the eastern forces were there, but the two of them were unable to move because they had to hold back the Volga Republic and the Holy Arthenia in case of an invasion.

Of course, if they joined the Central Army, the power was bound to increase.

But they couldn’t just ignore the situation in the border.

“Anyway, the Emperor and the noblemen are bound to be desperate. Given what Emperor Rudolf did, it will hard to expect negotiations from both sides.”

“Yeah, the fight won’t end until one of them falls.”

“In fact, the nation is in two pieces. It is a great opportunity for us, Master!”

The family of Ebra, including Mitchell, were currently serving under Shaikan after taking him as their new master.

The abandoned prince and the descendant of the ruined royal family of Libiya. And he was considered to be the true king who would dominate the continent and continue the lineage of God Dragon Tiamet.

“You are right. A nice opportunity. We can expand our power on both sides.”

Currently, Shaikan was a knight with approximately 30,000 troops of monsters and nobles who were close to the Ebra family. In addition to that, there were Gigant troops.

He didn’t know about an estate, however, it was tough to win over the entire empire with his power.

In addition, considering the public sentiment, the monster legion couldn’t just be exposed.

So he had to take advantage of the opportunity.

“It is important for us to persuade the small and medium lords who belonged to the neutral factions into our side. Baron Guildman is already preparing to negotiate with the men.”

At the words of Mitchell, Shaikan shook his head.

“I will be the one to go.”

“Lord, you want to go?”

“Yes. Shouldn’t we show the ones stuck between the Emperor and noblemen that there is another side available to move into?”

At the words of Shaikan, Mitchell nodded his head.

It could be dangerous, but it would be easier if their Lord really decided to go.

“It would be better to do it quick. There could be some ambitious people in the empire who might see this state as an opportunity and not a crisis.”

“Is there anyone who comes to your mind, Master?”

At the question of Mitchell, Shaikan smiled.

“I visited the Rakan estates a while back. Rumor has it that they made tremendous significant progress. And the fighting spirit of the knights was very high.”

The richer the Lord, the more Gigants they would hold, as well as many knights with excellent skills.

However, it was rare that he felt very impressed with their skills.

In such an extended rich and relaxed environment, the knights were bound to turn dull.

“And the Lord with such knights isn’t going to be a normal person. I can’t help but hope to see what he will show me in the future.” Said Shaikan.

“However, the Rakan family had been enslaved by the Imperial family’s generations.”

“Right. And there is another person whom I expect a lot from… I am not sure who or what he does though.”

“Who is it that you are so curious about?”

“Huhuhu. You will be surprised to know who it is.”

Shaikan had recalled the warlock he had met in the Navarre duchy.

At that time, the warlock had blocked Shaikan’s results, and he was the descendant of the Devil King Saymon.

If they met again, Shaikan wanted to make him his comrade to overthrow the Imperial family, but since that one time, he had never heard any news of the man.

Just recently he had met the demon which wandered around him near the Rakan territory.

‘Should I have asked for something, then? No, there will be another chance to meet him soon. Because in the most difficult times, all kinds of talents will come out.’

Shaikan shook his expectations and softened his heart.

However, he couldn’t even imagine.

That the descendant of Devil King Saymon was the Lord of Marquis of Rakan estates.

And the fact that he was the real Saymon.