Emperor of Steel

Chapter 339 - Gigant Master 3

“Tch, now he is doing reckless things.”

Belik, who clicked his tongue, laughed at Luke’s actions.

“But, I like this. If you are a man, you need to have this kind of side to you.”


Upon acknowledging Luke, Belik relentlessly split the tester with his giant sword.

From the left shoulder to the right leg, the test machine fell forward.

Philip saw it fell down and was worried.


“He isn’t dead, so you don’t have to worry.”

Belik showed his sword to everyone.

Even though the cockpit was cut, there wasn’t a single drop of blood.

“He probably escaped with Blink or teleport magic…” Said Belik.

“The fight isn’t over yet. Why are you closing your eyes?”


Belik’s eyes went wide.

Luke was flying in the air right in front of it. There was also enormous magic with purple light circling in both his hands.

“Titan Fist!”


The magical fist from Luke’s hand flew right at Stiletto’s head and distorted his upper body.

At the sudden act, Belik was flustered.

The Gigant’s head had flown away, so nothing was visible on the screen in the cockpit.

He opened up the hatch to see the scene in front of him. He yelled at Luke.

“You insane kid, how can you attack a Gigant with your bare hands?!”

“Why? Can’t we mess around with bare hands?”

It was meant to be a Gigantic Duel. However, even after his Gigant was crushed, Luke hadn’t given up.

His strength was magic, nor swords or Gigants.

“Kukkk. There is nothing that can’t be done. All right, come at me!”

When Belik agreed, Luke immediately unleashed a new magic.

“Water Arrow!”

Hundreds of thousands of droplets were created around Luke.

The droplets soon formed into arrows and poured straight at Stiletto.

However, Belik wasn’t shaken.

“Do you really think you can take me down with a cheap magic trick?”

Water Arrow was a 2nd magic circle magic attack.

Depending on the skill of the wizard, the power and the number of arrows would increase, but it was still a low level magic, which meant that there was a limit.

Pung! Pung! Puang!

Countless arrows made of water struck Belik’s Stiletto constantly.

“Huh, shoot them a thousand more times… Sh*t!”

Belik’s laughing face soon went stiff and then distorted. It was because Stiletto’s movements suddenly became stiff and dull.

“No! Don’t tell me, it wasn’t Water Arrow?”

“Hu hu hu. In the midst of using it, it turned to Acid Shower.”

The magic arrows with strong acidity eroded the Gigant.

Moreover, Luke focused most of the attacks on Stiletto’s joints.


Stiletto couldn’t move like it used to.

Luke looked for the gap and once again shot the Titan Fist.

Puang! Kwak!

Stiletto, whose joint was broken because of the shock, fell to the ground.

“He won!”

“Our Lord won!”

The knights cheered when Stiletto fell.

However, the cheers didn’t last for long. Belik jumped out of the cockpit.

He jumped to the front aiming for Luke, taking out his belt to wield it toward Luke.

The belt stretched out stiff and flew straight at Luke’s body.

‘To put impact aura on the belt?!’

Luke, who wasn’t sure on how to use an impact aura on the belt, hurriedly used shield magic.


The shield blocked the belt successfully.

However, the attack from Belik was so strong that Luke moved to the ground.

“Kuek, you surely do the weirdest things!”

“That is what I should be saying!”

Belik struck Luke with his belt sword and wanted to make it the final blow.

Luke didn’t evade the attacks and only unleased several layers of shield magic.

Tak! Tak!

Belik smashed through the shields until he was close to Luke’s head.

However, even if he wanted to, he couldn’t get any closer to Luke.

The moment the last shield was smashed, Luke took out his sword and placed it at Belik’s neck.

“Keuk! Now you are fighting back.”

“It is because I know that I can’t beat you by avoiding you.”

Luke and Belik stared at each other.

The one who moved faster would be the one to take the life of the opponent, or maybe both of them could die.

“Tch, I guess you weren’t that easy to take down.”

Belik took back his sword,

With an expression that was saying that he couldn’t be beaten, he grumbled.

“You sure are a great guy. You have lineage, good skills, a great position and you’re talented. Above all, you have guts to go ahead.”

“What is it that you are trying to say?”

Luke lowered his sword and asked, and that made Belik laugh.

“I am going to acknowledge you as my son.”


“I was only planning to measure your skills. How is that, nice?”

‘This guy is crazy!’

Luke almost welded his sword again.

Although he looked like a young man, he had the soul of a middle-aged warlock.

Moreover, he had a soul that had lived 500 years in the past.

So how could he call such a man his father?!

“I refuse.”

“Why? Then why did you impersonate my son?”

“I just couldn’t help it because of the turn of events at that time.”

At the response to Luke’s cold words, Belik seemed rather disappointed.

“Ah, I am very upset about this. The God’s Warrior, Lev, will be rumored to be a fraudster!”

‘This man!’

Luke’s hand, which was still holding on to his sword, went straight at Belik who was threatening Luke to spread out the truth.

The knights who watched it ran close to Luke.

“Lord, just give in.”

“What the hell are you saying, Philip? I am supposed to take that man as my father!?”

“But isn’t he supposed to be your father? And he was the vice-captain of the Volga Kingdom, and it isn’t like he lacks any qualification.”

“Yeah. In addition, it is common to have skilled or experienced men as guardians.”

Following Philip’s words, Kaper played along too.

It was a long practice in which the son of a close friend was adopted or the son was sent in as a learner to a famous knight.

It was because there was a need to establish a relationship network during the times of war.

That was the case for high ranking nobles too.

In the past, the mercenary king, Gilford, when he was at the highest point of his fame, enlisted himself as the stepfather or the elder brother of numerous nobles around the nations.

And such customs were turned into guardianship in recent times, and the knights were trying to make Belik Luke’s guardian.

And Luke ended up looking at Rogers and wanted him to come to his rescue.

However, Rogers was calculating how powerful the estate would be if the Firestorm Belik was taken into their group.

The other knights too felt the same.

Everyone was fascinated by Belik, who just showed amazing skills, so they were ready to twist even the mind of their Lord to take the man in.

“Sir Hwang Bo-sung? Is this a reasonable request? Is it right to mess around with another man’s relationship and be asked to call father?”


Luke heard that the southern continent’s ideas were different, and they placed significance in courtesy and morality, so Luke decided to use Hwang Bo-sung to stop the efforts of the other knights.

“Lord, there have been times where cattle were given up for greatness. You can get huge talent by throwing away little pride.”

“Are you also going to be like this?!”

Hwang Bo-sung came to Rhodesia Continent and fought with numerous knights.

However, except for Luke, Belik was the first man whom he saw and couldn’t guess the flow of battle.

He knew that if he competed with a strong man, he would learn a lot of new skills.

That being said, there was no reason to not take in Belik.

“Lord! Don’t miss out on such a great opportunity!”

“Won’t you regret it when you hit the ground at a later time?”

“If you don’t accept him, we are all going to go on a strike!”

The knights were literally yelling at Luke. However, Luke didn’t answer.

He did want to take in Belik but not in the way Belik proposed.

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on Luke’s side.

“Hahaha! Son, why don’t you stop being stubborn?”

“On whose will are you calling me son!”

“It was you who decided. I am just going along with what you did. Is that so wrong?”

‘Kuek, Dammit!’

At the shameless response from Belik, Luke could only clench his fist.

He really wanted to blow the man out with his dark magic, but he couldn’t with all the men blocking him.

Eventually, Belik became a part of the Marquis of Rakan.