Emperor of Steel

Chapter 336 - Fake Son with Fake Father 3

The next day, as soon as it dawned, Luke headed to the Katarina magic tower for the long-distance teleport gate.

Despite it being early morning, there were a lot of wizards from the Katarina magic tower crowned around the teleport gate.

“You have come, my Lord?”

“This is still before the performance, but seeing everyone here I feel better.”

Luke spoke brightly seeing the men.

“Haha. It is because of the activation of the teleport gate, it is something that many of them can see once in their lifetime.”

There were very few teleport gates in the Rhodesia continent. Even those which were strictly managed by the Empire and his trusted men.

And naturally, normal wizards had very little chance to see it activate.

“There are a few guys in here, to see if the Lord will succeed or fail?”

“Uh hu, then which side did you bet on?” Asked Luke.

“Since the day I pledged allegiance, I decided to trust the Lord. Not just walking behind you, but in your skills too.”

In response to Mute’s answer, Luke smiled.

“Huh. Is that so? I need to live up to your belief.”

Luke approached the long-distance teleport gate which was a 20-meter diameter circular bracelet.

The gate gave out a blue shine under the morning sun.

Unlike the ordinary magic circles, long-distance teleport gate used special metals like Adamantium and Gigantium and magic circles like Argen were used to make the magic circle.

In addition, about 100 intermediate and advanced magic stones were embedded in the magic circles.

‘I can understand Dixon’s feelings, but he needs to understand.’

Except for the magic stones, there were 10 Gigant metals and magical alloys were made specifically for the gate.

If the results weren’t shown, then everyone will think of taking away the construction of a Gigant.

“Kay, should we try it then?”

Luke laid his hands on the circular-shaped structure built of one side of the long-distance teleport gate.

A series of magic characters began to emerge on the circular-shaped structure responding to the magic.

The magic characters were the newly constructed coordinates to match the Albertville.

After setting the coordinates, Luke began to develop magic and memorize the spells.

“He who seeks the truth from the star shining in the dark, over time we will skip the space…”

As the magic circle of 8th circle slowly infused magic, the magic circle began to glow in purple.

Whoa! Whoa!

In the beginning, the center of the magic circle flashed, and then slowly, the surrounding figures lined up along the lines and began to glow in succession.

When the gate seemed to be working normally, admirations began to come out from the mouths of the wizards who were witnessing it from behind.


“To see something like this while still being alive…!”

“It seems to operate so well, even for an 8th circle project, right?”

“Huhu… that is awesome! When in…”

“Long live our Lord!”

At the response from Mute and the other wizards of Katarina, Luke felt content.

‘Hmm, I never thought that even I could do it.’

To activate power and magic circle with mana, and not magi.

Luke, was pleased to fully activate the long-distance teleport gate.

The space in the center of the gate began to waver.

The magic was finally done.

“Haha. This is a perfect success!”

“The achievements of our lord are great, but this is a little too much to invite one person…”

When a wizard spoke a little negative, the other wizards spoke.

“He isn’t just one person. I heard that he was the one who had wiped out an entire manor by himself. In short, he is a one-man army!”

“If we can just have him, the power of any manor would rise a lot.”

“Yeah, but it’s a waste of the magic stones to be used.”

By the time the wizards were in a full-fledged battle of words, Luke had already entered the closed space and used a magic communication crystal.

And then, the face of the wizards, dispatched to the Albertville estate had appeared.

“Is the teleport gate activated in your side?”

-Yes, Lord.

The wizards turned the crystal to show that the teleport gate was opened.

Luke, nodded with a content expression and gave orders.

“Bring Sir Belik to this place.”

-Will set the directions.

After a while, the subspace got created in the center and the gate swirled violently and saw a person appear.

An old mercenary knight with a black mark on his face.

It was the Firestorm Belik, who appeared near the long-distance teleport gate.

After a moment, he saw Luke and approached him.

However, there were people who welcomed him before Luke.

“Sir Belik!”

“Oh oh, it really is Sir Belik!”

“I thought that you were dead, I am so glad that you are alive!”

They were the old men of the Volga Kingdom, including Pavel.

Last night, Luke used teleportation magic and brought them, he was still doubtful listening to Pavel’s explanation. So he wanted Pavel to see the man with his own eyes and confirm.

And the men who saw the man with their own eyes were thrilled to the level of tears.

“Everyone of you was alive without dying!”

Belik who recognized the men embraced them.

They were all his comrades who fought against the revolutionary army in the Volga and defended the royal family till the end.

In the end, however, they were all defeated by the Revolutionary army, and all scattered here and there.

“If you were alive, why didn’t you come here?”

“You would have been very pleased to see His majesty when he was still alive…”

At the words of the men, Belik seemed rather sad.

“I was seriously injured in the last battle. The treatment took a long time.”

When he barely managed to recover from the injury, he heard a report which had come from the Baroque Empire.

It was news of Peter II who had been exiled had died.

“And then I met a family servant of my family and had learned that my wife and son were killed in the rebellion. I have been wandering around without turning crazy.”

“Oh my.”

At the words of Belik who seemed upset, the old men’s expressions turned serious.

Luke opened his mouth to Belik who was being comforted by the old men with a slight pat on the shoulder.

“How does it feel to meet after 20 years?”

“Feeling… obviously happy.”

Belik turned towards Luke, who asked him.

“Princess Reina’s lover?”


“Then I will be polite.”

Said Belik, and bent his knee in front of Luke.

No, he pretended to bend his knee and pulled out his sword in the speed of lightning.


A sharp flame shocked along with sharp noise.

Luke, who hurriedly took out the sword, stepped back, and Belik who wanted to surprise attack on him, smiled.

“You stopped it. You seem to have some skills. I hope you didn’t get close to the princess by scamming her.”

“Sir Belik! What is the meaning of this?!”

Pavel, who was shocked with it, yelled at Belik who only responded as it was nothing.

“What do you mean. I am just testing him, sir.”

“Tes, test?”

Princess Reina was born right before the fall of the Volga Kingdom.

Belik, was the vice-captain of the Guard Knights, had always seen her engulfed in hard work, and she was the one whom he wanted to meet the most.

After the death of Pyotr II’s death, she had become a target for the loyalty of many.

Therefore, he couldn’t leave Reina with a stranger.

“I want to see if he really is the princess’s lover.”

When they heard it, the old men looked flustered.

Pavel, who was the most delighted person for seeing Belik, shouted with a red face.

“Aren’t you going to stop now?! Do you even know who he is? He is the direct descendant of the Warrior Rakan!”

“I have no concern from where he came! If he wasn’t the princesses lover or a warrior’s descendant, I can just cut him off!”

Belik’s nickname was ‘Firestorm’, and Pavel along with the other old men of Volga were sweating because they wanted him to stop.

“I am sorry, Lord. Normally, this friend has a nice personality…”

“It is alright. He said that he just wanted to test me, and I do too.”

Luke, reached out to Pavel saying that it was alright and gripped hard on the sword.

His hand was holding the Iron feather sword.

It was one of the legendary swords made by the blacksmith Jig.

However, the attack from the previous strike was so strong that the vibrations in the sword hadn’t subsided yet.

‘He is strong. Not as great as Gregory’s, but definitely not to be taken easy.’

Advanced Sword Master? Was what he could think.

By the time Luke was thinking, Belik slowly began to cover the gap.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to test? I guess you are one confident lad.”

“I guess so. But not to the level of pulling tricks on weak swords.”

At Luke’s words, Belik looked at his sword.

Though not perfect, there were cracks everywhere as if the sword had been heavily rusted and would break any second.

It was during the hit with the Iron Feather a while back.

“Tch, I can’t help it. Look here, fraudster. Lend me a sword.”

At the request in a natural manner, Luke, as well as those around him, couldn’t hide their absurdity.

Only those Volga men who knew of Belik’s character remained the same.

“If you are so great, it would be nice to hand me something like the one in your hand…”

“If you are great, how about doing something other than the sword?”

“What? You mean?”

“Right. Let’s do it with Gigant.”

Gigantic Duel.

When Luke offered for a Gigantic Duel, Belik laughed out loud.

“But you will regret it?”

“I have no intention of feeling that.”

“Kuek, I like this attitude. All right, bring it on.”

Belik accepted Luke’s proposal.

And Luke felt very delighted at his acceptance.

However, the old men of Volgas were nervous about what would happen and couldn’t stop themselves from turning nervous.