Emperor of Steel

Chapter 335 - Fake Son with Fake Father 2

Luke teleported directly to the city hall of Lamer city.

When Luke suddenly appeared in the office, Pavel, who was seated there asked with surprise.

“Uh, Lord. Why did you come here all of a sudden…?”

“I will explain it to you later. You should come with me right now.”

“Huh? Where are we going…?”

Luke once again triggered the teleport spell before Pavel could even ask a question.

It took him about 3 minutes to go to Lamer and pick up Pavel.

Meanwhile, Belik was looking over at the crystal ball while biting on the jerky brought in by the Red Wolf knights.

-What? You came back? I thought that you ran away. Huh!

Belik opened his eyes wide when he saw the old man next to Luke.

It was because the man was someone very familiar to him.

“Y-you are…?”

Pavel was the one who was first to recognize the man.

His hair was grey and had wrinkles on his face, but the impression he gave was so strong that one couldn’t recognize him.

“Aren’t you Viscount Belick?! I guess you are not dead since I am seeing you alive!”

Pavel’s welcoming voice shook Belik to the present.

-Sir Pavel, are you still alive?

“Huhuhu! Obviously I am. Even if I die, I will see through that the princess gets married…”

-Wait a second, Sir. Did you just say, princess? Belik asked with amazement.

“I did. The princess grew up and is now in Holy…”

“Wait, Sir Pave! There is a risk of interception, so it is better to not talk about it.”

When Luke pointed it out, Pavel ended what he was saying there.

It was then that Belik jumped out with frustration.

-Sir! Why are you not talking anymore? And you, you kid! How dare you scare Sir Pavel. When I see you, I will smash you…!

When Belik began to get angry, Pavel stopped him.

“Sir Belik, don’t act rude to him.”

-Why shouldn’t I?

“Because he is the princess’s lover.”

-W-what did you say?!

Whether he could believe it or not, Belik’s mouth was left hanging.

Seeing that Belik was flustered, Luke shot back at him.

“Hu hu hu! Kay, now do you see why I pretended to be your son?”

-Uh, what does that even…

Belik just shook his head not knowing what to say.

“There is something I need to speak with the deputy Lord, so move.”

-… Understood.

At the request of Luke, Belik, with a blunt expression, backed off, and after a while, Dixon appeared into the room.

Belik, in his invasion of the lordship, was injured here and there, and there was a bruise on his eye.

However, he almost resembled the panda beasts that were imported from the southern continent for sightseeing purposes, and Luke spoke without his knowledge.


-Yes, go on Lord.

“Is the long-distance teleport gate that I asked to be built, completed?”

-Thanks to the wizards sent by the Lord, it was built without any delays.

A long-distance teleport gate.

It was a high ranking magic circle that could move people or supplies over 500 kilometers at once.

It was convenient as row teleport spells didn’t have to be used. However, the initial setup and the cost was so great, and an 8th circle wizard had to be the one to activate it.

An elder wizard of one of the top 10 Magic Towers could be the ones to make it, and above all, the operating costs were so expensive that most of the kingdoms abandoned the practice of installing them.

Currently, the Baroque Empire and the Holy Arthenia Empire are the only ones on the continent to use them.

In the case of Luke, he had prepared the teleport gates in case of an emergency connecting from the Albertville and Jason estates and Lamer city and the estate of Rakan.

To do that, the wizards of Katarina Magic Tower and the Dark Moon moved in secret drawing circles after Luke had already placed the major circle.

-But, are you going to use it?

“Yeah, that is how I can meet with Sir Belik as soon as possible.”

Dixon jumped up at the casual response from Luke.

-You can’t! Lord, you know this better than anyone on how much mana will be taken away with just one use of it!

When long-distance teleport gates are activated, the life of the one who is moving will deplete rapidly due to the rapid mana deposition.

More than 100 intermediate magic stones and higher magic stones that were built for the magic circle would get destroyed when it was in use.

In addition, if the caster’s ability was insufficient, the magic would fail and the magic stones wouldn’t be usable once again.

In the point of Dixon, who manages the finance, ‘Spirit Stones is equal money’, so he wanted to prevent Luke from throwing away fortune worth of magic stones.

However, Luke ignored Dixon’s request.

“I am going to cast magic from my side too, so be ready by 6 tomorrow morning.”


“If things go wrong, you will have to take the blame.”

At Luke’s stern expression, Dixon wasn’t able to understand what Luke was even thinking about. However, the only answer he could give was a nod.

-Uh, understood. I will do as you please.

From Luke’s standpoint, it wasn’t too much of a risk.

It was because he knew how to regenerate the unrefined magic of the magic stones due to mana sedimentation.

And there was nothing difficult about it, except for using a little of a human’s blood and drawing magic circles.

‘Would casting magic be the problem?’

Luke was already an 8th circle warlock.

Using Magi, he could also use high-level white magic, so long range teleport wasn’t a problem for him.

However, after being reincarnated, it was going to be his first time to perform such tricky high-level magic, and he was nervous to use a huge amount of magi.

If he made any mistake, they would know that the source of his power wasn’t mana but magi.

‘It will be fine. I haven’t made any mistake till now.’

Though he was divided between the use of dark and white magic, magic was originally one.

So, theoretically, it might be possible for him to use his current white magic into magi.

However, since both mana and magi have unique properties in there, it was natural that they would repel.

However, unlike warlocks and demons, the Magi that made Luke’s Black Circle was very refined, being close to aether.

White magic could be usable, and it wasn’t like he had never used dark magic in front of people either.

And he did it in the Holy Empire too.

‘Yeah, if I don’t learn to believe in myself, who will?!’

Luke decided to be more confident in his white magic.

The areas where he would have to use magic would be endless in the future.