Emperor of Steel

Chapter 334 - Fake Son with Fake Father 1

Luke, who returned back to his estate, had completely engulfed himself in his Gigant designing and core engine making.

Surely, it wasn’t like he wasn’t being wary of the news and reports from Nemesis.

“The Emperor slaughtered the noblemen in the Imperial Parliament?”

At the response of Luke, Belfair nodded his head and told the news.

“Yes, it wasn’t just that. It was said that he was mobilizing the Central army to block off the nobles and kill all the noblemen, their families as well as their retainers and employees.”

‘He must have really gone crazy. If the retainers were asked to be taken down then okay, but what did the employees do?’

According to the investigation of the slaves, over 15,000 people were killed on the first day in the capital, and the blood of the men had stained the central square of the capital in red.

For that reason, the people in the capital were scared of going away because they could be caught and brought back to be executed.

“Marquis Mayers and Duke Butler?”

“They were told to be in the Imperial Parliament, but left before the Emperor entered, and their whereabouts are unclear.”

“Hmm, it will be tough for them to die.”

The noblemen could live if they were untied.

Otherwise, the noblemen would collapse and be immediately defeated by the Emperor.

“Because those men are as sly as one can get, they would have gotten away from the nobles, one way or another.”

Belfair, who was done speaking, suddenly disappeared after sensing that someone was outside the room.


With Luke’s permission, a young wizard had entered the office.

“What is it?”

“We received a magic communication from the Albertville estate in the Holy Arthenia Empire.”

“Albertville? I thought I told you to not communicate through magic if possible because of the risk of interception?”

When Luke’s voice went angry, the wizard replied with a flustered face, “That… I too told them, but Lord Dixon said that it was very urgent with a nervous expression.”


What on earth could have cropped up for Dixon to communicate in such a desperate manner?

Luke hurried to the Magic Communication room in the permanent mansion.

As Luke arrived, Dixon was screaming from the other side.

-Lord, we are in trouble! Albertville is now being attacked by the enemies!

“What did you say?”

Luke didn’t understand why the manor of Albertville was suddenly under attack.

It was because all the remnants of the Holy Empire had been entirely eliminated.

And if the manor was under attack, it meant that something serious was happening, which meant that there might have been some kind of signs and changes.

“Dixon! Don’t panic and explain it to me in detail!”

-Yes, understood.

Gathering his focus after the shout from Luke, Dixon began to tell everything in detail.

The problem began three days ago.

An ugly elder with a worn-out armor had reached the permanent residence.

When asked to reveal his identity, he pretended to be the father of the Lord and demanded to meet with his son right away.

“What? That’s crazy! Lord Luke’s father has died long ago!”

Upon receiving the report, Dixon was fierce and ordered for that man to be driven out of the place immediately for trying to scam them.

However, the problem was the old man was extremely great when it came to a swordfight.

All the men and soldiers who tried to stop him were beaten down, and the Red Wolf knights, who came as a response for assistance requirements were overpowered by him.

-In the end, we had to mobilize a Gigant to drive him out of the lordship. The problem, however, was that one of the Gigant got seized in the process.

“What?! A Gigant got seized?!”

-Yes, the mercenary, who seized the Gigant, brought in the morning to attack the lordship.

After hearing the report, Luke couldn’t hide his flustered expression.

The Red Wolf knights were carefully chosen recruits. They were expert class talents from the mercenaries that Luke had taken care of during his stay in the Holy Empire.

From where could that man be?

Luke even taught the Silver Sword to make them an elite class of knights of Rakan or Silver Knights.

And such knights of Red Wolf were being attacked by one man!

That too from a man who managed to seize their Gigant. Albertville’s Gigant troops, if they fell, it meant that the lord would fall.

“Who the hell is that man?”

-That… Even I don’t know that…

It was when Dixon had replied.

Suddenly, some thudding could be heard from the outside. Somebody had jumped into the magic communication room.

-W-who is it? Get that… Kuak!

Dixon screamed and shouted, but he was overpowered.

-Where are you going, geezer?!

A strange man’s voice could be heard, and since then, a one-sided thrashing sound could be heard from the area of Dixon.

Puck! Puak!

-Tch, tch, such a fragile man. How will you protect the manor in such a state?

A man with a mercenary costume quickly seized the magic communication room with a wooden stick in his hand while clicking his tongue.

Luke wasn’t aware, but he was Rick.

He was the one who saved Erwin when she was dying in the grassland and brought her to Bless. He had gone to Albertville in search of his son who was told to have become the lord of the estate.

And that was why the commotion had been caused.

He looked over at Luke’s flustered face from the communication room and asked.

-Hmm, are you the Lord of this place?

“Yeah. Who are you? How dare you attack my estate!”

When Luke yelled with anger, Rick burst into laughter rather than flinching.

-Who am I? Kuakk! I am your father!

At Rick’s words, Luke seemed embarrassed and went blank.

He heard of the man to be a scammer but to go to such levels to cheat…

Luke frowned and raised his voice, “What bullshit is that? I never had someone like you as my father!”

-Uhhu, why are you behaving like this? Upset? I wanted to hear nice words from your mouth.

“Welcome you?! I would never…!”

Luke, who was about to shout, went silent.

A thought passed through his mind.

“D-don’t tell me. Are you Firestorm Belik?”

-Kuakkk! Right! I am Firestorm Belik!

Surprisingly, Rick’s actual identity was Belik.

He was the last man standing among the knights of the Volga Kingdom.

Belik, who laughed out loud, quickly went cold.

-But why are you impersonating my son?

Belik, who had gone away from the Volga Kingdom, was declared to be dead and heard of the rumors about his son being the mercenary King, Lev, who appeared like a burning comet in the civil war in the Holy Arthenia Empire.

It was obvious that his son had died in the turmoil during the revolution and could never rise again.

‘How dare he pretend to be my son and sell my name? I need to see what kind of man he is.’

That was why he broke into the lordship to catch the impersonator.

-You must be very lucky. You might have been dead if you were here.

At the response to Belik’s cold voice from the magic communication, Luke smiled and answered, “I am very sorry to have impersonated your son, Sir Belik. However, there had been a situation.”

-Situation? Was it is a situation that I can let go of?Read more at L isnovel

“Of course. I will let you know of the reason right away. So, please wait a moment.”

Luke’s appearance disappeared after those words.

Belik was no longer able to see Luke trough the Magical Communication room.

“You want me to wait? Are you trying to trick me and run away?”

Grunting, Belik threw the wooden stick, which was in his hand.

The stick flew toward the feet of Dixon, who was trying to escape from the room.



The wooden stick had hit the floor with great power.

If it hit Dixon directly, his entire body would have collapsed like a tofu hit by a fist.

“Look here, deputy lord.”

“Uh, yeah!”

At Belik’s call, Dixon responded to him.

“I am very hungry since I have been jumping around since this morning. Ask the men from the manor to bring me some food.”

“Y-you want a meal?”

“Yeah, just a piece of bread is enough, but I want it as soon as possible. I have a habit of turning violent when I get hungry, so do it quick.”

“Understood. They will be brought here soon.”

Dixon went to the broken door and alerted the Red Wolf knights to bring something to the man for eating.

The man just talked with Luke a while ago, and Dixon couldn’t ignore the monster, who was granted permission.