Emperor of Steel

Chapter 333 - Blood Approval Ceremony 3

The next day, surprising news came to the Imperial Parliament.

“The Emperor is coming here?”

“Yes. We saw our spies leaving the Imperial Palace.”

The marquis of Bazo was shocked at the report.

The day before, the report about the knights of Guard moving around the palace had reached him with his spies.

But he never thought that it was because the Emperor wanted to move.

“Why in the world…”

“Huh, Isn’t that pretty obvious? As the demonic turmoil started, and the Central forces are diminished, and the political events of the Holy Empire are at stake, he is going to take his own steps to recover.”

Cavanill, who looked at the Marquis’s troubled face, smiled.

It was as if the Emperor was thinking of appearing in the Imperial Parliament.

“This is the opportunity we need to take and inform the Emperor who believes in his power to act thoughtfully. The founder of the empire, and…”

Marquis Mayers ignored the words of Cavanill and approached Duke Butler.

Butler who was a bit puzzled spoke under his breath.

“Have you heard the news?”

“Yeah, something unusual happened. Yesterday, the sick prince and princesses were known to have taken the blow, was it because of that?”

Though it wasn’t officially announced by the Imperial Family, the news about the princes and princesses who were suffering from a disease had died got spread.

After that, many nobles said that it was because the Emperor had touched the Holy Empire’s land, and others said that it was the curse of the demons or the Veritas Magic tower.

In any case, it was evident that the Emperor’s heart had taken one huge blow after another.

Or, there was no reason for the Emperor to comply with the wishes of the Imperial Parliament.

“Anyway, it would be better to leave that place for now.”

“Should we avoid things?” Asked Butler.

When Duke Butler, a naturally emotional man, showed his inner feelings, Marquis Mayers persuaded him.

“Even a lion, the king of the jungle, will never go into a fight with a lost bear. And the Duke is a necessary part of us nobles. So, we need to think about our future.”

“Uhm, I understand.”

Mayers and Butler, both left the Imperial Parliament with their own retainers.

Noblemen, some neutral nobles who knew about the unusual things, also slowly left.

However, there were still a few nobles who stayed there.

They were medium lords and young nobles who were weak in power, but mostly those following Marquis Cavanill.

“Huh, that Emperor is coming huh, he seems to have bent his tail rather quickly.”

“That is all pretending to act like…”

As Cavanill was talking to the men of his faction, a fat nobleman with a timid impression came over and asked, “In the end… will it be fine?”

“Fine? What do you mean?”, asked Cavanill.

“Although there seems to be a change in the Imperial Family, the crazy emperor to come into the parliament…”

“Huh! are you not aware of how sly that Emperor can be? That could just be a self spread rumor to gain some sympathy. Moreover, the situation with the Central Army is in a mess, would he really try to make the noblemen into his enemy?”

The persuading arguments of Cavanill made the others feel relieved, including the fat insecure noble.

“If he acts like a tyrant, I will speak my voice out till the very end. That would still be a noble and honorable death for me!”

Everyone admired the words of Cavanill and praised him for being very similar to his dead father.

In response to the reactions, Marquis Cavanill seemed very glad.

‘Stupid old men. Toothless dragons aren’t to be feared. Get lost. In the future, I will be the one to take over the noblemen.’

The noblemen, who admired their own level in front of the Emperor, would always change places.

When he thought of the old men would be abandoned, a smile crept his mouth.

‘But, the Emperor didn’t really turn crazy, right? Even if he was, there was no way he could act like that in the Imperial…’

Even though the men around him cheered for him, Cavanill couldn’t erase the anxiety in his heart.

While he remained visibly calm, a loud noise came from the outside of the Parliament.

‘Did the Emperor come?’

Shortly after everyone knew, the Emperor entered the Imperial Parliament, with very few escorts.

With the greeting of Marquis Albain, the Chairman and the Emperor entered the parliament with a cold look at the noblemen who greeted him.

‘What is that? He is unarmed.’

Emperor Rudolf had no sword around his waist, he was wearing a black uniform and a cloak symbolizing that he was in a state of mourning.

Even those around him seemed to be very upset.

And Marquis Cavanill, who seemed very confident because of seeing the Emperor like that, approached him and spoke in a normal tone.

“You have come, Your Majesty. Has nothing special happened?”

“There have been a lot. And there are some of you who will take the blame.”

“You blame us? Wasn’t it all because of your Majesty’s pride?”

Rudolf decided not to respond to the words of Cavanill.

He glanced at the noblemen and opened his mouth.

“I can’t see Mayers or Butler.”

“They have already left. They must have been afraid to meet Your Majesty.” Answered Cavanill.

“Really? It is bad, but they made a wise decision.”

“What, what are you saying Your Majesty? Are you really going to talk about such things here?”

Cavanill tried to suppress his anger.

However, the laugh which came from the Emperor was tremendous.

“Yeah well, I’ll have to do it.”


Cavanill went back, however, Rudolf closed in the distance between Marquis Cavanill and kicked him.


“Marquis Cavnill!”

The noblemen were startled by the image of Marquis Cavanill rolling on the ground.

However, they weren’t given much time to worry about Cavanill.

The Emperor released the sword from his escort.


He immediately went to the hyper aura in that Sword and began to move towards the noblemen.



Blood splashed all around the room with the slashes on the body, and the beheaded bodies fell down.

The Emperor had turned into a beast and screamed at the noblemen.

“You garbage! Don’t leave any of them alive!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The guards who came in as escorts pulled out their sword.

The knights of the noblemen, who were there as escorts ran in, but none of them could hold back the Emperor from going on a rampage.

“Hiikk! Your Majesty, please spare me!”

“Wah! The Emperor is crazy… Kauk!”

Was it like a flock of sheep being attacked by a lion?

The noblemen were slaughtered in the hands of Rudolf and the knights and left the bodies of the noblemen scattered everywhere.

Some noblemen tried to escape from the room, however, the room was locked from the outside.

Eventually, all the noblemen were slaughtered, and it all took less than 10 minutes.

“Uh, what is happening…?!”

Marquis Albain, who was shocked at the act of the Emperor asked.

He did expect that the Emperor who just lost his kids might come into the parliament and wield his sword.

No, the Marquis Albain was very certain of that to happen.

However, he thought that he could only kill one or two members of the nobles and the rest would be left alive.


Cavanill, who had been kicked by the Emperor a while back tried to get up, but his body had given out.

When he saw the head of a known nobleman rolling towards him, his complexion turned blue.

At first, he found no one around him.

However, the Emperor slowly made his way towards him.

“What is this now Marquis Cavanill? You weren’t scared of me and decided to stay back here, right?”

“Pl, please save me, Your Majesty!”

Clasping both his hands together, Cavanill prayed the Emperor to let him live.

No, he didn’t just fall to the ground but even kissed the shoe of the Emperor.

“If, if you let me live, I can do anything for you. I will hand over my estates. I will give you as much as I can. And I will become your slave!”

He wanted to live.

So he did everything.

Cavanill was begging like that, but his words only made Rudolf more unpleasant.

“You dare to mock me by asking me to take such a waste as my subject? Do I look so funny to you?!”


The Emperor who didn’t want to use his sword anymore kicked and stepped on Cavanill making sure no one could recognize him.

“Kuak, Kuak! Puah!”

Cavanill was vomiting blood, bones breaking everywhere and bones were piercing out of the skin.

It was very unsightly, however, Rudolf wasn’t concerned with that mess.

No, rather he continued to kick him with a crazed look on his face.

“Please, please… Your majesty. Mercy… Kuakk.”

In the end, Cavanill dropped down.

He was still breathing, but that wasn’t enough to declare him alive.

Only then, Rudolf saw his nobles’ hardened face.

He ordered with a growl.

“Catch Mayers and Butler right away! The noblemen will be taken down!”

On the day when the Imperial Parliament was covered in this haze and uncertainty, the civil war broke out in the Baroque Empire.

And the Empire which enjoyed a peaceful era for 5000 years began to collapse.