Emperor of Steel

Chapter 332 - Blood Approval Ceremony 2

Emperor Rudolf, who failed to summon any demons, headed to the room where his helpless children were being treated.

While taking care of their kids, the Empress and the 1st queen and 2nd queen were tired, but they were even surprised to see Rudolf, who seemed to have aged 10 years overnight.

“Your, Your Majesty, result…?”

Unlike the queens, Empress Jacqueline was long aware of the relationship between the Emperor and the warlocks.

And she knew about the summoning rite and the demon calling ritual of the night before and was waiting for the results.

However, her expectations had crumbled miserably.

“I am sorry, Empress.”

“Ahhh… Noooo!”

The Empress who went into shock collapsed on the floor with loud wailing.

While the 1st and the 2nd queen were trying to comfort the Empress, Rudolf decided to leave them alone.

The room where the kids were was giving out a rotten smell.

The rotten smell of flesh decaying and blood everywhere, yet the princes and princesses were still struggling for the life they wanted to live.

“Everyone, go out.”

The priests and the doctors who were looking at the kids, went out when the orders fell from Rudolf.

And those who said that they didn’t want to leave, were cut down by the Emperor.

There was a strange madness that was flowing out from the Emperor who was holding onto the sword in one hand.

After everyone of them had gone out, the Emperor looked at each of the kids.

“Oh, Nanda! Was this what you told me about!”

Now Rudolf seemed to have understood what Nanda meant by saying that his prized possessions over to a distant place close to the God.

However, the situation was irreversible.

“Ah, Father… father?”


Rudolf rushed over to Lian, who had regained consciousness.

With half of his face rotten, Lian could only look at his father with the left eye.

Lian, instinctively sensed the fate of himself and his siblings in the face of his father, who couldn’t watch them in anymore pain and said, “I, I can’t… suffer anymore, I don’t want to.”


“Pl, please… liberate… us from this… pain…”

Rudolf’s eyes turned red out of sadness listening to Lian’s words. Tears that never flowed for the Emperor, began to flow down.

The Emperor, who sobbed because of Lian’s words, got up.

“My kid, I love you.”

Lian, who knew about his father’s love, nodded his head.

The Emperor took out his sword, and Lian closed his eyes knowing what was coming next.


Pierce! Puk!

Rudolf’s sword pierced the heart of princes and princesses, starting with Lian.

Hot tears fell over the blood which was puddling on the floor.

After the hearing and votes, Count Voltas hurried back to the Imperial Palace.

He had to report to Rudolf about the contents of the Imperial Parliament.

With the worst results he managed to get, he was prepared to die.

However, his resolution to lay down his neck evaporated before entering the palace.

It wasn’t because he lost his loyalty to the Emperor, but he was basically a man who liked power and wealth.

‘For now, I should avoid anger.’

Voltas decided to use a pinch.

And the one to take the role of a pinch was Shirley.

As soon as he noticed her patrolling the Imperial palace, he went toward her.

“Give this over to His Majesty.”

“But, what is this?”

“The outcome of the hearing and the final decision by the Imperial Parliament.”

Shirley took the documents which Voltas handed with a grumpy look.

Though it was tough for her to understand the complicated words in the document, it was enough from Voltas’s expression to know that it wasn’t a pleasing matter.

“Uhm, since I am busy I…”

Shirley grabbed Voltas’s hand when he was about to walk away.

“But, Sire, Lazlie… sorry, I don’t see the commander anymore, did something happen?”

Lazlie had visited the Imperial palace until recently.

However, in recent times, he couldn’t be seen around.

Which was why Shirley felt suspicious, however, Voltas who knew nothing about it, frowned.

“I am not aware. Where that kid goes and what he does.”

Despite giving Lazlie the last chance of retribution, the man messed up.

He knew that the noblemen would be strong, but he didn’t understand how Lazlie managed to mess up even after taking such a long time.

Moreover, the assassins of Hydra were known to be the sneakiest assassins of all.

So Voltas suspected that Lazlie wasn’t simply out to do his tasks, but was betraying his father and the Emperor by becoming a nobleman.

“Ha, it is like something completely revised.”

Shirley sighed as he watched Voltas disappear.

She was aware that the Emperor’s situation and the Imperial office were in a bad position in recent days.

However, she never assumed that she would be involved in it.

“Why should I sell my arms to them anyway? The temple here is full of offerings.”

Shirley, who resented the god because of his neglect of people, handed out the documents from Voltas to her subordinate who always made fun of her.

“Sir Juan, take this over to his Majesty.”

“UH? Me? I don’t want to!”

“How dare you rebel? Are you going to disobey my orders? Should I split your bones? Huh!”

When Shirley turned angry and wielded her halberd, Juan had no choice but to accept the documents.

It was because the lady was like a thug.

‘Dammit, see you later. Hybrid Dwarf wench!’

Juan, determined to drive her out, decided to take the help of his father a Marquis and headed for Emperor Rudolf.

However, at the palace he was heading to seemed unusual than ever.

Though there was the constant smell of blood around because of the sick kids, the stench coming for the day was extremely strong.

“What is it?”

When asked by the guard who was guarding the place, Juan gulped and spoke.

“I have been sent to handover the documents.”

Juan wanted the guard to deliver the documents over to the Emperor, however, his expectations were tarnished.

“Ahh, you came in a very horrible time. I hope you come back alive.”

‘Uahh! This is driving me crazy!’

As he was pushed in by the guard, Juan walked through the hallway and carefully stepped towards the treating room.

The treatment room was at the end of the corridor.


He carefully opened the door only to see a horrifying scenario.

The princes and the princess were all stabbed in their hearts, and the Empress was hanging from the ceiling with her tongue out.

The queens were crying and hugging their kids.

‘This was why he told me it was tough getting back alive!’

Juan, whose heart was full of tension, hurriedly stepped out of the room.

And found the Emperor who was seated looking like he had lost his soul.

‘Your, Your Majesty!’

From his bloody hands, Juan was able to understand what had happened.

He realized that the kids might have been in an impossible state to revive his kids and decided to take the act, and the desperate Empress committed suicide.

‘The Baroque Imperial who rules the continent is thrown away like this…’

Baroque Imperial family was thought to have taken over the nobles and the continent of Rhodesia beyond the Volga Republic and the Holy Arthenia Empire.

It was ridiculous for the Imperial family to have fallen down.

Juan, who was frightened, was asked by Rudolf.

The Emperor was back to his cold usual self, different from an Emperor who had lost his sense of sadness.

“… I saw and ordered to give this over to Your Majesty.”

Juan pushed ahead of the papers, which he wasn’t aware of.

Instead of saying anything else, he was just hoping that the Emperor wouldn’t strike his neck.

Silently, the Emperor took the papers which Juan handed over with nervousness.

“Send the guard over. Tomorrow I will have to attend the Imperial parliament in person.”

“Huh? I understand.”

Juan, who wanted to survive desperately, left the chilly room.

After he left, the Emperor wiped off the blood on his sword with a piece of cloth.

“If that is what they want… I need to do as they please.”

The eyes of the Emperor which were cleaning the sword looked at the shimmering blade.