Emperor of Steel

Chapter 331 - Blood Approval Ceremony 1

Chapter 331: Blood Approval Ceremony 1

The emperor sent assassins over to Marquis Mayers’ mansion!

The morning after the Hydra raid, the noblemen who heard of the news had raised their voices.

“We were deceived by the emperor!”

“Yes, the dark clouds over the Imperial family could either be the emperor’s own game or a trick that involved him to gain some time to get rid of the witness!”

“We need to resume the hearing right now and blame the emperor!”

Marquis Mayers decided to pour oil on the fire of the nobles.

“As a result of the interrogation of the assassins, who were captured yesterday, it turned out that they were the vice-captain and the other executives of Hydra, an Imperial assassination group. The one who gave them the order was Lazlie, the son of Count Voltas.”

If the emperor’s right-hand man’s son had ordered for it, then it would have been the orders from the emperor.

“Kuek, we can’t keep on waiting any longer.”

“Yes. We need to go to the Imperial parliament right away.”

After agreeing with the words of Duke Butler and Marquis Cavanill, all the nobles immediately headed for the Imperial parliament.

They wanted to ask the chairman to resume the hearing and present the witness and evidence all at once with the intention of driving the emperor into a corner.

Aslan, son of Duke Ferrierd, the head of the Holy Empire’s rebellion, made the emperor’s nobles surprised.

Most of the emperor’s nobles didn’t even know that Aslan was the witness. They were all guessing that the witness was some high ranking noble from the Conrad Kingdom.

“Isn’t he supposed to be dead when he escaped Alvera?”

“Yeah, I heard that he was killed after being attacked by a pirate ship that was sailing on the same path…”

Evidence couldn’t have been forged.

It was because there was the Baroque Imperial seal that had been stamped on the letters, which were exchanged between the duke and Rudolf.

And there was magic added to that seal, and such seals couldn’t be forged.

“I will ask Sir Aslan. According to the evidence presented, the Flying Dragons has supported you with 100 Hector Gigant and 500 Knights of Guard in disguise?”

“On Lord El Kassel’s name, I swear to speak the truth. Moreover, the one who lead the Knights of Guard was Count Ferrero.”

“Is that the truth?”

“Yes, he was under a fake identity, but I could recognize him with his ability and skills. Moreover, there was an assault captain, a girl named Shirley. And when I came to Nemesis, there was a commander from the Knights of Guard named Shirley de Kyle.”

Following the testimony of Aslan, the Imperial parliament became noisy again.

Nevertheless, there was no noble who openly sided with the emperor because there was a clear witness and evidence.

Rather than making any more excuses, they were swearing Count Voltas extremely under their breaths.

What could the Count be doing without doing anything?!

Bang! Bang!

“You all are being rowdy! Everyone, please calm down!”

When Marquis Albain hit the desk and asked, every noble turned quiet.

“Unfortunate as it seems, the witness and evidence clearly revealed that His Majesty has sent the Knights of Guard to the civil war of the Holy Empire without the consent from the Imperial parliament. Are there any objections?”

Marquis Albain asked with a stern voice. However, no noble objected.

Nevertheless, everyone knew that the situation of the assassination on the witness was out in the open, so no one’s excuse could work.

“Is there anything that Count Voltas would like to say as His Majesty’s attendant?”

“… There is none. However, I hope that the members of the parliament understand that Your Majesty did it only for the future of the empire.”

Listening to Count Voltas’ words, Albain nodded his head and asked Marquis Mayers, “I would like to ask Marquis Mayers who represents the noblemen. How would you like His Majesty to take responsibility for this?”

“Since the emperor said that it was for the future of the empire, I don’t wish to severely persecute our emperor. However, as a result, his civil war intervention had failed. The outcome might have been different if he did it with the consent of the Imperial parliament, rather than only using his close allies.”

After a brief pause, with a thin smile toward Count Voltas and the emperor’s nobles, he spoke his mind out, “And with that, I am asking of the following; first, the personal management of the military should be given to the Imperial parliament! Second, the financial and business-related aspects of the empire and the Imperial family will be revised by the Imperial parliament! And finally, revert and change the tax and the customs legislation! That would be all.”

At the words of Marquis Mayers, Butler cheered and clapped along with the other noblemen, and criticism came out from the emperor’s nobles.

“Such a disloyal man!”

“Are you planning on making the Majesty a simple toy?!”

“In a word, you want him to act like the noblemen! How can this be?!”

A few of the emperor’s nobles had jumped out of their seats and rushed toward Marquis Mayers, hoping for a fight.

“Quiet! Be quiet! The hearing will end here with this, and I will vote about what Marquis Mayers has asked for.”

When both sides were in a fight, Marquis Albain told his decision and made sure that the nobles returned back to their seats and began to prepare for an open voting.

Shortly after, the vote happened with the defeat of the emperor.

The Imperial parliament consisted of 4 for emperor, 3 for the noblemen, and 3 neutral.

Usually in the past, the neutrals never sided to either the empire or the noblemen, but it was different now.

It was because the incident had been clearly considered as the emperor’s fault.

“As the votes have been passed, I will finalize the requirement of Marquis Mayers. Formal approval will be held at this very moment, tomorrow. So make sure to communicate this to the emperor correctly.”

“… Understood.”

Count Voltas, who nodded at the words of Marquis Albain, sighed.

Approval of votes had happened in the presence of a representative of the emperor.

The problem was that the emperor was not going to take it lightly with his current attitude.

‘Maybe His Majesty would die with the sudden turn of events.’

With that thought in mind, a sigh came out.

Only the thoughts of why such things had to happen were wandering in Voltas’ mind.

But his problems weren’t going to end there.

“This isn’t just the approval of the bill. Tomorrow, Your Majesty will have to make an appearance in the parliament and apologize for the incident!”

Voltas as well as Mayers were shocked at what they heard and looked at the man who said that.

The man who spoke was Marquis Cavanill.

‘No, this kid has to be crazy!’

‘That brat. Why did he have to do something like this?!’

The emperor had to apologize to the Parliament.

Wasn’t that a remark that meant to say the emperor’s pride was being taken down and giving him a common status?!

“Marquis Cavanill, what kind of words are you speaking?!”

“Can’t you see the fact that you men have already won?”

The emperor’s nobles criticized the young kid. However, Cavanill continued to speak up, “I think one should apologize for what one did wrong, even if it is the emperor himself. I have no intention serving a tyrant!”


“You did well saying that out loud!”

The young noblemen, who had a strong tendency, agreed with Cavanill’s words.

Their unplanned actions forced Mayers and Butler into a panic.

They had already decided to fight the emperor. However, it wasn’t good to gather too many opponents.

Everything had to be done properly, step by step, but if they skip even one of their goal’s process, things would become messed up, and then it would lead to their goal’s demise.

Marquis Mayers decided to settle the situation. He reached out to Count Voltas and explained the matter, “As of the moment, Marquis Cavanill isn’t officially a nobleman, so please don’t take his words seriously.”

“Marquis Mayers! What nonsense are you saying now?!”

Cavanill rebelled, but Marquis Mayers pretended to have not heard him.

“Chairman, let’s end this now.”


“Look here, Marquis Mayers!”

The chairman hit the desk and immediately declared the end of the hearing, ignoring Cavanill’s comments.

And the young nobleman, who asked for an official apology from the emperor, was taken out by the knights.

‘That f*cking bastard!’

Mayers knew what Cavanill was doing.

Since his position with the noblemen had decreased recently, he was forced to go to the young nobles to gain their favor.

Cavanill’s selfish behavior had nothing to with the noblemen.

Everyone was already prepared for a civil war, but the cause didn’t have to be them.

It was because rather than a revolution, their actions would be deemed as a rebellion.

However, if they continued to get on the emperor’s nerves, he would condemn the request isn’t of getting justification.

‘Furthermore, even if we use the present state of affairs, we can only bring so many to operate the empire. It isn’t just a dream for me to gradually weaken the power of the Baroque Imperial family and achieve true independence, but a thoughtless boy almost ruined everything!’

Fortunately, because of his quick actions, Voltas didn’t seem to be taken aback.

It was because Voltas was having a hard time thinking of ways on how to report the hearing’s results to the emperor, so he didn’t have the time to pay attention to Marquis Cavanill’s remarks.

‘Well, should I prepare for the next stage? I wonder how Rudolf will react!’

Expecting something pleasant, Mayers decided to consult Duke Butler to make up a concrete plan.

Whatever it was, the last hearing seemed to be a hearing that would end with a sword and not a pen.