Emperor of Steel

Chapter 330 - Luke's Conspiracy 5

Chapter 330: Luke’s Conspiracy 5

In the plains located in the northeast of Devildom was the land of Baol, the king.

The huge rocky mountains at the center were the palace of Baol. The palace was where his family and direct descendants lived.

“Tah! Daemon Crow!”

“Huh! I can’t even begin to say it!”

On the plains, which was between two huge rocks, large gorilla looking demons were fighting.

The attack was made by a red-haired demon.

However, the blue-haired demon with deep scars around his eyes managed to skillfully avoid the attack while talking down the other demon.

“Huhuhu! Your motivation is good, but you are far from crossing you, hyung… Uh?”

The blue-haired demon was the one who was fighting with his younger brother when he suddenly found a magic circle flashing in the sky.

After a while, the magic circle disappeared and an unknown subspace of depth appeared.

“T-That was… Kuek!”

“Hehaha! You showed me the gap!”

The red-haired demon, who knocked down his brother, looked at the subspace and spoke in a blunt tone, “Oh! This is a summoning magic circle!”

“Yah! I was the one who saw it first!”

The fallen blue-haired demon grabbed the ankles of his brother, who wanted to jump into the subspace.

“Isn’t it okay to give this one over to your younger brother?”

“Kid, even if I am placed in cold water, I wouldn’t!”

The two demon brothers quarreled over the summoning magic circle and who to enter it.

According to the treaty of the New World, the summoning magic circle opened by a warlock was the only way for a demon to legally enter the Middle Earth.

Most of the young demons wanted to flee from the frustrated and desolate world of Devildom and enter the free living Middle Earth.

And it was the same for the two demons, who were princes.

It was when the two demons were quarreling that a sudden scream was heard.

“You stupid creatures! What do you think you are doing?!”

“Hii, Your Highness!”

When a giant gorilla with golden fur came out of a rocky cave, the two younger demons knelt down.

The golden gorilla, with a crown on his head along with three pairs of wings, was the monstrous devil, Baol.

He pierced the ground with the steel rod in his hand and yelled hard at his children.

“Didn’t I tell you to not make a fuss on the rocky mountains? What were you fighting in here for?”

“I found a summoning magic circle, but hyung tried to steal it away from me!”

“Don’t lie. I was the one who found it first!”

The brothers then began to quarrel once again.

Baol frowned and screamed at them.

“Shut up, idiots! Do you realize what time it is?! And fighting over a summoning magic circle?! Don’t you know that all the demons who have been recently summoned have gone missing in the Middle Earth?”

“Huh? Such things happened?”

Baol frowned when he looked at the two brothers who had no idea.

“Yeah, the Vampire King said that he had lost a lot of useful men who jumped in, and Kauren, who entered, didn’t make it back as well.”

“Ugh! That Kauren?”

The Vampire King, Leviathan, and the King of Monsters, Baol, were in trouble, so they often met.

So, they knew about Kauren, who was rumored to be ignorant because of his skills and being a member of the 18 generals.

“There seems to be an unusual guy in the Middle Earth. Probably like the man who had summoned and hunted demons 500 years ago.”

“500 years ago? Wasn’t that the time when Karden died?”

“Yeah. That Karden… He went out and got himself killed.”

Baol thought deeply then spoke to his sons, “Anyway, don’t try to end up like him. No matter how great Middle Earth is, it is hard to leave this place, and it seems like you see humans as weak? They are a vicious and mean tribe. They were amazing enough to take down the powerful fairies in the past.”

“Tch, and so your highness doesn’t want to go?”

“This jerk, are you crazy? Why would I leave my land and go to Middle Earth! To whom would that even do any good?”

The seven demon monarchs were unrivaled in the Devildom.

If the news went out that the King of monsters went to Middle Earth, everyone would follow him.

“First of all, it would be nice if your father went away, right? For you to be the king.”

“Ay, would that even happen? You know how filial I am.”

“Is that funny? How would father even take down a guy like that.”

“But why is the thing that happened 500 years ago happening again? He would be a new human, and you’re new demons too!”

While the father and his kids were exchanging words, the subspace that was opened by the summoning circle began to become smaller and smaller.

However, even as it was disappearing completely, no demon seemed to be interested in it.

Emperor Rudolf was anxiously waiting for a demon to make an appearance.

He thought that it would be great if the demons had the ability to save his children who were cursed by Arsene.

However, until the subspace closed off, not even a single lower demon appeared.

“What just happened?”

At the question from Rudolf, Meishin’s eyes drifted back and forth.

“T-This is something that even I am not aware of.”

Meishin didn’t know what went wrong.

The summoning ceremony was perfect.

However, the summoned magic circle had been avoided by the demons.

“Is this a fail then? Both queens are lying dead over there!”

“I will find the cause and make sure to succeed next time, so just give me one more chance…”

If the emperor was in his normal rational sense, he would have held himself back and gave him a chance.

However, Rudolf wasn’t capable in making rational decisions in his current state

Feeling overwhelmed with pain, anger, and disappointment, he cut Meishin’s throat and began to slaughter all the other warlocks.



“The emperor has gone crazy! All of you run away!”

Warlocks were running away.

However, the emperor chased after them and killed them all.

“Worthless pieces of shit!”

Even after killing off all the other warlocks, the emperor didn’t head back to the castle. He then burst into laughter.

It was almost like he had lost all the strings of his sanity.

“Kukuku. Haahhhhaaa… Kuakkkkkk!”

The emperor sat down on the ground. He screamed out loud while banging both of his fists to the ground.

“I have been abandoned by God and even by the devil! I guess this is what I have become!”

Rudolf failed to find the last hope.

However, the dark cloud over the Imperial family hadn’t moved away. The worst end for him was still waiting at the corner.