Chapter 33: Mine Development 2

After some time, Luke completed the production of the first batch of golems.

When 20 golems had been made, Luke pulled out a bracelet-like artifact from the underground lab.

The artifact was discovered in the wizard’s dungeon which he had gone with Katarina in the past and had an ancient subspace magic circle that wasn’t passed down till the current.


Looking at the antique silver bracelet which had leaves as the design, he remembered her wearing it on.

‘Even if my body breaks down and turns into powder, I will surely take revenge by eliminating the Baroque family and the Veritas Magic Tower! So, just please wait a little more.’

After losing his beloved, Luke hadn’t thought much about his life.

He thought that if he could somehow get his revenge, then he would be able to leave the world in peace.

However, whatever that fate was, the image of Katarina which entered his mind soon turned into princess Reina.

Perhaps maybe it was because Princess Reina looked very similar to her…

‘Even if the princess does look like her, she’s very different.’

He thought like that, yet his heart couldn’t keep still.

Perhaps it was because of the religious books that he saw in the Southern Continent about reincarnations.

“… It isn’t like I’m falling in love.”

Luke, wearing the subspace bracelet returned to the underground golem workshop.

“Save in Dimension.”


As Luke spoke out the spell while injecting it with Magi, the 20 golems started to disappear with a bright light.

‘It would be very hard if I stand out.’

If the estate people would see the golems beating or moving, the whole estate would be in chaos out of panic.

The golems itself weren’t exclusive to Saymon, but there had never been any other wizard or warlock who have created and operated Golems as much as Saymon.

‘Can’t help it since the soul in this body belongs to Saymon.’

Luke stroked the bracelet with a little smile and moved out of the castle. It was because there was a place he wanted to visit.

But before he could go there, Philip had come across him.

Philip who had entered the castle in search of Luke began to nag him the moment he laid eyes on him.

“Young Lord, you’re gonna keep doing this? Secret training in the castle is very good, but to leave away the knights every time and just go in alone?”

“Sorry, won’t do it again next time.”

Luke boringly answered, as Philip caught up to him and grumbled,

“Do you have any idea how close the general has come to know about it? I have been asked to write reports every month, but the young Lord isn’t keeping his promise about buying the Gigant…”

“Oh, Roger. Why are you here?”

At the words of Luke, Philip went still and looked back quickly.

However, Roger wasn’t there.

Instead, a cat who was passing by stopped and looked at them.


Philip who realized it very late looked over at Luke once again.

In that meantime, Luke went away somewhere without leaving any trace.

“No, Young Lord?!”

Once again, the cry of Philip rang out loud in the castle grounds along with heavy steps.

After the short encounter with Philip, Luke headed to Mt. Rockia.

The Mt. Rockia was a rocky mountain which was located 10 kilometers to the west of the giant castle, it has been said that there were many monsters hiding and living in the forest, which was the reason why the herbalists and the lumberjacks too didn’t go in there.

There was a reason why Luke had gone into the rocky region.

‘It takes a lot of money to develop one estate.’

He did earn 210,000 pesos in the Gigant arena, however that wasn’t enough to develop the entire estate.

In order to increase the number of territorial residents and increase their military power, a steady source of income was going to be in need.

And Luke had found something in the estate, that could be of help in making money.

‘There was a mine used by the dwarves in the Mt. Rockia.’

In his days of living as Saymon, various tribes and beings of different races lived and worked under him.

They all gathered one after the other to avoid oppression, and quite a large number of races gathered, including the dwarves.

The Dwarves were the races of earth.

They developed the mine and constructed buildings even in there, they were excellent blacksmiths and architects. They consistently made weapons to support their own knights.

‘Weren’t there gold or silver mine among the mines which were developed in Mt. Rockia?’

However, after the death of Saymon, the dwarves had disappeared and the mines were closed.

The Rakan’s family tried to find the mines of the dwarves numerous times, but failed every time as they weren’t aware of the correct location.

The 30,000 pesos he owed to the Alon firm were due to the very reason, and got swept away.

‘Once I know the location of it, I can make the golems alongside me work on reviving the mine.’

Which was why Luke had come to Mt. Rockia.

He summoned the golems at the entrance of the mountain.

In order to enter the mountain which was so deep that even a footstep couldn’t be found, there was a need to clean up the path first.

“You who are like my kids removed the things which stand in my way!”

As Luke began to draw out the magi, he ordered 5 meter stone golems and wood golems who were shinning with bright purple energy.



Slowly, the golems began to climb the mountain, breaking the rocks in their path and uprooting the trees.




At the sudden invasion of their territory, the monsters which were hiding in the forest came out yelling and growling.

They were mainly Orcs and Goblins and Kobolds.

As they were violent monsters they threw in the spears and shards as fast as they could.

If they were trolls or the big monsters like ogres, then it wasn’t so relevant, but the other monsters could be easily pushed back by the golems.

“The first five of them block their attacks from coming in, while the rest of you just push them aside as hard as you can.”

Luke manipulated the golems with his own Marionette Magic.

It was a magic that connected to the golems like a string on a doll, it gave him the advantage to connect and control multiple objects at once.

Of course, there were disadvantages to it, and it was the inability to give them detailed or varied orders.

However, it was more than enough for the low-leveled monsters.

The huge fists and kicks of the Golems sent other monsters screaming in pain as they were running away.

‘Once they are broken down, they won’t be able to try it again.’

Luke wanted to somehow stop the movements of the golems that were pushing the monsters.



The surviving monsters trembled at the rooks that controlled the golems.

Most of them were males and alphas.

Knowing that he had to fight until the end, they fought till death to get enough time for the females and the younger ones to escape.

Luke, who knew about the attitude of the monsters due to being a warlock, approached them with a smile.

“If you listen to me, I won’t drive you out of this place.”

Luke spoke that to a brilliantly looking boss-level monster and brainwashed them with dark magic.

‘Obedience’ was a dark magic that enslaved the weaker demons and monsters.

Luke only brainwashed the boss-level one because he was the only 3 circle. After all, if he overpowered the boss monster, there would be no difficulty in doing the rest, so he didn’t have to put any other external force.

“In the future, you guys do what I tell you to do. If you listen to me very carefully, you will be given food, otherwise, I’ll have to get rid of you.”


The Orcs, Goblins, and Kobold’s heads moved in unison.

Luke went to the place where the dwarves had a mine.

“The entrance has been blocked.”

There were three mines in Mt. Rockia.

However, the dwarves deliberately blocked the entrances while leaving them, as the mines had just one entrance, they were blocked with rocks and dirt.

“This will take some time, and I can’t help it.”

While shrugging his shoulders he made the golems and the monsters to clear out the dirt and rocks from the entrance.

The golems received their instructions to break the rocks or lift them up, the monsters were asked to dig up the soil.

After two hours of doing that work, the rocks and the dirt were cleared, revealing the tunnels which the dwarves had mined in the past.

Luke, returned the golems to the subspace, then entered the tunnel.

Thud! Thud!

The tunnels made by the dwarves were like mazes.

It was to defeat any enemy who might have invaded the mine, and the mine seemed to be in a good condition despite not being used for a long time.

“Surely, these are the skills of dwarves.”

The Rhodesian continent had the best craftsmen race to create and build what they wanted.

After passing the maze, there was a huge space.

The dwarves use to build temporary quarters and warehouses and smithy areas.

In that place were the leftover tools and goods they had used.

“They have left the most precious tools of theirs.”

After Saymon was killed by Rakan, the land, formerly known as the dark land, was completely occupied by humans.

However, the whereabouts of the races ‘unleashed from the Devil’ stayed unknown.

Strangely, Rakan had dispatched many heads and soldiers to look for them all over the place, however, they never came across a single being.

“I’ll have to find them later, I need to mine first.”

Luke sent three golems to the mine to dig up minerals and asked the monsters to help them with tools.

Although not as efficient as the dwarves, the golems and the monsters managed to get the work done.

While they were mining the ores, Luke stared at the teleporting magic circle on the one side of the mine.

The magic circle was installed in the past to move the minerals to the underground workshop of the castle, it could be quickly reworked with new magic stones bein placed.

‘Huhuhu! Now all I have to do is refine it in the magic blast furnace in the workshop.’

After visiting all the three mines and completing all the necessary work, Luke returned back to the manor.

As he had left the manor for a lot of time, the retainers along with Hans couldn’t keep their eyes off the young lord and doubt him.