Emperor of Steel

Chapter 329 - Luke's Conspiracy 4

In the basement of the Baroque Imperial palace.

In that personal place of the Emperor, there was the Emperor along with a few men in black robes.

Those who were in black robes were the warlocks who had been secretly funded by the Imperial family.

Meishin and his men were drawing a circle at the bottom of the ground.

Surprisingly, it was the summoning magic circle to call for a demon.

The Emperor, who could no longer put his hope in the priest or the doctor, decided to save the princes and the princesses with the help of the demon.

If it went out to the world, it would turn into a huge catastrophe, but the Emperor didn’t have time for all that.

That was how serious his children’s health was changing.

“Your Majesty, the summoning magic circle is complete. Now we have to make a sacrifice to proceed with the ritual.”

“Oh then. Then make that sacrifice.”

When the approval fell from the Emperor, the warlocks dragged out the mountains of offerings that they had prepared in advance.

Sensing that it was a strange atmosphere, the court ladies who had been dragged as the sacrifices struggled to get out.

However, they were tied with ropes and the couldn’t overpower the warlocks who were using magic.

“Kuak! Please, please spare me, Your Majesty!”

“I will do anything you say. So please…!”

Emperor Rudolf didn’t even pretend to listen.

He was a man who could go to any extent when it comes to saving his children.

However, when he saw the two women at the end of the summoning circle.

He couldn’t help but frown at it.

They were the 3rd and 4th queens, whom he loved very much.

Unlike the rest of the maids who were dragged, the queens went into the summoning circle with their own two feet, and that made the Emperor feel very bad.

“Your Majesty, do not put such an expression.”

“This is a great opportunity given to us to prove our motherhood.”

A few hours ago, the two queens watched Rudolf grab the court ladies from the palace.

Because of the children, the Emperor had been behaving rather cruel in the past few days.

Rudolf had said to the queens.

“Do not interfere. This is the only way for us to save our children.”

What could be the way that he could save his children?

Even when the Empress asked, Rudolf had said nothing.

However, the queens continued to ask him, and in the end, the Emperor couldn’t help but let them know.

At the truth from Rudolf, the queens couldn’t help but feel shocked.

And the fact that the Emperor was secretly training warlocks, summoning demons and was going to offer sacrifices!

“This is the only way out! Who else can help me? The Holy Pope who can do miracles? Voltas had said that the rumors had gone to the Holy Empire about our kids. They think that the kids are sick because of the wrongdoings!”

Even the queens who were opposed to the plan Rudolf had, had no say in anything.

However, after a short while, they asked for them to be used as sacrifices. The fact that they had to look at their children being so sick, was very painful.

Rudolf who was shocked by their request felt overwhelmed, but he couldn’t defeat their stubbornness to help their kids.

And such things led to the current situation.

“Can’t you at least rethink about this?”

At the question from the Emperor, both queens shook their heads.

They were doing it for their kids, and the two queens weren’t as relentless as Rudolf.

No, many people in the Imperial palace had warm and kind hearts.

Feeling guilty for the court ladies who would be used as the sacrifices for the well being of their own kids, the queens decided to take matters into their own hands.

“Well, if that is your will, there is nothing I can do.”

With a heavy sigh, Rudolf pulled on his sword.

With his eyes closed, he approached the queens who were waiting for their final moments and wielded his sword.

Puak! Puak!

Along with an eerie vibration, the Emperor’s sword pierced the 3rd and 4th queen.

Beginning with the queens, the Meishin and the other warlocks began to slaughter the scared women.

“Please, spa… spare me… ah!”

“God look over us! Please show mercy on us…”

“You have all gone mad, Your Majesty! You will burn in hell!”

There were those who begged, those who seek salvation from the god, and those who cursed the Emperor.

Their bodies, each had the same end, all of them were placed in the summoning circle with flowing blood.

Emperor Rudolf, silently watching the devastation in front of him, asked Meishin.

“With this sacrifice, what level of demon would come?”

“The higher level… no, maybe the Devil King might come too.”

Everything was prepared so well.

Meishin, who said that to Rudolf, memorized the spell.

The floor began to tremble violently and the summoning magic circle began to glow with blood.

Soon after, the bodies which were offered as sacrifices disappeared without a trace, and the summoning magic circle too had disappeared.

Instead, a black space had opened up.

‘The Devil king is good even a demon is good. Anyone who can save my kids should be the ones to come!’

Rudolf stepped back looking at the dark subspace to watch the entire summoning process.