Emperor of Steel

Chapter 328 - Luke's Conspiracy 3

Despite it being late at night, the mansion of Marquis Mayers was well lit by lanterns.

A few people quickly infiltrated the mansion by taking the help of the blind spots in the light.

They were so stealthy and cautious, that even the knights and the soldiers guarding the mansion weren’t able to feel, including the guard dogs which were known to have great senses.

‘Time to head back to bed?’

When Baron, who was hiding behind the tree in the garden looked at the mansion, fire rose from one side of the mansion.

Not long ago, an agent from the Imperial Intelligence had infiltrated the mansion as a maid of Mayers and was the one who set the fire.

“Fire! The mansion is on fire!”

“Bring water over here! Hurry up and extinguish the fire!”

The servants and soldiers were running around.

They managed to make everyone evacuate the rooms which were close to the fire, and also managed to get the water to extinguish the fire.

A few wizards used water-based magic to keep the fire from spreading over.

Baron and the agents of Hydra quietly took advantage of the situation.

“Who is it? Kuk!”

“What, what is goin…kuak!”

The soldiers and knights who were guarding the annex fell down one after the other.

Baron and his men defeated the guards in the front of the hallway and went straight to the guest room which was on the third floor, known to hold the witness.

And indeed, it held a young and handsome man who was sitting on his bed with a sword next to him.

“You men?”

“Hu huhu. We are the assassins of Hydra, the Emperor’s dagger.”

“Kuek, that worthless Emperor has sent his dogs.”

Aslan immediately pulled out his sword.

Though he wasn’t supposed to be awake, because of the unexpected feeling and because of the fire, he had been on alert.

But for assassins to make an appearance!

‘But these men are strange. To reveal their identity in front of me…’

Were they all such confident assassins?

He didn’t understand the attitude, but to him, preserving his life was important.

“Kill him!”

At Baron’s hand, the men rushed towards Aslan.

Aslan too wielded his sword towards the assassins.

Both sides were wielding their swords.

Clash! Clash!

Suddenly, a black noose flew from the ceiling and began to fall on the assassins.

“Ah! Avoid!”

At the cry from Baron’s, all the assassins swiftly escaped the noose.

It was like an assassin movement, however, the black noose had been chasing them as if it was a living creature.

Eventually, the assassins took their weapons to take down the black noose.

Kang! Kang!

As it was made of a wire, the black noose gave out sparks every time a weapon hit it.

When they were relieved to have taken down the noose, iron nets fell over the assassins.

“That is dangerous!”

Baron, who never imagined that there would be iron nets on the ceiling, pulled out the dagger and ran forward.

He ordered the men who were trapped in the iron nets to be released.

At that moment, a power lightning-like magic spread through the net.


“Ah! Kuak!”


The assassin screamed as they fell in pain.

They were all wearing an anti-magic ring, which could block the magic of the 4th circle magic, but it didn’t seem to work.

It was the same with Baron.

Even though he wasn’t down, the white smoke which was rising from the body made it hard to hit.


While looking around, he went shocked.

In the room, there were young men who were wearing simple and unique clothes.

Elves, Dark elves, and the Lycans.

‘Why are the fairy people in here? Did Marquis Mayers secretly join hands with the Volga?’

Clap clap clap!

When Baron was thinking to himself, a man had entered.

It was marquis Mayers, who had entered along with his escorts.

“Hahahaha. Such a simple way to subdue the assassins of Hydra, surely there is nothing that money can’t buy.”

“Marquis Mayers, are these the ones whom you mention…?”

Aslan approached and asked, “Right. That is the hidden power of our family, ‘Aegis’.”

Aegis, unlike Baron’s thoughts, was packed with fairies who had nothing to do with the Volga.

It was an organization created by buying and training young children even the elves.

They were entirely brainwashed and made loyal to the family, taught swordsmanship, magic, intellect, and assassination according to their forte.

It was a time consuming and expensive process, but Mayers had never given up on it.

And as a result, the current Aegis was born.

‘Kuek, got caught.’

Baron realized that their operation was leaked ahead.

Otherwise, the equipment and the escort power, including the iron nets which were exactly hidden in the target location.

“Catch them! He is going to run away!”

When Baron was trying to get up and escape through the window, Marquis Mayers gave out orders.

Even before the orders fell, the fairies with their noose moved towards Baron.

Baron, who was imprisoned, was taken to the fairies.

‘This is wrong!’

If it was a one-on-one match, Baron was confident about running away.

However, the opponents were well-trained fairies and among them, there were dark elves who were taught to assassinate.

‘I can’t do it. I have…!’

Baron tried to bite the suicide pill that was hidden in his teeth.

All the Hydra’s assassins were educated to commit suicide if caught by an enemy.

Even after then, nothing would change.

And just before he could bite it, a Dark elf had stunned him.

“Keep them in the mansion’s dungeon. Make sure to keep the guards on them, without trying to escape.”

“Understood, master!”

The fairies bowed to Mayers and took Baron and the other assassins out of Aslan’s room.

“Hu! Success.”

On the temple top which was overlooking the mansion of Marquis Mayers.

There was a man in the dark, who was overlooking the mansion.

It was Luke.

Luke, who saw the assassins were captured, including Baron, stared and smiled at the situation.

The assassination was unsuccessful, but the plan he originally intended was done.

“Mayers will take care of the rest.”

When he was done talking to himself, Luke immediately opened a teleport spell.

In Nemesis, he did everything he could.

The rest of the works was in the hands of Marquis Mayers and the other noblemen.

Luke decided to return back to his manor as it was difficult to be there.

He decided to watch the situation while he was in his estate preparing his Gigant.


With a bright red light, Luke’s entire body disappeared into the darkness.