Emperor of Steel

Chapter 326 - Luke's Conspiracy 1

Baron was a high-level assassin and the vice-captain of Hydra.

A few days back, he had received an order which had been issued from the higher up.

It was to infiltrate the residence of Marquis Mayers, destroy the witness and the evidences that had been gathered for the hearing against the emperor.

However, the Master, who had to carry out the order, still hadn’t made an appearance.

Baron, who had wasted a lot of time searching for him, wad forced to get into action with his own men.

“The operation will not be easy as the opponent is none other than Marquis Mayers, one of the noblemen, so prepare yourself for every possible situation…”

Gathering his men, he had given out the orders.

When the door opened wide and Henry entered.

“Master, you have come?”

All the assassins got up and bowed to the man.

Henry was a legendary assassin in the assassination world.

There was no assassin in Hydra who didn’t respect him for his skills.

“Where in the world where you? Did you take a lot of time?”

At the question from Baron, Henry shook his hands and replied with a grin, “I was on a very important mission. Rather than that, are you going to wipe out the witness along with the evidence today?”

“Yes, orders from above.”

Baron pointed to the ceiling above him with his finger.

It meant that the man giving the order was Emperor Rudolf.

“We will do what was asked of you, but we will twist the process a little,” said Henry.

“Huh? Count Voltas really said that?”

“Ahhh, I didn’t mean that we will give up the operation or ruin it. It is just that we will revise the plan and take a smoother approach.”

At the words from Henry, with a puzzled expression, Baron asked, “Master, in what way would you like to revise the plan?”

“That… It isn’t me who will decide but him.”

At the end of Henry’s words, the door opened and a young man with a platinum hair entered.

“Oh, sh*t! T-that man is…!”

All the men, who saw the young man, were shocked and stood up.

The man with the platinum hair.

He was the Marquis, Luke de Rakan, who was one of the targets of Hydra.

“Master, how is this possible?!”

“Isn’t he Marquis Luke? The one that Master should have killed?”

Despite the fierce protests from his men, Henry just remained silent.

And on Henry’s behalf, Luke approached the men and opened his mouth with a smile.

“Huhuhu. Do you all think that I am weak enough to get assassinated?”


“Tch, you still can’t understand the situation? I heard that you were all amazing when it came to your skills, but I guess you are all dumb.”

When Luke sarcastically spoke to the assassins, with a dismayed look, Baron turned to Henry.

“Don’t tell me… Master, did you betray us?!”

Only then did the other men realize what had happened and tried to get their weapons out.

However, Luke’s magic was faster.

“Force of Gravity!”


In just a second, all the assassins were flat on the floor.

They all tried hard, but not a single man could even move his fingertip.

“Keuk, Master! His Majesty will never let this go!”

Baron could barely raise his head and screamed.

However, Henry just turned away his head.

Rather than feeling sorry for his men, seeing the feeble Baron on the floor reminded him of himself when he turned into a demon’s slave.

“Calm down, Baron. It will all end soon.”

“Shut up! You think you have a chance to live after this? I will gauge your eyes out and cut off your limbs…”

Whether Baron completed his curse or not, Luke turned his head to the door and called for a man who was waiting outside.


Dozens of bats flew into the room at his call.

The bats flocked together and transformed into a pale looking man in black suit.


Baron and the assassins were surprised and looked at Henry for an explanation.

But Henry didn’t explain anything to them. Talking about it would hurt his mouth, and the men wouldn’t even listen, so he decided to let them know once everything was over.

“You called, Master?”

“Make all these guys your subordinates.”

Despite Luke’s busy schedule for making a Gigant, he had come to the capital to create a spark in the hearing.

And to do so, he needed to control the information and the assassination organization that was known to the Baroque Imperial’s eyes and hands.

‘Kuku. Just wait and see, emperor!’

Luke smiled to himself and spoke to Henry, “You take care of the main heads, and the others will all be taken in by Belfair.”


From Hydra’s place, they went downtown to Nemesis along with Sebastian, who was hiding using magic.

There was a casino inside the downtown area where the intelligence headquarters that were being managed by the Imperials was located.

“We need to dominate them all at once. Can you do it, Sebastian?”

“Of course, Master. I am better than that bat guy when it comes to making slaves.”

Sebastian tapped his chest as if asking Luke to leave everything to him.

‘Yeah, and there are already slaves that had entered the area too.’

The former subordinates belonging to the intelligence services had entered the headquarters with an excuse and waited there for Luke and Sebastian.

One of the infiltrators would flicker the lamp at the window.

It was the sign that meant that the guards outside were taken care of.

“Kay then, should we take over?”

Luke invaded the headquarters, and Sebastian took out a bottle of poison and paralysis in advance.

‘Rudolf, your eyes and daggers will all be mine.’

That night, with the help of the two demons and their slaves, Luke succeeded in taking over the most important assets of the Baroque Imperial family.