Emperor of Steel

Chapter 325 - The Hearing 4

Marquis Mayers was on the outskirts of the capital, Nemesis in his manor.

There were nobles gathered to talk about the hearings that took place during the day.

“Marquis Mayers, that is definitely an amazing resource.”

Duke Butler, who had never thought that the evidence about Hector from Alvera would be available spoke to Mayers.

If they managed to push it like that, they might be able to take an initiative of the governing from the Emperor’s men.

“But if the Emperor pushed it blatantly as a traitor’s job, wouldn’t all the evidence we got go useless?”

In the late twenties, a young man who seemed rather arrogant opened his mouth feeling regret.

He was the next in line after Marquis Cavanill and was very displeased with the hearing.

And just one day of hearing didn’t mean they were done.

No matter how blind a man went with greed, they weren’t so stupid to not know that the Emperor had taken great damage from the Higher demon battle and that they were given the initiative in taking back the governing.

However, he was dissatisfied with the failure of the first hearing.

‘If the hearing ends successfully, the person with the biggest merits would be because of Marquis Mayers.’

Duke Butler was the symbol of armed forces in the noblemen, so there was no problem with his position.

However, the Marquis of Cavanill was in a state of dilemma after the death of his father, so it was unpleasant to see Marquis Mayers. Even so, because the other noblemen were like his dogs.

Duke Butler wasn’t aware to know the reasons for the complaints coming from Marquis Cavanill.

However, he didn’t rebuke the kid’s spoiled attitude.

‘Well, it wasn’t like Cavanill’s wrong in this.’

If Count Voltas’s excuse was accepted, that the Imperial Magic tower wasn’t able to properly manage their newly made Gigant, then the Emperor won’t be held accountable.

Butler too was worried about that.

“Hu hu hu. Don’t worry. That isn’t the only evidence I have.”

“Really, Marquis Mayers?”

“Yes. So hold yourselves back.”

Marquis Mayers assured them with a calm face.

He had evidence and witness.

If he decided to give in the last card, the Emperor will not be able to get over the claim.

‘The problem will appear when the definite evidence and the witness disappear…’

The Emperor had enough motive and power to destroy both evidence and witness.

Even if he was going insane because of his children’s illness, he won’t just stand back and watch.

Concerned with stuff, Duke Butler asked, “Marquis Mayers, is there anything I can help you with?”

When asked, Duke Butler meant that he was willing to send his own knights.

“I really appreciate you asking, but I have prepared things. The Emperor’s assassination organization will never be able to erase the evidence or witness.”

Duke Butler nodded with a calm expression.

“If it is you, then we can trust. Then, how are you going to proceed from now?”

If the noblemen took an initiative in the Imperial Parliament’s hearing, would the Empire stand?

Absolutely not!

Power was never shared between a parent and a kid.

In the worst case, a civil war would start.

“Of course, we will move accordingly. The one in the center would be Marquis Cavanill, and the Duke of west too will try to gather as much power from the nobles as possible.”

Marquis Cavanill represented the noblemen of the intermediate level.

Duke Butler, was the lord of the west.

And Mayers had insisted them, that in case of an event occurring in the future, the forces of the nobles had to be brought in.

“Of course, we will. We have to.”

Three years back too, they had tried to take down the monster.

And with the pass of time, no one wanted to stay still.

The two noblemen expressed their sympathy as they knew that they had to prepare thoroughly even though they hoped for the worst-case scenario to not arise.

“Then that means if in case a civil war comes over… would we be able to win?”

Marquis Cavanill asked with concern and fear.

The nobles said that the power of the noblemen was much less than that of the Emperor.

And Emperor Rudolf was known as a Sword Sage, and there were only two of such class men in the continent.

Moreover, there was a rumor about an SS knights forces which was completely hidden and raised under the orders of the Emperor, who were all Sword Masters.

So, they couldn’t dismiss a simple statement.

This is was because there were quite a few knights who were in the Knights of Guards during the battle with the demon, and most of them demonstrated their skills as Sword Masters.

“Well, as you have said, we will lose if we put ahead all our forces. But war isn’t always won with power. If people did follow and help, then we can never show power. And the hidden secret forces, they aren’t limited to the Emperor. Isn’t that right, Duke Butler?”

When asked by Marquis Mayers, Duke Butler smiled and nodded.

They knew that one day the Emperor and the noblemen would end up in a battle.

So, they devoted themselves to forces and power a long time back, and most forces haven’t yet been released to the public.

It was the same with marquis Mayers.

“Hm, hmm, then I feel assured. However, if the Emperor gets an aide, how do you intend to deal with it…?”

No matter what the situation was, the Emperor was the strongest knight in the Baroque Empire.

Duke Butler, was the next best knight, but there was a considerable gap between a Sword Master and Sword Sage.

And so, he wasn’t a huge problem to Rudolf.

And that much, all the noblemen along with Duke Butler would be able to know.

The problem was that there was a Knights group of SS under the Emperor.

“Me and my knights will take care of the Emperor and his knights.”

“That is a remarkable word, but war is won with skill, not by words. Will you be able to beat the Emperor and his knights with your skills?”

At the doubtful question of Marquis Cavanill, Duke Butler suddenly exhaled and began to show energy.


At that moment, the escorts of Marquis Mayers and Marquis Cavanill went pale.

Some even knelt down because of the force.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

The southern continental pottery and glasswork which were decorated in the room all cracked.

Even then, the ceiling and the walls began to crack.

“Oh, Oh my god! Such tremendous energy…!”

Marquis Cavanill spoke under his breath as he saw the entire room radiate the energy.

If Duke Butler didn’t control the spread of his energy, the room would have burst.

With a surprised face, the kid asked Duke Butler, “By, by any chance… Sword, did you level up to Sword Sage?”

“Hu H Hu. Right. As you said, war cannot be won with words by skills.”

Duke Butler.

He secluded himself into his estates for a long time.

When something special was meant to be celebrated, he never spoke out about his sword.

The reason was that he wanted to reach the level of Sword Sage and keep it a secret from all.

Butler went into seclusion, and as a result, a year later, he became a Sword Sage.

But it was kept as a well-hidden secret.

If the world knew, the Emperor would get wary of him.

“What now? A chance to win with this?”

When Butler asked, Cavanill nodded silently.

There was no way that Duke Butler a Sword Sage could not defeat Emperor Rudolf.

And they were all glad about that but was worried that the war would make his family troubled.

“Anyway, let’s think about how the hearing will go on for tomorrow.”

Marquis Mayers turned the topic with a dismayed expression.

And after an hour of conversation, they all went back to their respective homes.