Emperor of Steel

Chapter 323 - The Hearing 2

The one who received the magic communication from the Holy Empire was Count Voltas, who had been handed over the details from the Imperial family.

It was because since the emperor was distraught with his child’s illnesses, he wasn’t interested in the delegation of state affairs for the time being.

“The pope will come and cure the epidemic… If the sacred power of the pope surpasses that of the high priests in here, she might be able to cure the princes and the princesses.”

Lazlie, who was next to Count Voltas, was against it.

“Father, this could be a trick. We must never respond to it!”

When Voltas looked into Lazlie’s eyes, he began to explain his reason in detail.

“Somehow they are acting tolerant, but they have been sharpening their dagger for years in secret. Even if that wasn’t the case, why would the pope want to heal the Imperial family? They will ask for a huge favor in return for their help.”

If they managed to get the grace of Emperor Rudolf, they would surely ask him to return the favor in a considerate manner.

However, what if the Pope demanded the territory of the Baroque Empire?

If not, there was still the issue of the Imperial family getting involved in the civil war of the Holy Empire, and there was no thought as to what would happen if such high officials of Holy Empire enter the Baroque Empire.

In the worst case, the noblemen would have the chance to revolt.

“The Holy Empire might be aiming for it.”

“Uhm, maybe they are, but we never know,” said Voltas.

And the emperor might just let everything for the sake of his children.

“And Your Majesty is likely to show some faith by giving them a hand.”

“What do you mean by that?” Asked Voltas.

“To hand over the parties involved in the civil war to the Holy Empire.”

The Holy Empire would be angry against those who have instigated a rebellion behind their backs.

Although in the end, it would rest with Rudolf, he might hand over the investigation and details over to the Holy Empire for the grace they showed in curing his children.

The problem was that the heads of the plan were Count Voltas and Lazlie.

“We are Your Majesty’s extremists. Would he turn us over?” Asked Count Voltas.

“Did you forget that he is a Majesty who forgets tears, blood, and passion for the sake of his purpose? And there are many who can replace us.”

“Hmm, but surely…”

No matter how good they were at their tasks, Rudolf was the kind who would drown any devoted pair of people for his own cause.

It was the right thing for him.

And even if they were handed over to the pope of the Holy Empire would they be granted forgiveness?

The pope might surely be generous and kind, but it was likely that the ministers around the pope would insist on punishment.

At most, it would be the death penalty, but even if they did manage to survive, they would have to face all kinds of problems and punishments under them.

In the end, it was definite that the family that had enjoyed extreme power till then would be deprived of it.

“Let’s say that we saw nor got anything from there.”

“Yes, that is the best thing we can do.”

Count Voltas burned down the parchment that he had received from the magical communication from the Holy Empire.

And the Emperor, Rudolf, had lost the last string of hope because of his right man, who decided to work for himself and for the power of his family rather than the Emperor’s.