Emperor of Steel

Chapter 322 - The Hearing 1

The tragedy that fell on the Baroque Empire was known to the neighboring nation as well.

They were all reported by the information guilds of each nation, which were located in the Nemesis.

Pope Reina of the Holy Arthenia Empire was busy with reforming her empire, yet she still heard the news.

“Holiness, according to the reports from the priests in Nemesis, the condition of the princes and princess is critical.”

Among the priests, who were taken in for treatment, the priests from the El Kassel denomination were the most common.

As a result, they were able to know the most information than any other nation.

“Moreover, it wasn’t just the children in the palace who were sick. Emperor Rudolf’s eldest daughter and his daughter in law are sick as well.”

“Then, this isn’t just some regular sickness,” said Reina.

The informer nodded at Reina’s words.

“Yes, that’s obvious, and we might have to dispatch the Saint Guard. It is very likely that this is a curse from a high-level warlock.”

‘It can’t be…’

The word warlock immediately reminded Reina of Luke.

She remembered the fact that he was learning the dark magic of the Devil King from the past.

Moreover, Luke had a strong hostility toward the Baroque Imperial family.

However, she immediately threw away those thoughts.

‘No, Luke would never take revenge in such a manner.’

Saymon, unlike what the world knew, was a man who tried to defend a man’s rights even after becoming a warlock.

She knew because she read Saymon’s personal diary.

And Luke, who was doing great in his warlock studies, would never do such a wicked thing.

“Maybe the Veritas Magic Tower has something to do with it. It was destroyed just a while back, right?”

At the words of Reina, Arch Duke Gregory agreed.

“I too believe the same thing. The Veritas Magic Tower and Baroque Empire were known to have a great relationship for a long time. Because of the news about learning dark magic, the Baroque Empire, turning its back on the tower, is a very fleeting manner.”

“Yes, and then the revenge comes into play…”

“Would those who have touched evil touch the right path. They will commit more atrocities than this.”

Whatever the case, the ministers of the Holy Empire and the high ranking priests didn’t really feel bad about the tragedy that fell on the Baroque Imperial family, nor was anyone feeling glad about it.

Even though the situation was like this, most of the details were given in the past meeting.

It was then that a man raised his hand and asked, “Holiness, how about you help the Baroque Imperial family?”

It was priest Luther, the high priest of the Sanctity of Holiness, who asked such a question.

Although he was normally a priest, he was involved in the state’s affairs after seeing Reina’s devotion, who herself went and asked him for the reformation of the Holy Empire.

“Your Holiness, you have a unique spirit. You moved ahead and showcased numerous miracles. I believe in the power of Your Holiness, and you might be able to take down the disaster that has fallen on the Baroque Imperial family.”

The moment priest Luther was done talking, opposition came in from the others.

“Priest Luther, what is that supposed to mean? Don’t you remember what the Baroque Empire had done to us?”

“There are voices of resentment in not just our empire but in the Baroque Empire too about their intervention in the civil war! Why do we have to help them?!”

The opposition to helping the Baroque Empire was intense.

In the beginning, they had no idea that the Baroque Empire had supported Duke Ferrierd in the last civil war.

However, not long ago, the fact as to why Rudolf had been asked for a hearing had been revealed.

The priests and the ministers, who came to know of it, urged to take an immediate action.

However, Reina persuaded them by saying that it was time for them to strengthen their internal affairs rather than going behind retaliation.

“Getting services there is tough, and now you want us to help them?”

“Right! Let them deal with their own problems.”

Many people expressed their thoughts.

“That isn’t right. If it was any other normal nation, I might be wrong, but our Holy Empire is a nation built to serve the Lord and to spread his will to every man on earth. So, I think that it is time to show some tolerance.”

Luther saw the Baroque Empire as any other nation.

However, if the nations decided to turn their backs, then the feud between the two would only worsen, and that would lead to the shed of blood and pain.

“The Baroque Empire is a precious child of El Kassel and Belize as well, the mother of earth. At least for them, we will have to forgive the Baroque Imperial family, even if we can’t forget the past,” said Luther.

“The words of Luther are also correct. For peace, the first thing that needs to be shown is tolerance.”

Reina took Luther’s side as well after hearing his explanation.

“Tch, there is nothing we can do.”

“Do you really think that if we lend a helping hand, they would decide to walk straight and not cause any trouble?”

“If things went well, both nations could cooperate and take down the warlock, and the willingness of the pope to be tolerant and her power would spread everywhere.”

As the opinions began to shift, a senior priest raised his hand and asked, “All is good now, but how do you plan of securing the safety of the pope in the Baroque Empire?”

Both Baroque and Arthenia weren’t small nations, and it wasn’t a good thing in certain situations.

There were bound to be opponents everywhere. If that was the case, then would it really be wise to send Reina to the people who caused Arthenia’s civil war in order to exhaust its power?

“It isn’t like I don’t believe in the power of the Saint Guard or Arch Duke Gregory, but it would be a problem if Baroque decides to attack, right?”

“I have an idea.”

Priest Luther answered.

“And what would that be?”

“We can have a few senior wizards of the Holy Imperial Magic Tower accompany the pope. Even if the worst-case scenario happened, the party of the pope can be evacuated to a safe zone with teleport magic.”

“Surely, that could work”

“And there is a saying that says an enemy’s enemy is a friend. Even within the Baroque Empire, there are forces that are against the Imperial family. I heard that the noblemen representative and the Marquis of Rakan in the south are there.”

When the name Rakan was mentioned, Reina couldn’t hide her smile.

It was because Luke’s face flashed in her eyes.

“Right. In case anything happens, we can ask them for help.”

“Yes, it is good to discuss with them before heading there.”

Since the way to secure the safety of the pope was set, they were down to discussing the next thing.

The minister of foreign affairs sent a message to the Baroque Empire through magic communication, announcing the will of the Holy Empire.

Once the approval came back from the Baroque Imperial family, the long-distance teleport gates would be placed in Nemesis.

However, no matter how long they had waited, no reply came back from the Baroque Imperial family.

The one who received the magic communication from the Holy Empire was Count Voltas, who had been handed over the details from the Imperial family.

It was because since the emperor was distraught with his child’s illnesses, he wasn’t interested in the delegation of state affairs for the time being.

“The pope will come and cure the epidemic… If the sacred power of the pope surpasses that of the high priests in here, she might be able to cure the princes and the princesses.”

Lazlie, who was next to Count Voltas, was against it.

“Father, this could be a trick. We must never respond to it!”

When Voltas looked into Lazlie’s eyes, he began to explain his reason in detail.

“Somehow they are acting tolerant, but they have been sharpening their dagger for years in secret. Even if that wasn’t the case, why would the pope want to heal the Imperial family? They will ask for a huge favor in return for their help.”

If they managed to get the grace of Emperor Rudolf, they would surely ask him to return the favor in a considerate manner.

However, what if the Pope demanded the territory of the Baroque Empire?

If not, there was still the issue of the Imperial family getting involved in the civil war of the Holy Empire, and there was no thought as to what would happen if such high officials of Holy Empire enter the Baroque Empire.

In the worst case, the noblemen would have the chance to revolt.

“The Holy Empire might be aiming for it.”

“Uhm, maybe they are, but we never know,” said Voltas.

And the emperor might just let everything for the sake of his children.

“And Your Majesty is likely to show some faith by giving them a hand.”

“What do you mean by that?” Asked Voltas.

“To hand over the parties involved in the civil war to the Holy Empire.”

The Holy Empire would be angry against those who have instigated a rebellion behind their backs.

Although in the end, it would rest with Rudolf, he might hand over the investigation and details over to the Holy Empire for the grace they showed in curing his children.

The problem was that the heads of the plan were Count Voltas and Lazlie.

“We are Your Majesty’s extremists. Would he turn us over?” Asked Count Voltas.

“Did you forget that he is a Majesty who forgets tears, blood, and passion for the sake of his purpose? And there are many who can replace us.”

“Hmm, but surely…”

No matter how good they were at their tasks, Rudolf was the kind who would drown any devoted pair of people for his own cause.

It was the right thing for him.

And even if they were handed over to the pope of the Holy Empire would they be granted forgiveness?

The pope might surely be generous and kind, but it was likely that the ministers around the pope would insist on punishment.

At most, it would be the death penalty, but even if they did manage to survive, they would have to face all kinds of problems and punishments under them.

In the end, it was definite that the family that had enjoyed extreme power till then would be deprived of it.

“Let’s say that we saw nor got anything from there.”

“Yes, that is the best thing we can do.”

Count Voltas burned down the parchment that he had received from the magical communication from the Holy Empire.

And the Emperor, Rudolf, had lost the last string of hope because of his right man, who decided to work for himself and for the power of his family rather than the Emperor’s.