Emperor of Steel

Chapter 315 - Gigant Development 4

An hour later, the battle test had ended.

While Philip was running out of energy due to casting a series of Impact Aura, Luke was looking at the state of his prototype.

There didn’t seem to be any major damage to his prototype except for the slight scratch on the glove.

With his Hawk Eye ability, Luke took a closer look at the outer gloves and skeletons and found no fatal crack.

‘Kurgon really does make great steel. If this is the level, there will be no problem even if I use this on the gloves and the skeleton of the Gigant.’

However, there were other problems that had to be solved.

Obviously, the prototype’s armor and the skeleton weren’t strong enough to withstand the attack from a hero class Gigant and the magic amplification.

However, it wasn’t like the joints were not capable either.

Despite using the strength magic on the joints, the joints were worn out as the Gigant had undergone dozens of battles.

The joints that connected the skeleton of the Gigant were weak and needed to be delicate. Even if the armor and skeleton endure the shock, the weak joints couldn’t handle them easily.

And it wasn’t like Luke couldn’t have predicted it.

“Tch, tch, it should have been made with a much stronger material. There are those people who tell you to not spare a single dime when it comes to the joints. Didn’t you know that?”

Philip, who got down, came along.

Luke, who decided to ignore him, continued to look at the worn-out joints and tried to analyze the cause more accurately.

‘They weren’t made to be this weak… I think that Philip’s attack might have been much stronger than what I expected.’

Luke knew that Philip had stepped into the borders of a Sword Master when he stepped into the battle with Hwang Bo-sung. However, it looked like he was a well-established master in the current battle.

With such skills, giving him a hero class Gigant was like giving him wings, and it was natural for the attack power to have been higher than the calculated one.

‘I was here to test the prototype, but it looks like I just tested Philip’s ability too.’

Anyway, the results were satisfactory for Luke, from the basic durability of the Gigant to the ability of Philip.

In the future, the only needed parts that had to be made would be the crucial ones like the core engine, mana converters, and the balance devices that would compliment the joints and fit the Gigant’s work.

“Oh my God! My Melina had a scratch on her forearm! Don’t worry love, this Oppa is going to take you to the magic tower immediately and put new paint on it.”

Luke couldn’t help but frown, seeing Philip run over to his Gigant with flirtatious words.

‘That jerk is seriously sick… Well, I think it is high time he stop.’

There was no way for him to cure a geek with drugs, so Luke decided to leave Philip alone along with his sickness.

After testing, Luke returned back to the residence.

In the midst of developing a dedicated Gigant, he looked at the documents submitted by administrators and clerks to make sure that there was no problem within his estate.

“Fortunately, there is no huge problem. But…”

There was one problem which was troubling.

The clans that were participating in the Gigant Arena of Lamer were gradually decreasing.

The Gigant Arena was Lamer city’s main source of income, and in recent times, the number of clans participating had shrunk by half.

And it was because of 3 things.

First, due to the Battle of Magic Tower, the magic towers supporting the clans decreased, and second, the supporters of the clans—the nobles—were the same; they backed off.

And third was the departure of the mercenary riders and the iron mages.

Those who were quite capable were being recruited by the Rakan estates, the Katarina Magic Tower, and the neighboring estates were interested in them as well.

Naturally, the number of clans that were dismissed and destroyed was increasing, and the quality of the Gigant Arena’s battles dropped significantly.

“So, it is natural for the crowd to turn their backs on it.”

Something had to be done.

Though not right, the merchant association in charge of Lamer city was asking for the knights to participate.

In the arena, talented riders were recruited, and as for the knights, it was a way for them to train and gather experience.

“It is alright, but… that won’t be enough. As the clans have begun to shrink, it is necessary to start more diverse ways of play. Not just a simple one-on-one match but a three-on-three match…”

In that regard, Luke decided to seek the advice of Philip.

In the past, Philip had experienced the Gigant battle in the Capital Arena, so Luke thought that Philip would be able to give him unbiased advice.

“And the rest can be left over to the retainers. They will take care of it… There is still time until dinner, so should I write a letter to Reina?”

Luke took out a paper from his drawer.

In his heart, he wanted to exchange stories with Reina directly using magic communication, or use teleport magic and move to the Palace in Bless.

However, they were being interrupted by static, or they could be found out. That would not be good for either Reina or Luke if the people knew they were doing that.

‘Moreover, I am bound to talk about sweet romance with her.’

Laughing under his breath, Luke thought of the letters he had exchanged with Reina earlier.

While holding a pen, he was thinking about what to write.

‘Should I write about what I found out with my tests today? No, rather than that…’

Smiling for long, Luke thought a lot, but the letter for Reina had to wait.

It was because Sebastian ran inside wishing to deliver urgent news.