Emperor of Steel

Chapter 314 - Gigant Development 3

Wheeing-! Kiiing!


The secret workshop in the basement of the Devil King’s castle, inside the Rakan Marquis.

Various items that were operated by the magic stones melted or cut the metals, which engraved complex magic circles on the steel frame or iron plate.

There was a young man with platinum hair at the center of the workshop who was working on his own thing.

It was Luke de Rakan, the Marquis of Rakan estates.

Around him were large and small magic circles floating in the air.

As Luke commanded with every cast of spell and wave of his hand, the magic-based equipment in the workshop accurately and precisely worked.

“This is just for testing purposes, but it is developing faster than I expected.”

Luke looked over at the Gigant, whose skeleton was being completed and had a satisfied expression on him.

After deciding to make his very own Gigant, Luke had spent significant time in his secret workshop.

All thanks to the generous availability of the materials, the design didn’t take too long, and there was a prepared blueprint of Atlas or Orion from Dark Moon.

Immediately after completing the blueprint, he began to produce the trial Gigant.

Since the various parts were being made by an individual, the time taken was a lot.

Moreover, core components such as high power core engines and tuning helms were difficult to obtain, making them almost impossible to get right in the beginning.

So, Luke decided to skip those parts and start building the parts that he could.

“I think the skeleton, gloves and the joints are good enough.”

Luke looked over at the Gigant’s parts that he had made in the past three days with a warm smile.

“In the coming days, I will implant the Achilles parts to find out about the internal strength and the driving ability.”

Luke took the warrior class Gigant, Achilles, from his subspace bracelet.

Wheeing- Kiikii!

Creak! Creak!

With the magic equipment, Achilles had soon been disintegrated.

When the rivets and bolts were removed, the gloves were the first to come off, and then the core engine and mana converter and the balance device was removed one after the other.

Luke, in turn, fitted the parts to the test body. There was no problem with assembling the parts as they were all made ahead with precision.

Luke, who finally assembled the armor, put the prototype into the subspace.

“Should we go out for testing?”

Thinking so, Luke called Philip, who was in the manor.

Luke and Philip were excited with the idea of testing the prototype.

Philip was rather pleased with getting the chance to fight his lord again.

In recent times, Hwang Bo-sung had cultivated a lot of talents, and Philip’s ability had increased by a lot with the constant observation and fights with him.

“Huhuhu. Lord, I will not be going easy on you.”

“Understood, do our best. If you play around, I will confiscate Orion, so do well.”

“Ah! How can you take back what you just gave? I even carved out the name of Milena on its gloves!”

“What now, another name?”

“Obviously. Won’t the lord be giving out a name if he had a baby?”

When Philip had received Orion, his eyes were wet with tears of delight.

A knight’s dream was to be a rider, and a rider’s dreams was to drive a hero class Gigant.

However, Orion wasn’t so great at looking. Philip took it to his hand in making the gloves sharper and smoother by taking it to the fields of Katarina Magic Tower.

“Sting II. No, Marina, what did you do with that? You were so desperate for it.”

“Huhuhu. I gave it to Anna,” said Philip

“Anna? Why?”

Among the female knights, Anna was considered to be second to Scarlet, who had recently risen to the point of Advanced Expert.

However, there were knights who were stronger than Anna, such as Alex and Hobart. That was why it wasn’t understandable for Marina to be passed down to a knight like Anna.

“You were dating Anna. Was that why you gave it to her?” Asked Luke.

“Huh. Honestly, there was no such thing. It is just a past relationship, but Marina is my kid whom I rode, and it would turn messy if I hand it over to the guys. That was why,” said Philip.

‘This guy has serious complex issues with that thing.’

There were a few geeks who pampered their weapons by giving them names and cleaning them.

There were a few geeks of the sort in the manor like artisans and knights, but no one was as obsessed as Philip.

Luke just shook his head and pulled out the prototype from the subspace.

“Anyway, concentrate. If you don’t do well, you will end up seeing that old baby of yours once again.”

When the prototype had come out from Luke, Orion… No, Philip’s Milena came ahead with lightning speed, wielding its giant sword.


When the giant sword collided, sparks flew around with terrifying sounds.

Due to that, Luke’s Gigant got pushed back. Due to the limitations of the output, he wasn’t able to take in the blows from the hero class Gigant.

“Kuek! Wow…!”

“What is this? How could this be? Wasn’t that a hero class?” Asked Philip.

It was just a single strike, but Philip was able to grasp Luke’s prototype with just its output.

“You thought that hero class is something that anyone can just make?”

“Even then, since it was being made by you, My Lord, I thought that it would be excellent… But… I am a little disappointed.”

“I will amaze you later on. So for now, just attack. Or, do you want me to attack?” Asked Luke.

Even with Luke’s threat, Philip didn’t take a step forward. He was worried that Luke would get hurt.

Looking at the guy standing still even after his words, Luke used the prototype’s core engine to amplify the magic stone and go in for an attack.

“Blink Dash!”


Luke’s move narrowed the gap between him and Philip in the blink of an eye along with dozens of attacks.

The image could be seen in the front. It was like lightning had appeared in front of Melina, wielding a sword and trying to stab it.

Philip, who was somewhat hesitant because of the difference in the Gigant’s output, hurriedly wielded his sword to prevent the attacks.

“Tch, this is why Rune Knights are sneaky.”

“If you are feeling sad, maybe you should start learning magic from now on.”

“That is not needed! The one thing that I hate doing the most is learning!”

Philip had no intention to lose in the match, even if his opponent was his lord. With Impact Aura, he pushed Luke.

Kiiing- slash!

Kwang- Kwanng!

In response to the roaring sound of the loud core engine, deadly slashes and strikes from the Gigants’ swords poured in.

Luke managed to stop the attacks from touching him by placing shield magic on his gloves.

However, Philip’s Impact Aura from the hero class Gigant couldn’t be stopped.

Ddd! Crrrrk!

‘The built-in frame is shaking. Maybe it is because the Impact Aura is coming through the shield magic and touching the gloves?’

Since the Gigant was supposed to be a hero class, the skeleton of the prototype was made much stronger than a general warrior class.

Nevertheless, the fact that the internal frame was shaking meant that there was a problem somewhere in how the build-up was being held.

‘For now, I will use the strengthening magic to hold the parts. I need to endure this now to know…’

It was a test to examine the durability of the prototype’s gloves and skeleton.

That was why Luke focused a lot on getting the most powerful attack from Philip than attack Philip.

“Sir Philip! What the hell did you do last night that you seem so powerless now? Did you sleep with Anna?”

“I-I did nothing. Why?”

“Then what are you doing? Use more power!”

“Kuek! You might end up getting hurt!”

After yelling, Philip decided to do his best.

The Impact Aura he created began to become stronger and stronger.

Kwang! Kwang!

The sound of strikes and clashing steel spread all through the ground.