Emperor of Steel

Chapter 310 - Conflict Amplified Once Again 3


After hearing about the story of the Veritas Magic Tower from Hudson, Luke burst out into a cheerful laugh.

It was because he was the one who planned everything, but he never imagined that things would work out so well.

“Even then, it is a pity that the Meister and the elders have run away.”

The emperor did send out the troops very quickly, but the quick-witted wizard rats fled by then.

They had missed out on the real deal, but Luke wasn’t that disappointed.

He believed that if he could take down their men one after the other, then he might even be able to take down Arsene.

“By the way, when I was away, the fairies in our lordship were said to be slumped. Do you know anything about that?” Asked Luke.

“That is true, Lord. I did go out and try to investigate it. However, the fairies didn’t open their mouth no matter how many times I asked.”

“Isn’t something unknown happening between them?”

“It wasn’t like that. There were observations that the fairies were angry. It was as if they had a conflict of opinion, but everything else is the usual.”

The fairies of the Rakan estate decided to not follow the decisions and the orders of the Fairy representatives.

However, that didn’t mean that they were going to comply with the decisions of the human leaders as well.

It was just a minimal act of loyalty.

“Hmm, is that so? Even then, we never know, so keep an eye on the actions of the fairies,” said Luke.

They were the betrayers of him once. In order to not lose his loved one once again, Luke continued to keep an eye on the fairies.

When Hudson went away, Luke continued with the designing of the Gigant, which he stopped doing momentarily.

As he had already gained considerable knowledge and skills, his hands were moving unceasingly, drawing think and thin lines on the parchment.

Except for the core parts, he had finished designing the rest of the part and the magic circles.

What he was doing was integrating the parts into one. Where one part had to be placed, and how the magic circles had to be drawn and so on.

Luke, who was so busy with his work, suddenly looked over at the clock. Realizing that it was the time for his appointment in the Katarina Magic Tower, he headed there.

And Luke’s footsteps stopped in the exact place.

Hwang Bo-sung was waiting over there.

“Lord, you have come?”

“Yeah, was the training satisfying?”

As Luke asked, Hwang Bo-sung raised his fist and laughed.

“No one lasted over a 100 punches!”

At the instructions of Luke, Hwang Bo-sung was able to train with Rogers and Kaper.

It helped Hwang Bo-sung by a lot. However, it was a good experience for those two men who were desperate after losing to Shaikan.

After Philip and the other knights watched the battle, the Rakan estate had its own training ground.

“I am glad that you were satisfied. Then, will you summon the Puppet?”


Since it had been numerous times, Hwang Bo-sung quickly placed flags on the floor with familiar patterns and wrote letters and signed a seal.

“… Warrior strength, move forward!”

Hwang Bo-sung, who cast the spell, hit the floor with his fists.

Right then, a red light began to spread through the ground, and the puppet rose.

At first glance, the wizards and the field masters, who were seeing that for the time first time, looked at it and then immediately went back to their own respective works.

“Master, then I will head back to the training center. Be careful.”

Hwang Bo-sung, who set the puppet for Luke, quickly went back to the knight’s training center.

His head was full of thoughts on what kind of martial arts he would have to use to take down the knights.

When Hwang Bo-sung went out, Luke approached the Puppet and began to look at it.

He first touched the puppet and copied its images, figures and the characters that contained magical meanings, which were engraved onto a parchment, and looked at it carefully.

The puppet was a weapon that was made completely different from a Gigant.

The power to move it wasn’t magic but tactics and mind-based.

Its aether like property made the Puppet move through a spell and the techniques depicted on the iron core.

That was why Luke paid more attention to the iron core.

According to Hwang Bo-sung, the iron core tree had superior quality compared to other trees. They responded to aura.

The reaction speed of the puppet came from that and made the Gigant move faster.

The reason why Philip lost against Hwang Bo-sung the other day was also because of that momentary reaction.

‘Isn’t the iron core of this nature a substitute of the expensive radium alloy?’

Luke, who removed the iron core wood from the puppet, had conducted dozens of experiments and tests.

And through his experiment, he found out that the iron core wood could indeed replace the radium alloy.

“Hahaha! I was right!”

Luke’s face, which smiled brightly, quickly went stiff.

“But is this wood easy to find?”

In the next few days, Luke obtained all the books that were related to plants, including the encyclopedia, and examined every inch of them.

He searched to see if the tree was growing in the Rhodesia Continent, but he couldn’t find that particular tree.

“Is it grown only in the Southern Continent?”

He had to put the effort in, but it wasn’t going to be a huge problem. Compared to the past, trade with the South was very active.

Making a puppet was still uncertain, but he might be able to get the amount of wood needed for the Helm making.

However, listening to Hwang Bo-sung’s words, Luke’s expression went hard once again.

“To get the processed iron core wood, I’ll have to visit the Zegal clan.”

“Can I get it if I go there? The price would be?”

Hwang Bo-sung, shook his head when Luke asked, “The Zegal clan doesn’t sell processed iron core wood. They only make it for their own use.”

It was said that the iron core could be obtained by going to the highlands of the Southern Continent.

The problem was that in order to get the properties that respond to the aura, the wood had to be processed.

And the secret to processing the iron core wood was only known to the Zegal clan. However, they weren’t selling them, which meant that it was a waste of talent.

“Okay, I will send a person to the place of the Zegal clan and try to buy them.”

If that didn’t work, he decided to go there and get the iron core wood himself.

Luke’s orders were delivered to the Kirillov Co., which was active in its trading with the Southern Continent with a tag termed ‘priority’.