Emperor of Steel

Chapter 309 - Conflict Amplified Once Again 2

Marquis Mayers had been feeling troubled lately.

It was because the Emperor had been quiet for a while and then suddenly turned active.

He insisted on regaining the concessions made three years ago to close off the conflict between the Emperor and the noblemen, but was secretly excluding the noblemen from the positions such as military, administration, and was planting his own people.

For what.

The tax exemption policy that was released a while back seemed normal on the outside, but when learned in detail, it was very unfavorable for the noblemen.

‘What the hell does Emperor Rudolf even want? Does he wish for a civil war?’

Marquis Mayers felt that he couldn’t compromise anymore and pushed for the noblemen to take action.

However, a long while ago, there was a turmoil in the capital.

Demons had appeared in the Veritas Magic tower, turning the northern part of the capital into a wasteland, and caused tremendous damage to the Central Army and the Knights of Guard.

As a result, the pressure from the Emperor decreased by a lot.

Marquis Mayers, who was gathering the information through his spies couldn’t help but sigh out of relief.

‘How much damage did the Emperor taken in? Could the Central Army and the Knights of Guard be hit till the level of annihilation?’

When Marquis Mayers was in his extreme thoughts and expectations.

Baron Aron returned from Nemesis after gathering information.

“Oh well, how much damage did the Emperor suffer from this?”


Aron told the entire information which he had collected over the days.

After hearing the report, Marquis seemed rather displeased. It was because the damage was much less than what he had expected.

“There are rumors that Emperor Rudolf had taken personal damage after appearing in the battle in person, but it is most likely to be false.” Answered Aron.

No matter how strong the Emperor seemed, the opponent was a ‘Demon’.

That too, a higher demon.

And fight of one-on-one with higher demons and defeating it?

Perhaps it was an exaggerated rumor inflate the Emperor’s pride and the knights’ morale. The cunning Emperor must have taken a step back and let his guards fight desperately.

“I was really hoping that the Imperial palace would have been smashed and the capital was burned down to ashes.”

The Imperial Palace was a symbol of the Emperor.

The capital was the place where the powerful and wealthy nobles of the Emperor were concentrated.

If those both institutes would have been smashed, the Emperor would have taken in huge damage.

All his support base would have been blown away.

“Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. We won’t be able to pass the Emperor’s offensive line for a while.”

Unfortunately, the noblemen had changed during the three years.

The Emperor’s acts had led them to create helpless conflicts within the noblemen itself.

It was because the successor of Marquis Cavanill had opened his eyes towards the Emperor to gain a little more personal interest.

Due to that, there were big and small disruptions within the noblemen itself. Marquis Mayers and Duke Butler had taken quite a pain in mediating the problems.

‘Tch Tch, that Southern proverb did say, no dog should be placed under the hood, how could such a stupid child succeed that…’

It was when Marquis Mayers was clicking his tongue.

With a calm expression, Baron Aron opened his lips.

“Your Majesty, there is another piece of important information.”

“Important information?”

“Yes, when I came here to report to you, I met prince Aslan at the entrance of the manor.”

“Aslan? Perhaps, was that the name of Duke Ferrierd who had rebelled against the Holy Empire?”

“That is right.”

Aron told the entire story about meeting Aslan and what he had told him.

After hearing the entire matter, the eyes of Marquis Mayers glowed intensely. It was because after a long time the noblemen had something in their hand which could push back the Emperor.

“Send the message to all the noblemen right away.”

“Will you be heading to the capital right away?” Asked Baron Aron.

“Of course, I need to go and see him. The crumpled face of the Emperor, and the initiative I need to take.”

Successive events took place in favor of the noblemen, even if they couldn’t be declared as the God-given opportunity for their revival.

If the two events were used properly, though they might not be able to overpower the Emperor right away, they would still be able to take the initiative in the working of the government.

‘If I can’t eat from a well-prepared dining table, I can’t be called as an ambitious person.’

Aron saw the ambition rise in Marquis Mayers eyes and opened his mouth cautiously.

“But the thing is, Aslan has lost all the crucial things that he had gathered during the escape from the manor.”

No matter how many of the Imperial mercenary troops were dispatched, they had to take the permission of the Imperial parliament to send troops abroad.

It was because, in the past, the nation’s fortune had declined due to the indiscriminate dispatch of troops.

However, since the Emperor, who should be the example, dispatched men freely violating the laws of the Empire and ignored the authority of the Imperial parliament himself.

“Oh, if we have no proof, we need to stop persuading. This isn’t normal and the capital is in a mess right now, and that is enough for me to eat it alive.”

Marquis Mayers had a confident expression, called a butler and asked him to guide Aslan, who was waiting outside, into the villa where the guests were asked to stay.

“Wait and watch Emperor Rudolf! Haha hahaha!”

A delightful laugh came from Marquis Mayers’s face for quite sometime.