Emperor of Steel

Chapter 308 - Conflict Amplified Once Again 1

Although the Rakan Marquis had been evolving, the largest forces of the Baroque Empire was still the Marquis Mayers which was in the southern part.

Their individual power alone had over 900 knights and Gigants of 250.

It was comparable to the overall military power of a duchy.

The basis of the forces were from 17 large and small cities along with vast farmland.

The enormous amount of collected forces in there were all diverted to the support of the Marquis.

In addition, Marquis Mayers was a noble, leading the noblemen provinces of the south.

With all that forces, wealth and political power, the pride of Marquis and their retainers remained inevitable.

No, they were more all less thinking about themselves to be the descendants of the Milton estates of the past.

“We have arrived.”

In front of the permanent residence of Marquis Mayers, a young man dressed in southern continent attire appeared.

His face was exhausted with the long trips and full of anxiety and tension.

‘Getting rejected in here will put me in trouble. I need to meet the Marquis at any cost.’


As the young man approached, the knights of Marquis Mayers blocked the man by crossing their weapons.

“Please let me leave, I need to speak to the Marquis.”

“What? You need to meet with Marquis?”

At the end of the young man’s words, the knights looked at him from up to bottom.

When they saw there was a sword hanging down his waist, they assumed him to be a mercenary who was traveling around.

There were dozens of people who came there saying they were hired.

“Our Marquis is very busy. He isn’t free enough to meet you, please head back.”

The young man, with a sincere expression, spoke back to the knight.

“This is a huge deal to the Baroque Imperial. I really wish that the Marquis benefit from this, and this won’t cause trouble to anyone, so please, I need to meet him.”

“Uh uh! Do you realize how many times men like you come here saying such stuff? If you don’t move away from here right now, it will turn painful for you!”

A stubborn knight spoke back to the desperate young man.

‘Ha ah, I can’t even get in here!’

The young man with that attire, was Aslad de Ferrierd, the prince of Konrad Kingdom.

Having escaped with his father and the retainers, he was almost betrayed by Lazlie barely managing to escape by taking the help from a southern sailing ship.

And for vengeance against the Baroque Imperials, he turned towards the noblemen.

However, they weren’t welcoming Alsan, who was wandering around looking like a mercenary.

Looking at his appearance, he was often asked to turn back with the excuse that the lord was too busy to meet him.

‘However, would anyone even think of me as a prince, seeing me dressed like this? It might be weird to meet too.’

It was when he was turning away with disappointment.


A wagon, emitting white smoke from its chimney, quickly moved towards the manor.

‘A mobile? I guess that it is a nobleman who is stacked with money.’

A mobile was a means of transportation which used the magic stones, for fast movement.

But there was nothing more to it than showing off the wealth and power of a person.

Aslan was able to see the appearance of a sleazy person, asking the soldiers to open the door.

But from the mobile, he heard a familiar voice which made him stop.

“Aren’t you the son of Duke Ferrierd, Aslan?”

‘Who could this be?’

Surprised, Aslan looked in the direction of the mobile, and the door opened allowed the man to come out.

“You, you!!”

“Ha ha ha. Has it been 7 years? I never expected to see you in such a place.”

The middle-aged man who approached Aslan with a friendly smile was Baron Aron de Bazo, the mastermind behind Marquis Mayers.

In the past, Baron Aron had been sent to the Holy Arthenia Empire as a goodwill ambassador.

At that time, he met Aslan who was studying away from home in the capital Bless and had together gone to the entertainment district.

So, even though the appearance and the clothes changed, he was able to recognize Aslan at a glance.

“I heard that you and your father went to the Southern continent, so why are you here?”

“Ha, that…”

Aslan who wanted to make something out of the situation explained everything to Baron Aron on what he had been through, and the situation where the Baroque Imperial deeply involved themselves in the civil war of the Holy Empire.

After hearing the entire story, Baron Aron was shocked.

“Please wait here a moment. I have urgent work to take care of and will notify the Marquis immediately.”

Having said that, Aron hurriedly set off back in his mobile.

Aslan looked at the disappearing mobile into the manor and clenched his fist.

‘Dammit! Just wait and see, Lazlie. No, Emperor Rudolf! Although I have no power to take on vengeance for the sake of my father, I’ll make you pay as much as I can!’

Clenching tightly, blood began to flow out from his right hand, but Aslan couldn’t even feel that pain.