Emperor of Steel

Chapter 307 - Fall of the Veritas Magic Tower 4

A pyramid located on the island of Thanatos in the Hell Islands.

Arsene, who was committed to the great resurrection, got back a shocking report and got up from his seat.

“W-what. was it! Veritas. Magic tower. Is. Gone?”

“Please punish us because of the poor mismanagement of the descendants?”

After reporting, Meister Nestor fell down on the floor and asked for punishment.

Since he was serving Arsene for a very long time, he knew how much he loved the magic tower.

It was for the very magic tower that he had decided to turn into a Lich.

However, something terrifying had happened!

Arsene was so angry that his entire body trembled, and his bones creaked. He barely managed to calm his emotions. He asked, “How. In. the. World. Did this. Happen. Any. Report on. It?”

“That was…”

Nestor told the entire thing that he heard from Albert.

Arsene, who heard the entire news, couldn’t help but feel the situation was absurd.

“From the. Magic tower. headquarters. One. Higher. Demon. Popped out. And. The. Warlock. Rumors. Spread! Who. Is stupid. Enough. To do. Such. A thing. In there?!”

“T-that… We confirmed that a 5th magic circle warlock named Fabian was involved in it, but we cannot tell who the main perpetrator is.”

According to the investigation done by Albert, none of the elders or the high ranking wizards of the magic tower who learned dark magic showed suspicious or unclear behavior.

They were performing their own duties at the time of the demon summoning.

“Kul! Then. Is it. An outside. Work? How. Dare. Someone. Do. Such a thing!”

Both of the eyes of Arsene were red with anger.


Nestor, who saw that, could feel her entire body tremble with fear.

It was because he was so intense and dominating that no warlock even with a 9th magic circle could look into his eyes.

‘Who the hell could have done that? For a higher demon to be summoned, he couldn’t have been lacking in skills, and if it is not an insider’s act then… Was it the guys from the Dark Moon?’

No matter what, the only people who were capable of such a thing were the henchmen of Saymon.

In addition, it could have been done by the remnants of the ten magic towers who had been targeted for opposing the Veritas Magic Tower.

They could have held a grudge against Veritas and decided to touch the forbidden magic.

‘Kuek! It doesn’t matter who is doing this. I will make them pay 10 times… No, they will be paying 20 times the loss I have faced!’

The good news was that all the Veritas’s assets and treasures had been saved.

And with Albert coming to the island with those items, it was just a matter of rebuilding the tower from scratch.

“Master, according to Albert’s words, the magic tower has been destroyed, and the crucial point is the betrayal of Emperor Rudolf. Shouldn’t we be punishing them too?”

“Kul. Obviously. They will. Be. Punished. I used. My hand. For. All his. Works. And to be. Played with. Betrayal. Of. Veritas. Magic tower. everything. Is clear. I will. Be smart. To show. The after. Effects.”

He wanted to go to the capital of Nemesis and kill the Emperor and destroy the palace.

However, Arsene had to preside over the Great Resurrection project, which had to be done. It would be troublesome if problems arose after him going out.

Of course, it didn’t mean that he was going to let the Emperor get away with it.

In this case, Arsene was preparing a masterpiece for the Imperial family.

It had been under preparation for a long time, and yet no one in the Imperial family knew about it.

All he had to do was to send off one of his guardians, and they would punish Rudolf.

‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Rudolf, you bastard. I will be making you cry tears of blood!’

With horrifying emotions, Arsene’s eyes looked at the northern sky where the capital of Nemesis was located.