Emperor of Steel

Chapter 306 - Fall of the Veritas Magic Tower 3

“Leave this place right away!”

After the call of Albert, who had just returned back to the Veritas Magic Tower, the wizards, who were in a full swing, asked, “What happened?”

“Hurry up and pack everything! We will be swept away by the Emperor’s men!”

Albert had been dealing with the Imperial family and the nobles for a very long time, so he knew how the power-thirsty men would act.

If there was anything that they could gain from the other, they act all kind and heart-warmingly. However, when the same individual threatens their position, they would turn into a cold-blooded killer.

It was no use to cry in front of the Imperial family talking about the conspiracy.

‘Rather, they might be thinking about eating Veritas at this very moment!’

Albert hurriedly called the elders to provide them with the directions.

“Elder Belmond went to the library to collect the magic books and research materials classified as high. Try to burn everything which can’t be taken. And you…”

Assets to take priority, the treasure of the Veritas Magic Tower and talented people.

If there were such materials, then the Veritas could rise whenever possible.

Of course, they wouldn’t be able to call the magic tower as Veritas for a very long time.

After giving instructions over to the elders, Albert gathered the rest of the wizards, mercenaries and other staff.

“You people head to the Hilt Valley to the west of the Veritas town.”

“Hilt Valley? Isn’t that where we throw away our waste?”

“Right. But there is an emergency teleport magic circle there that you can use to escape.”

Everyone was shaken with a lot of agitation when they heard the word escape.

There were many words going around about the identity of the monster that had appeared a few days back. The heads of the magic tower were easy going on it, but rumors had broken out to the level that every one of the capital streets were talking about it.

‘Are the words about black magic being taught really true?’

‘Dammit, I stepped into shit.’

The wizards all turned pale.

Some thought that they were deceived by the magic tower and its heads.

However, since the situation was so severe, they couldn’t just withdraw at that moment either.

“Move fast, will you?! If you don’t, there won’t be a tile when you can see the light again!”

At the stern prompt from Albert, everyone packed their bags and hurried to the Hilt Valley.

The number of men was over 1,000.

Their large scale movement was noticed by the subjugation troops that were dispatched after a while

The commander of the subjugation troops consisted of the Central Army and the Knights of Guard’s Vice-captain, Count Ferrero.

Ferrero looked over at the movement of the wizards to the teleportation place.

“I did expect them to escape, but why are they gathering together instead of scattering?”

“I heard that there are numerous escape routes in magic towers. I guess the Veritas Magic Tower has the same principle. Perhaps, there is something being prepared on the west side where they are heading to.”

Ferrero nodded in response to the answer from his lieutenant.

“We will divide the troops into two. The left side army will go with the lieutenant to chase after the fugitives, and the right side army will siege the magic tower with me, and don’t miss any of the remnants, do you understand?” Ordered Ferrero.

“Understood, Sir!”

Ferrero immediately gave out orders and pulled on the lieutenant who was ready to take charge.

“You are probably already aware but be careful. If anyone of those men summon a demon again, we will suffer a lot.”

“I will keep that in mind,” responded the lieutenant.

The troops began to get separated into the right and left and moved in earnest.

When the gigant troops and knights led by Ferrero’s lieutenant appeared, the fleeing wizards were all shocked.

“T-the subjugation troops!”

“They are here to catch us!”

“Go on and run away!”

The wizards and the mercenaries moved quickly toward Hilt Valley when they heard that the troops were chasing them.

They really believed that they could escape from the army once they reach the teleportation circle.

But how long could they walk or run in a wagon?

Eventually, the troops caught up to them, and they received the blades of the knights.

“Kill everyone of these bloody warlocks!”

“I-I am not a warlock!”

“Shut up! You think that I will fall for those words!”

Without differentiating between the innocent wizards, the knights of subjugation began to wield their swords at everyone.

The riders were even worse.

They trampled on the wizards and mercenaries and swung their huge swords at them. Out of all the knights, there were many who had fought the demons the other day. They contained lots of hostility against Veritas for what had happened.

Even if that wasn’t the case, there were many who were disgusted with Veritas, which had always been arrogant due to its past.

“Quickly, find that teleportation magic circle!”

“If you don’t want to die, go look for it!”

Those who had reached Hilt Valley avoided the troops and wandered around, trying to find the magic circle.

In spite of their efforts to survive, rather than a magic teleportation circle, not even a cheap scroll piece could be found.

The entire valley was full of scrap and metal. It was literally a dumping site for garbage.

“It isn’t here! It is nowhere to be found!”

“Don’t tell me, Meister used us as bait…”

The words from a certain someone got cut with the final blow.

The wizards and the mercenaries, who were desperately searching for the magic circle, sat down after realizing that they were betrayed.

The swords of the subjugation that were furiously chasing after them slashed into the wizards the moment they came close.

Standing on one of the tallest ruined buildings was Albert, who was looking down at the subjugation troops heading his way.

He was hoping that they would be out to catch those young fools whom he had used as bait. However, the commander of the troops had seen through his plan.

It was good news that unlike the troops that went after the wizards, the troops heading to his direction were cautious like they were in a siege.

‘I know what you are worried about.’

Every time there was a light flashing inside the magic tower, the subjugation forces halted with fear.

Thinking that a demon had been summoned, but in reality, the light was coming from the long-distance teleport scrolls used by the high ranking nobles who possessed assets and treasures of the Veritas Magic Tower.

‘Should I try summoning a real demon at this very yard?’

He really wanted to do that, considering that the Imperial family had just betrayed the friendship they had that had been going strong for the past 500 years.

If he could collect the remaining materials in the current tower, he might be able to summon at least an intermediate demon.

However, it wasn’t the time to dilly dally.

Moreover, if a real demon did come out and if it took too long to take it down, it would turn troublesome for them too.

‘I am raging right now, but I am going to take a step back because this is the best thing I can do.’

Only then would it be possible to gain sympathy by saying, ‘The stupid Imperial family and the nobles fell for a conspiracy plot set up by some unknown person.’

And that would make it easier for the magic tower.

“Master, you need to hurry. The subjugation troops had already entered the magic tower!”

One of the disciples had reached the Meister and reported.

Albert could see the Gigants entering. Gigants were on their way even though the towers had fallen.

“The spell books, magic books, and the research data? Has all of the treasure of the magic tower been sent?”

“Yes, the elders have secured them and left first.”

“Did all of the high ranking wizards and their disciples left?”

“Yes, it is just me and you, Master.”

“Then we should go out too.”

Albert took one last look around the magic tower.

Even after Kauren’s riot, some places were still intact.

Nevertheless, Albert was born in there, and he had been deprived of his Meister position. He had no choice but to give up on the magic tower.

‘I will come back. Once again, it can be whenever… on my heart!’

After swearing to himself, Albert raised his hand.

Kwah! Puaang!

“Fire, there is fire!”

“Everyone, move back!”

The magic of Volcanic Explosion manifested by Albert engulfed the entire magic tower’s remains.

As the subjugation army, which was startled, retreated, Albert disappeared with his disciples.

For many years, the Veritas Magic Tower, which held its position as the 2nd best magic tower in the continent and the head of the Magic Federation, disappeared in an instant, all due to some unexpected turn of events.

And that event had a tremendous impact on the magical system of the continent.

The alliance with the magic tower that not just gave a lead to the throne of the Imperial family was also the driving force for the destruction of the Veritas Magic Tower. Emperor Rudolf declared that the Veritas Magic Tower was the main culprit in the summoning of the demon that had destroyed the north of the capital, causing a great deal of suffering and loss.

And effectively, it ended the Battle of Magic Towers!

However, the reformers couldn’t just rejoice over it. It was because the conflict between the two of them had caused a considerable damage to the magic of the continent and the magical world.

And that could have a significant impact on the future of the continent.