Emperor of Steel

Chapter 305 - Fall of the Veritas Magic Tower 2

“Your Majesty, this isn’t something we did! There is no individual who has learned of the magic to summon a demon, nor any summoners with us, and there is no such person in our tower! Please trust us!”

Emperor Rudolf has refused to meet the nobles with the excuse of treating his injuries only to talk to a man in his office.

It was Meister Albert of the Veritas Magic tower, who was speaking.

He had just arrived back to the tower two days ago and was trying to explain about the accident which had happened during his time.

“You are saying it really isn’t your work?”

“That is true. Please believe me!”

‘Huh, so you expect me to believe you just because you say so!’

Rudolf screamed in the inside.

Emperor Rudolf was very well aware of the fact that the Veritas Magic tower had defeated the ancient warlock, the Devil King Saymon.

Through the dark magic book, Arsene turned into a Lich and the former Meisters of the Veritas and the other elders too had learned a variety of dark magic.

‘But no one has learned to summon demons? Such a shameless man this one is!’

Albert could only exhale seeing the cold eyes of the Emperor.

“If that is so if we show our sincerity, would you believe our innocence?”

Albert was well aware that Emperor Rudolf wouldn’t claim Veritas as the main culprit.

But the Imperial too was at loss.

Nevertheless, he knew that there was a price to pay.

‘Haha, The damages of our magic towers will be extreme this time. What kind of a bastard did such an act?’

If Albert found out who did such an act, he was definite on making that man into undead and making him suffer forever.

‘Hu hu. To get away with this, you need to be able to come up with pretty note-worthy things.’

It was Rudolf, who remembered Veritas Magic tower to be his most valuable asset. Rudolf opened his mouth.

Suddenly, the door of the office opened wide and Count Voltas entered.

He looked at Albert and was surprised, but soon spoke to the Emperor.

“Your majesty, great trouble has come upon us!”

“What is that?”

“A moment back, someone passed us a magic video crystal to the Imperial Palace, and there was a video of a person summoning the higher demon.”


Shocked with the content, Rudolf got up from his seat. It was because it meant that the main culprit of the case was revealed.

He didn’t actually think that the Veritas Magic tower was the actual source.

However, one of the Veritas Magic tower elders, who had been pushed out of the tower due to internal struggles, and had a bad intention in his heart could have done such thing, and such allegations couldn’t be ruled out.

“Who is the culprit?”

“That, that thing…”

At Rudolf’s question, Voltas looked at Albert and hesitated.

“It is alright, let me know.” Said Rudolf.

“Yes, the magic video crystal has shown wizards summoning a higher demon, and it has been confirmed that they are of Veritas Magic tower.”

“Such an answer!”

While Albert was flustered, Voltas pushed the Magic video crystal forward.

“Please check it for yourself.”

Albert immediately infused the mana into the magic video crystal.

Then again, the video began to appear on one side of the wall.

The video continued on the wall showing the preliminary scene of summoning the demon, to drawing the summoning circles on the floor, to saying the summoning spells and then the summoned demon directly coming up.

After confirming all of that, Albert could only gulp.

It was because one of the two wizards in the video was someone he knew.

‘Why, why is that guy in there…!’

“Those young wizards there is Fabian Azar. He once won an award in the capital magic contest.”

Just as Voltas said, Fabian was a new wizard who had been prominent in Veritas Magic tower.

He had great talent in magic, so he climbed to the 5th circle at a very young age, but due to his poor native origin, he wasn’t able to garner anything else in the Veritas magic tower.

Nevertheless, he never expressed dissatisfaction and Albert who was curious about him because of that thought of handing him a suitable place in the tower.

But of course, the position was given over to a noble, a noble whose father had given bribes.

‘Because of that did he do this…?’

However, the question was how did Fabian manage to master dark magic, and how was he able to summon higher demons.

It was because the dark magic teaching was kept very thoroughly in the magic tower.

‘Then, is the guy with Fabian the one who did it?’

The problem was that the man who was in the hood and performing the tasks didn’t show his face.

What was even more remarkable was that Fabian and the other one were wearing the robe embroidered with the Veritas Magic tower emblem.

If such things happened, he couldn’t get out of there!

“This, this is a conspiracy! We need to catch them right now and dig further information on the issue!”

At the words of Albert, Rudolf nodded his head.

He knew very well that to master the dark magic at the Veritas Magic tower, one had to be an elder.

And even if that wasn’t the case for all, the magic crystal video seemed unusual.

‘What kind of a crazy warlock leaves behind the criminal record of his? What is more, is it possible to get any records while the man is capable of summoning demons?’

While Rudolf was in thoughts, Voltas spoke with a stern face.

“I am not in a situation where I can talk about the conspiracy behind the scene. According to the report from the intelligence department, the crystal with this video has been circulating throughout the capital.”

“Kuak! That, that can’t happen!”

Albert’s face went pale.

It was because who watched the video would definitely believe that the demon was summoned from the Veritas.

“Your, Your Majesty. I will see you again next time.”

Albert hurriedly left the office.

It wasn’t known whether he was trying to find where the magic video had come out from or trying to recover the spread ones.

Anyhow, Rudolf’s interest was elsewhere.

“Count Voltas, what do you think I should do now?”

In response to Rudolf’s question, Voltas thought for a moment and expressed his opinion.

“I think that this is the time to throw Veritas magic tower under the wheels.”

“The reason?”

“As soon as the magic video has been distributed, rumors will spread to the people of the Empire and as well as the other countries. It might even overlook Your Majesty and the Imperial family for trying to hold them in vain. And…”


“Intercept the Veritas assets while destroying the Veritas.”

The Veritas magic tower was one of the two top magic towers along with the Holy Magic tower to have had a great history.

There will be tremendous wealth and vision collected over the past hundred years.

“If we can take it, then you might be able to grow the Baroque Imperial Magic tower as the top two magic towers which will replace the Veritas.”

‘Well, that does attract my heart…’

Rudolf too was thinking that Arsene’s ambition would one day turn hostile towards him.

However, he turned a blind eye towards the Veritas because he needed the magic tower, but with the current turn of situations, he couldn’t help it anymore.

‘The problem will be Arsene. As long as that monster doesn’t die, there will be constant repercussions towards the Baroque Imperial Magic tower for doing…’

When Rudolf was hesitant to make a decision, Voltas urged him to make a decision.

“Your Majesty, if we let them go this way, there is a good chance that the nobles will sell the Imperial over to the hands of warlocks. So we need to quickly act.”

Rudolf’s heart was now concerned.

On the other hand, he was also angry that Arsene will take notice of those things.

‘What will happen if that monster attacks? I am now the Sword Emperor! Even if he appears before me, I will cut him off.’

Rudolf gave the order to Voltas.

“Understood. Move the Central troops and the Knights of Guard and order them to surround the Veritas Magic tower, right away. Announce their sins and arrest the wizards!”

Even though the Meister and the elders already learned of the dark magic, the power of the knights and the Central army was enough to subdue them.

What was more, the Veritas had been hit hard by the demons.

Deciding, Rudolf was stubborn about getting rid of them.