Emperor of Steel

Chapter 304 - Fall of the Veritas Magic Tower 1

The Nemesis Imperial Palace.

The nobles of the capital flocked to the throne room to solve the devastations which occurred a few days ago.

“What the hell is this all of a sudden?”

“That is what I am saying. How is it that suddenly a high ranking demons gets summoned in the capital?!”

“Who were the wizards who did such a wicked thing?!”

Most of the victims were frantic with the attack and were mostly the Emperor’s nobles. That too the lords which were affected.

It was because their property and other shops were all concentrated on the streets to the North of Nemesis.

In addition, a lot of brothers and other children of their families worked in the Central Army and the Knights of Guards, and the incident had quite a few casualties.

Naturally, they had to condemn the act.

Of them, a nobleman after a careful thought opened his mouth.

“Maybe the Veritas Magic tower is the culprit? Even though that isn’t the case, wasn’t there a rumor going around about them learning the dark magic?”

For a moment, the entire throne room went silent.

Honestly, the nobles were all aware of the fact that the Veritas Magic tower was indeed using dark magic, and about the Magical world being split in two because of it.

So, after receiving the news that the Higher Demon first made its appearance in the Veritas Magic tower headquarters, they all decided to choose the Veritas as the culprit.

However, the tower was very close to the Imperial family, and the nobles were scared to be called criminals for saying it out.

It was because they knew very well about the close relationship the royal family had with the Veritas Magic tower due to the joined forces which suppressed the atrocities of Devil King Saymon 500 years ago.

“But could that be possible, I mean the Veritas too had suffered a lot from this incident?”

“That could be because they didn’t perform it right or didn’t control it properly.”

“Don’t you think that someone deliberately infiltrated the Veritas Magic tower and summoned the demons?”

“Infiltrate such a place to summon demons? Would that even be possible?”

“I see nothing that can’t be done.”

“I don’t understand why you continue to take the side of the Veritas Magic tower. Did you take anything from them?”

“What kind of accusation is that…! I just want the truth to be revealed!”

“Truth? The most obvious truth and the fact are that the wicked demons have appeared in the Veritas Magic tower!”

As opinions clashed, quarrels broke out, during this time a noble asked Count Voltas.

“How is Your Majesty’s state?”

Emperor Rudolf wasn’t in the throne room at the time.

In the name of getting his injury treated, he was refusing to see the officials.

“He feels like he should wait until the official investigation is over.” Answered Voltas.

“Hmm, that so?”

The Emperor was in trouble too.

There were many who were claiming the Veritas Magic tower as the culprit, and he had a close relationship with that tower, and since the damage caused by the accident was huge, he wasn’t able to defend anyone.

If he declared the Veritas Magic tower to be innocent, there was a chance for it to lead to a backlash from the nobles who suffered from the incident, and his public image was going to take a huge blow.

Which was why the Emperor was contemplating on the excuse saying that it was going to be investigated.

“Rather than that, what happened to the Higher demon?”

Asked Marquis Lucas, who was in charge of the Ministry of law and justice.

He was a bureaucratic noble of the capital and was one of the Emperor’s noble.

“The Knights of Guard were chasing him till the end, but they said that they missed the trail.”

At the response to Voltas, the nobles in the throne room sighed.

“Any chance for the demon to reappear?”

“It was a demon which ran away from his majesty. There is no way he would choose to come back unless he has the intention to die.”

In the beginning, they never thought a demon would come, which was why their defense seemed low.

But now, even if the demon came back, they were completely aware and confident about catching and killing him.

No matter how powerful the demon, the Knights of Guard wouldn’t let it live if attacked once again.

“Since it hasn’t come back again, couldn’t he have gone back to the Devildom?”

“Wah, Then it is really nice…”

It was when normal conversations had started between the nobles.

A door guard came in the throne room and whispered something to Count Voltas.


Startled, Count Voltas raised his voice not realizing, and brought in the attention of all the nobles.

“What has happened?”

When asked by Marquis Lucas, Count Voltas opened his mouth with a stiff face.

“It has been stated that a magic video crystal had been delivered to the Imperial Palace.”

“A Magic video crystal?”

The Magic Video Crystal was a kind of memory, and when a wizard injects mana into it, the video content can be displayed.

It was a magic tool that wasn’t used because of its expensive cost and hard production ability.

But who, and for what purpose would send such an object?

“It was said that there are some pretty shocking scenes inside it, and was asked to see it together.”

Voltas called the wizards of the imperial and went to the Magic Video crystal.

When the Imperial wizards infused mana into the Magic video crystal, the images began to appear on one wall of the throne room.

All the nobles who watched the video were shocked, and quickly, their expressions turned into rage.


“We need to wipe out all of those wicked people right away!”

“Yes! How dare they try to deceive the world! We will never forgive them!”

Some of the impatient nobles tried to pull their swords out and run.

All because of them, Voltas had to spend some sweet time trying to calm them down.