Emperor of Steel

Chapter 303 - Shaikan's Secret 4

Luke had immersed himself in studying Gigants while hoping for things to happen in the capital.

He had enough time to invest in the research as he had already taken care of the important things in the manor and had left the rest of the small tasks to his retainers.

His goal was to create his own hero class Gigant.

And for that, reference materials had been collected sufficiently.

He also caught up to the current magical engineering and had accumulated enough skills to design and remodel a Gigant on his own.

‘The problem will be the material needed for the production…’

“Is the lord here?”

A man with a red beard came through the door of the office and asked with a husky voice.

He was as tall as a human being and was known to be a giant among the dwarves.

“Can’t you come in quietly?”

“I did come in quietly. The door is just way too fragile.”

Kurgon shamelessly responded to Luke’s question.

Kurgon, who led the Red Hammer tribe 3 years ago, moved to the Rakan Territory and was quite rude to Luke and his retainers.

Luke’s retainers who didn’t know of the circumstances grumbled at the dwarf, but Luke was able to fully understand his feelings.

More than 500 years ago, the Red Hammer Tribe had followed Saymon, considering him as their savior, so it was natural for them to look at the descendant of Rakan, who killed Saymon, like that.

If it hadn’t been for Erenes, they would have never come back to Rakan.

“We picked up the steels that were ordered the other day and sent them to the Katarina Magic Tower,” informed Kurgon.

“Already? It has just been 3 days?”

“It would have been done in two days. The quality of the iron ore was poor, so it took a little longer to find the right one.”

Luke nodded.

“What of the highest grade magic stone I requested?”

“I am digging at the Magic Stone Mine that you have given to me, so you might have to wait for a few more days.”

In the meantime, the Red Hammer Tribe had never neglected the work given to them.

They always did a perfect job as they didn’t want to be nagged by Rakan’s descendant or make Erenes’ name bad.

“You did well. I will inform the housekeeper to send you a cold beer.”

“Send in some chicken too! Chicken and beer go well together!”

“Huhuhu, understood. I’ll especially have them send you the fried one.”

Even though his words were rough, Luke liked Kurgon.

It was because he kept his loyalty in the past, and his current actions were consistent.

And after Kurgon’s departure, Luke turned toward his Gigant research.

“The materials I ordered have arrived or will arrive soon enough, so the only thing left is to design it and then build it?”

There was a hero class Gigant’s blueprint that could be referenced and the skills and information to make one could be transmitted from the Dark Moon Magic Tower.

And with that, there was no great difficulty in making that Gigant comparable to either Atlas of the Veritas Magic Tower or Orion of Dark Moon.

The problem was that Luke didn’t think that it was enough.

The successor wanted to create something amazing as if it was going to be the Gigant that would stand at the forefront when overthrowing the Baroque Empire. He wanted to make its combat power unmatched.

‘Was it said that the Gigant of Rudolf has two core engines?’

According to the survey made by Henry, the output of the Superhero class Gigant named Kaizer was of 6,000 fights.

Although it was destroyed in the fight against Kauren, the monster like Gigant with such an output could never be produced by any tower.

‘That was because we haven’t yet tried to build a Gigant with such high core engine capacity, so the Imperial Tower only increased its power by using the parallel arrangement of two power sources.’

The problem was that the Gigant was made with such a high capacity of output but was known to be scrapped because there was no rider who could balance its two power sources.

‘It is better to have one core engine than two.’

So Luke decided to build a 4,000 fight core engine.

Enhancement of the output wasn’t so easy, but analyzing the collected data and applying the magical knowledge based on dark magic might reveal a method.

“Another problem is on how to speed up the reaction…”

The answer was already there.

That would be the tuning helm produced by the Dark Moon.

However, tuning helm needed a rare radium alloy and special magic processing, which would make the production cost rise.

‘In fact, if I am going to use it for myself, there would be no problem. However, the tuned Helm can increase the fighting power of other knights’ Gigants.’

So, while making a Gigant, he decided to solve the cost problem.

“Okay then, I will need to find a material that can replace the radium alloy. Should we investigate materials with similar properties?”

Diligently searching of the needed materials that Luke ordered, Hwang Bo-sung searched.

He was upset as he hadn’t practiced martial arts but was learning skills from the knights. He looked at Luke with a disgruntled expression.

“Master, I ask for you to keep your promise.”

“Promise? Ah, the fight with Baron Rogers and Commander Kaper?”

Luke had promised last time, and he had been putting it off all this time.

And Hwang Bo-sung was no longer able to tolerate his body going stiff.

“I’ll talk about it tomorrow and hope that it will get done,” answered Luke.

“Thank you. If you will be so kind, please allow me to fight a Gigant.”

“Understood. But you will use that Puppet…”

Luke stopped his words.

He looked at Hwang Bo-sung, who was puzzled at the sudden halt of Luke’s speech. Luke later spoke again with a smile, “Your Puppet, can I take a look at it?”

“That isn’t a difficult task, but the mansion will come crumbling down if I do it here.”

“Then outside, no, let’s go to the Katarina Magic Tower.”

Taking Hwang Bo-sung, Luke left his office.

He had been interested in the Puppet since the first time he saw it. However, he hadn’t looked at it in detail.

While their interests collided, Luke decided to look for some answers and problems while looking at the Puppet.

‘Both of them have different principles but play the same roles. Analyzing the material used to make the Puppet of the Southern Continent may give me clues to solve the core engine or tuning problems.’

Perhaps, because of his expectations, Luke’s steps toward the magic tower went faster and faster.

Thanks to that, Hwang Bo-sung, who was following him, began to walk faster as well.