Emperor of Steel

Chapter 301 - Shaikan's Secret 2

“The 3rd Empress, who turned into a mother, was attacked by an unidentified group and passed away from the Emperor. But the problem didn’t end there.”

A month later, even after the Empress has been killed in a mysterious circumstances, Count Jonsen de Ebra realized that it was the conspiracy of the 1st Emperor.

He immediately took some food and necessities and moved out of the Empire and left, then general Guildman became the head of state.

“Then, wasn’t the Count Ebra entirely ruined?”

“That is true. The two of them who were the lord’s distant cousins managed to keep it alive.”

At the words of Guildman, the two masked men took off their masks.

The twins, who appeared to be in their early thirties, seemed to have some resemblance with Shaikan.

‘The distant cousins seem to be right.’

There were quite a few features that he saw when he was a kid, so Shaikan immediately recognized them.

When Shaikan was looking at them, Guildman opened his mouth again.

“At first, we thought of you to be a spy sent by Rudolf. Because people disguised as worshippers came here frequently.”

Emperor Rudolf, who thought that Reichard, who had disappeared might still be alive somewhere.

So, he often sent spies to the mother’s mansion to look for him.

But after a few first years, the spies appearances were turning worse, since Reichard hadn’t been revealed for 25 years, they almost assumed him to be dead.

“But how did you know that it was me? You seemed to recognize me even through the mask.”

“That one, there was a Dragon Pier for the past prince. And it was said that the prince had inherited the God dragon’s blood…”

It was known that the Dragon Pier could be used by those who have only awakened the Dragon blood in them.

Shaikan had been able to control the ability for a while, but when he went to visit the grave, his emotions were too much that he forgot to control it.

And they perceived the Dragon Pier.

Normal people couldn’t distinguish between normal life and the wavelength of the dragon. The difference was fear and life.

“How could you know that?” Asked Shaikan.

“Because both of them awakened the blood of the God Dragon Tiamet.”


Shaikan was surprised and raised his voice not realizing.

“Can’t believe it! The God Dragon’s blood can only be passed down to the Baroque family. Then how can another succeed?”

“That isn’t the truth.”

“The Baroque family is no descendant of the dragon.”

Anxious Shaikan’s question was answered by the twins Mitchell and Wiens.

“It isn’t?”

“That is true. It was just a lie to increase the authority of the family. Like the other nobles, they just took in the tradition of the God Dragon which they heard from somewhere.”

“The blood of the God Dragon flowing through my body…”

“It was from our Ebra family.”

With that said, Mitchell took off his mitt and Wiens followed.

The twin brothers raised their arms and showed their armpits.

There, the transparent scales that humans couldn’t have were shinning in the sunlight.

‘It was like mine when I was young!’

He wanted to know they were real, so he touched it with his hands, and they seemed to like it too.

In addition to that, when he touched the body of the cousins, the dragonic aura resonated at his fingertips, producing light and noise.

“When did this awaken?”

“It was a few years after the family had been destroyed. However, whenever I met the past Lord it resonates.”

It was Jonsen who had discovered it earlier than anyone else.

It was said that when the family had faced the crisis, they evacuated the two twins and handed them over to others.

“Are you sure that there is no dragon blood in the Baroque family?”

“If it would have been, they wouldn’t have been quiet for hundreds of years. He would have boasted all over the continent.”

“But, I was considered like that?”

Like Shaikan said, the fact that he was the blood of the God Dragon was only known to the Imperial family and some high ranking nobles.

Why was it easy?

And Wiens was the one who explained it in detail.

“The reason why they didn’t publicly promote the Prince was because they weren’t sure of the lineage. If turned out to be the other side, the dignity of the Imperial home would decrease.”

What was even more difficult for the Baroque Imperial was that the Count Ebra was the ancestral lineage of the Libiyan royal family, which had been destroyed in the past.

If something went wrong, Ebra would turn into the form which preserves the dignity that was lost by the fallen empire.

“Anyway, the important thing is that we met the Prince.”

“I agree with that too.”

At the words of Wiens, Shaikan nodded.

If not, he was wondering if he could fight and win over Emperor Rudolf with the monster corps because of the failure in the Navarre Duchy.

Wandering the Empire’s regions and learning about the potential forces, he felt the need to work with humans.

And ended up meeting survivors of the family.

It was inevitable.

“I think it was because of the care of my heavenly mother that I met you today.”

At the words of Shaikan, everyone seemed to agree.

In front of them, Shaikan expressed his aspirations.

“I know your wishes. And you know what I want! I will open the world with the power of the God Dragon! Will everyone go hand in hand with me?”

“We will be together till the end!”

Count Ebra’s men knelt in front of Shaikan.

For the past 25 years, Baron Guildman has never withdrawn. They formed their own secret forces meeting with nobles and creating close relationships and holding onto the past.

By joining them, the Orc Hero Shaikan gained a helping hand in the fight against Emperor Rudolf.