“I can’t confirm it unless I verify it with my very own eyes.”

Saymon who wasn’t ready to believe the situation or the words of the two urged his servants to direct him to the royal library.

Normally, the library contained a large collection of history books along with the genealogical records of the family.

Arriving at the library, Saymon found two books from the bookshelf that occupied one side of the wall of the library.

The Genealogy of Rakan Family.

History of Rhodesia Continent.


Opening the thick binding cover page of the family lineage book, he began to read through the family tree, the full-time achievements of the lords.

As he saw the face of Rakan in the first part of the book, his eyes couldn’t help but shine bright, and he couldn’t help but admit to himself when he saw the platinum-curly haired boy appear in the last part of the book.

The fact that he was in the body of an 18-year-old of Rakan’s family.


He decided to change the book as he opened the history.

500 years back.

The Baroque Duke was just a high-ranking noble of the Libiya kingdom during that time and was on the west of the continent.

However, after gathering the noble who followed him, he usurped the throne and changed the name to ‘Baroque Kingdom’.

And that was after ten years of Saymon’s death.

That despicable man and his descendants founded a new dynasty, waged wars of conquest and devoured all the surrounding nations.

And at the end of the war, on the continent of Rhodesia, another empire was created which was on par with the Holy Arthenia Empire, which was the current Baroque Empire.

“Did the Baroque kingdom grow into an empire after getting help from the Veritas Magic Tower who developed the first puppet warriors called Gigant?”

Saymon who was reading the History of Rhodesia Continent smiled. It was because the unfamiliar word of ‘Gigant’ was interesting and annoying.

‘Is this some kind of a humanoid walker, a kind of golem maybe? Well, I need to learn about this a little later.’

Most importantly, along with the success of the Baroque family, the Veritas Magic Tower had been victorious over all the years.

They were currently the masters of new weapons named as Gigant and were standing twice as tall as the Imperial Magic Tower of the Arthenia Empire.

“Keuk, back in those days they weren’t even in the top 10 magic towers of the whole continent… did they excavate any ancient dungeon?”

If they were developing a new warrior weapon called Gigant, then Saymon who was in their Magic Tower was bound to have known it.

Perhaps, they managed to find an ancient dungeon after his death, and maybe in the dungeon, they came across a blueprint or the real thing itself.

‘No, no way!’

After completing his research, Saymon walked out of the library and down the hallway.

It was because from the window he had seen a large castle.

A very familiar giant structure built with black stones.

Just to confirm it, Saymon has asked his servant,

“Hey, what is that castle out there?”

“That castle was the den of the Devil King whom the past lord had defeated. Young Lord, do you wish to see that?”

“Devil King?”

“The Devil King Saymon who was defeated by your ancestors. As he defeated the dark legion of the Devil, the past lord was praised highly as a warrior.”

Deacon Hans judged that there was something wrong with the memory of the small lord, and he chose a talented loyalist who walks behind the small lord.

He decided to give out a detailed explanation.

‘I, I myself was called as the Devil King? And what? A legion of darkness?’

Saymon was a pure human being. And there was no way he would summon devils and rob people of their power.

But for the truth to be distorted in such a manner!

The words of the servant continued and entered the ears of Saymon, the new content made him stiff.

“The Devil King Saymon’s castle has turned into a tourist place to honor your ancestors after the death of the devil king. Every year, young men who dream of becoming knights go there, and the money they sow has become an important income for our Rakan estate.”

In the struggle of revenge, under Saymon, along with the golems, a considerable number of men gathered too.

Warlocks who admired him and had their own unique ways, the knights of those families who have been ruined or cast out by the higher nobles, those who have been oppressed by the chiefs.

The ‘Dark Sage’s Haven’, a place where their dreams and the hopes for the world to change, had been buried.

His eyes began to get teary and filled with anger.

‘For such a ridiculous situation to have happened…’

Saymon clenched his fists out of anger, he tried to tone down his anger as he spoke to the servant,

“Go and get me some alcohol. As hard as possible.”

“Sorry? You want to drink alcohol?”

Asked the servant with his eyes wide open.


“You just woke up, and to drink alcohol, it isn’t good for…”

“When I tell you to bring it, you bring it, what is the deal with you!”

As Saymon shouted, the servant took a few steps back and moved away, after a while, he rushed back with some strong wine.

Saymon took hold of the wine bottle and moved to the terrace which had a wide view.

It almost seemed like he would go crazy at a certain moment if he wouldn’t get himself drunk.

‘It is definitely good to be revived instead of being dead, but why did it have to be the descendant of Rakan?!’

Sighing heavily, Saymon tried to open the cork on the wine bottle.

No matter how hard he tried to twist it, the cork just didn’t bounce off.

The body he had was so lacking.

“Do you want me to open it?”

“There’s no need.”

Human beings were both wise and ignorant.

After taking help from the servant to fulfill his desire, Saymon drank the bottle of wine.

‘Sh*t, sh*t, the descendant of the warrior is so powerless.’

Saymon quickly ended his grumbling.

It was because he felt a strange wave in the body which was supposed to be the body of the descendant of the warrior Rakan.

‘This, is this because of the dark magic curse?’

The wave seemed to be thin as a thread and the presence of it in the body was very blurry, the existence of it was definite.

But Saymon, a 9 circle warlock, could easily detect it.

Although the dark circle disappeared, only the engravement on the soul was intact.

‘It isn’t detectable, but a quite tough and dangerous curse. Is that why the descendants of Rakan fell down like pins?’

According to the genealogy study he did in the library, Rakan passed away at the age of 33, and his descendants didn’t live long enough too.

Although Rakan was the Sword Emperor, the descendants weren’t even able to climb until the title of Sword Master, and they often suffered from sickness or a series of unfortunate accidents.

‘Don’t tell me, was it because of me?’

He recalled the curse which he had placed on Rakan before his death.

Warlocks, white wizards or the great wizards usually have a strong spiritual presence. Because of that, the curse at the time of death could have been completed.

‘No, the dark circle was broken at that time. And what kind of curse was that?’

Although he had succeeded in forming the magic circle, it was just designed in a manner where Rakan would have lifelong nightmares.

Moreover, Saymon wasn’t able to understand how the dark magic even associated with the curse he placed. No, he never learned them in the first place.

The reason mainly because they were techniques that would corrupt the human soul.

‘Was it the doing of another warlock?’

The warlocks that Rakan killed weren’t just one or two.

Among the killed ones, there was the Darkness Magic Tower who followed Saymon and the others who pretended to be the servants of the Devil King and tried to take down the world.

Maybe they were the ones who cursed Rakan.

‘I do understand it… but, why is everything so twisted?!’


Frustrated, Saymon threw the half-full wine bottle.

Even if he was revived as the descendent of Rakan, he was weak and on top of that, he was cursed!

He wasn’t able to even figure out how he was supposed to lead a life in the future.

Should he just live as a Luke de Rakan?

“Huuu, damn that Rakan guy…”

Saymon, who sighed, just left.

He decided to think about what he was supposed to do after a good night’s rest.