Emperor of Steel

Chapter 298 - Taking Care of the General 4

Luke was done absorbing all the magi from Kauren.

Kauren had already suffered a heavy blow from Emperor Rudolf, and due to the constant battles, he was already exhausted.

Nevertheless, the difference between the higher demons and the generals was huge, and Luke was able to take huge amounts of magi.

‘Thanks to that, my magic circle is now at 8.’


Luke could feel a satisfying smile crawl on him, he could feel the black circle pulsating in his body.

He raised his hand and then brought it down.


A fierce purple lightning struck down like a storm.

“Was it Kauren’s ability? Thunder Blinger? It really is awesome.”

Thunder Blinger.

The ability to make lightning with Magi.

It was faster and more powerful and more effective than the normal lightning caused by white magic or dark magic.

It was strong enough to make one’s opponents into ashes.

“It was troublesome, but we overcame them.”

He had crushed his first target, Veritas Magic Tower, and inflicted great damage to the Emperor’s army, the Central Army and the Knights of Guard.

He killed the higher demons with general status and absorbed their Magi and raised his magic circle to the next level.

However, the biggest reward he had gotten from the battle was to witness the abilities of the emperor with his own eyes.

Luke recalled the Emperor fighting with Kauren.

The Superhero class Gigant Kaizer’s massive core engine output, although amplified, it showed a Sword Emperor hyper aura.

‘Same as in the past with Rakan… No, it’s probably more than that.’

Rakan was a level better than what the world knew.

However, Luke didn’t know that the emperor was hiding his own skills.

But Luke’s face was never so stiff. He was already expecting the emperor to be strong.

The problem was that the sword skill the emperor used while fighting Kauren was the Gold Sword.

‘Why did the emperor even know the Gold Sword? The Gold Sword was only passed on to the lords of the state and the knights of the Rakans in the past.’

And it didn’t seem like a stolen skill.

Unlike Arch Duke Gregory who once discovered the Gold Sword and pioneered it, the emperor’s Gold Sword was more perfect than either Luke’s or Rogers’.

‘Then… Does the emperor even know the other half of the Gold Sword? When did he steal it?’

Luke wasn’t aware of the correct time, but it must have been taken out during the turbulent times when the Rakan was constantly in decline.

‘That poor Rakan guy. Even after being dead he is being constantly eaten to the bone.’

Luke just sighed.

In the past, he felt intense rage against the stupid warrior who blocked his destiny, but now, he only felt pity toward him.

‘Anyway, the important thing is that I can complete the Gold Sword by getting the other half, but I can’t think of a way to get it…’

After thinking for a long time, Luke decided to postpone the completion of the Gold Sword.

‘Gold Sword is surely important, but my roots are magic and being a warlock. It is better to put more effort in the magic field than to a sword that is unlikely to get completed.’

Luke decided that and wanted to head back to Rakan.

But while performing the teleporting magic, something entered his mind.

“Would you like to do some more damage with these hands?”

Luke took out a crystal from his subspace bracelet.

He decided to give a final blow to the Veritas Magic Tower with something he saved.

“HuHuHu. I am very curious about how they will look when this is found.”

With a smile more vicious than the demons, Luke disappeared.